“He” Needed It! (L)

It was a lazy Sunday morning. After a busy Saturday with kids activities and an evening at church, we came home and got everyone off to bed. After all the kids were well off into dreamland, we made love. We went to bed naked, as we often did, and soon were off in dreamland ourselves. As the next morning rose, we both lazily woke up, stretching our bodies trying to will our bodies to wake up. Our kids were awake and quietly keeping themselves busy, a rarity in our home!   My husband rolled over and snuggled into my naked body, spooning me and cupping my left breast. He quickly found my nipple and began to play with it.   I knew what he wanted, and he made it very clear that “He” needed it as I could feel the heat and hardness of his rod on my ass. “He” spoke to me with pulses telling me how much “He” needed “She.” But I decided to be cheeky, make him sweat it out and tease him a bit and pretended like I wasn’t interested in repeating the night before. I could tell that perhaps he was disappointed and frustrated that “He” wasn’t going to get any action on this Sunday morning. After a bit of teasing, I said to him, “You know I am going to let you fuck me!”   And with that, I moved to the centre of the bed and lay on my back and I told him to mount me, which he hurriedly did and dove into my breasts. I wanted to offer what “He” needed.

It doesn’t take much to get me wet and breast play only gets me wetter and after only a few moments, I spread my legs and my husband slid his meaty cock into my very hot box.   While continuing to feast on my breasts, my husband was stroking me with his cock sending euphoric sensations straight through my vagina into the rest of my body.   Morning sex always has its own unique sensations, thrills, desires, and inhibitions and on this particular Sunday morning, “He” was feeling so incredibly good as “He” thrust in and out of “She.” I asked, “Want me to ride you and let my tits fly in your face?” “Yes,” my husband replied. “He” slid out of my wetness and my husband lay on his back as I straddled him and slid onto his throbbing manhood. I leaned over so that I could smother him with my ample “Girls” and he buried his face into them finding a nipple with his mouth and he began sucking my hard button.

I slowly began riding and stroking my lover’s hard wood. “He” felt so thick and meaty inside of me as I felt every inch, and every vein, all the way to the hood of his smooth mushroom head. “He” felt amazing as I slowly kept riding him, spreading my walls and feeling myself grip onto him. There is no other feeling than the sensation of your man’s shaft filling your entire snatch……..nothing.

Knowing that “He” needed me, I asked him to tell me what to do. “All fours,” he replied. Eagerly, I took my position as my husband mounted me and slid right back into my hole, honey dripping out. “He” then proceeded to stoke my kitty with some of the best pounding “She” has ever endured. Alternating between slow and fast, deep and shallow, every stroke a new euphoria. The pounding became so intense that the entire bed was shaking and my body was being thrown about and I had to anchor myself so I wouldn’t collapse.   At one point, my husband had to take a break and catch his breath. He stopped dick deep inside me so I took control stroking him, slowly for the first half of his dick, then slamming hard into the last half. Over and over again, I stroked and slammed, stroked and slammed until my husband couldn’t handle it anymore and he pulled and immediately dove into my ass with his tongue. I fell to the bed and asked him, “Play with my ass!”   He massaged, licked, kissed, nibbled and spanked my ass making my pussy tingle and weep with juices.

“I want your pussy!” he demanded. I eagerly turned over, spread my legs and he dove with purpose to my dripping honey pot. He gave my clit a few sweet strokes with his tongue and then plunged two fingers up inside my aching snatch. Right away I could feel the rise of my orgasm and within seconds my legs clamped around my husbands head as I began to thrash and gasp in ecstasy as my first orgasm ripped through my body. As the first orgasm began to subside, I signalled that I was ready for another and my husband continued his magic tongue and fingers and brought me to two more smashing orgasms.

Panting in jubilation, I asked, “How do you want me big boy?” “On your knees,” he replied. Legs shaking, I got on all fours and presented myself to my husband.   He glided into my waiting hole and stroked his cock in and out of me with power. He put his thumb on to my ass hole and began to rub in synchronicity with his thrusts. I could hear his breathing change and I knew that it wouldn’t be long until he erupted.   I was encouraging him to take me with everything he had, to satisfy what “He” needed to get from me. And when “He” was ready, he withdrew his hot dick from me and exploded his seed all over my back. My husband wiped my back clean and we both collapsed on the bed, basking in the afterglow of a great fuck. “He” got what he needed and “She” was only to happy to oblige! What a way to start the day!

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  1. JAM777
    JAM777 says:

    Wow! Awesome job Mrs. Juicy! So erotic and beautiful! Thank you for the great story! It helped me out with relieving some "tension!" My mom almost died this past week and I just haven't felt like it really… but it was relaxing and helped get my mind of things I can't control!

    • Juicy
      Juicy says:

      I hope that your mom is ok. And I hope that you are ok too. That would have been an awful experience for all of you. I have been keeping up with your comments with others and I must tell you that I really enjoy your comments, wisdom, and questions. Being single, you remind all of us what it was like when we were in that same stage of life, and I am so amazed that you are so open to asking questions and receiving advice and guidance. Bless you!

    • JAM777
      JAM777 says:

      Thank you Mrs. Juicy! She is stable… it's just in the air… it's hard because both my parents in the 50s and it doesn't look like either will live long enough to see their great grandkids… I love them so much. My dad disappeared from the "radar" some time ago so I don't know where he is….
      But I just don't know how to feel with my mom… I am known to be the "strong" one so I do my best not to show anything in front of them… it's why my mom gave me control of everything upon her death… she thinks I will be the most likely one to be in control and able to function to get things done… I know it's dumb but I'm just scarred of the thought of her not being around….
      But I appreciate you caring! I know I'll be alright, God is still on the throne! I just got to keep that in mind and not let things mess with me too much. I'm trying not to…

      And wow! I don't know what to say… I guess I'll just say thank you, Mrs. Juicy!!! I am undeserving of such praise! I want you to know that you and Mrs. Thornton are two ladies that I look up to almost more than any other ladies! You have no idea how much of a blessing it is to know and get to talk to you!!! I thank God that our paths got to cross, even if it is only virtually!

      And thank you. It took and still does take a lot for me to be able to ask sometimes…. so believe me I literally shake sometimes because I'm do nervous about asking and then it actually gets worse sometimes when I'm waiting for a response…. !
      Each time I asked you a personal or sexual question, I was nervous that you would virtually "slap" me! Or worse, that I would offend you! But you blessed me by not shunning or rejecting me! You went above and beyond what could be expected of you! You have warmed this young heart with your beautiful heart! 😊

      You and Mrs. Thornton both share qualities that I look for in a wife. And that I would be blessed immensely if I find a wife that shares even a forth of what you got! And I'm not just talking about your sexual side, that pales in comparison to your spirit and your heart! Even though I have never "seen" you in person, you are a very beautiful young woman, Mrs. Juicy!!! And I hope you know that! 🙂

      And if I may say, your stories have lead to many very, very pleasurable releases! 😉
      Thank you!!!

    • JAM777
      JAM777 says:

      You have no idea how much of a blessing it is for you to take the time to ask! Thank you so much!

      And she seems to be doing much better! Still very weak… but getting stronger it seems. She is a strong woman! She's my mom!!! 😁

      But we just got to be careful around her, not getting her riled up or stressed out. And she has check ups to keep up with, medicine to take, and purging of unhealthy things….

  2. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    I have been so busy the past few days that I have only popped onto MH quickly. I didn't even realize that my story had been approved! Thanks for the love from all of you! And OOPS, the picture came out sideways 😉

    • JAM777
      JAM777 says:

      No worries, it's understandable.
      And lol!

      But I love the love you two have for eachother! It's so obvious!! And just how you give yourself to your husband and allow him to take you how ever he wants. And just how much effort you two put into pleasing eachother… it's just so beautiful!!!

  3. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    Super sexy Juicy!!! You've inspired me. I think my hubby and I need to be having a little more morning sex.

    I wonder if most men's preferred position is doggy. Every time I ask my husband how he'd like me, it's always on all fours. Not complaining, I do love it.

    • Juicy
      Juicy says:

      The feelings during morning sex are most often more intense for me. Must be the waking up and my senses have been renewed! Whatever it is, it is wonderful. However, I feel the least attractive first thing in the morning – hair sticking up, puffy face, eye crusty's, etc, you get it, but my hubby makes no complaints!

    • Gracie
      Gracie says:

      Lol. I know what you mean, I definitely don't feel overly attractive in the morning. I think if it wasn't for having children that wake before the roosters we'd be attempting to have a lot more morning sex. I agree, everything is so much more sensitive in the morning, definitely making the experience very pleasurable.

  4. joydaddy
    joydaddy says:

    Wow, wonderful morning sex story, Juicy. That doesn't happen much at our house with lots of young children, but my wife surprised me in my home office in the early morning recently. In her full length but still sexy satin pajamas she strode in and asked if "He" needed some attention. I immediately pulled my shorts down to my ankles, turned my chair toward her (after closing the curtains and locking the door) and enjoyed first her rubbing her "Girls" on my member and then giving me some of the best oral sex I have ever had from her. I returned the favor shorlty after with her PJs and panties pulled down to her ankles, and then she got on her knees facing the back of my chair. "He" slid in and enjoyed her slippery love hole for a couple minutes from that position before I sat back down on the chair, after which she rode me for a few minutes as we slowly worked toward shared orgasms. You are right, what a way to start a new day and new week! (it was Monday morning). Keep on writing and sharing.

    • Juicy
      Juicy says:

      On the weekend, it is pretty routine for to have sex at night and then again in the morning. It can be difficult for us to be able to make time during the week so we make up for it on the weekend.

  5. Forever625
    Forever625 says:

    I'm new to MH. This story is unbelievably amazing. I would be in heaven if a great evening was followed up with an immediate great morning. Wow! Thanks for helping ,e dream…

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