Time for a check-up

A few years ago, my husband gave me an assortment of lingerie for Christmas. Although I usually like to rip off my clothes as fast as can be and not even bother with the frilly, lacy fabrics, I like to surprise him every now and then. One of the sexy outfits he betowed upon me was a naughty nurse outfit. This one piece is white with the traditional red outlining and collar donning the neck. It even has a nurse headband that stands up with a Red Cross on it. The most appealing feature of this get-up, though, it the bright red zipper that starts at the bosom and makes its way to the southern plantation.

One particular night, I was feeling a little frisky and wanted to turn up the heat in the bedroom. I put on the outfit and called for my husband to enter our bedroom. When he entered, he saw me in the aforementioned lingerie with white thigh highs and red high  heels. The effect that I was looking for took place immediately as his pants made a nice high tent. I said, “Mr. [Smith], it is time for your appointment. Please disrobe while I prepare all of my instruments for your check-up.”

It was obvious that he was struggling with wanting to run his hands up and down my exposed body, but he did as was directed and began undressing. He removed his shirt, exposing the chest muscles that he had been working out to obtain. I felt some moisture for sure in my thong, but I tried to keep the charade and my “professionalism” as I laid out the lubes, the blindfold, the belt and satin sash, and the prostate massager I was planning on using. As he took off his pants and underwear, his underwear caught his rock hard penis and caused it to spring back upward and thump off his belly. This rebounding always makes me giggle with pleasure, proud that this man with the long, curved dick is mine.

Once my hubby was fully undressed, he was instructed to lie down on the bed. “Mr. [Smith], it has been way too long since your last check-up. Shame on you for neglecting your needs for so long. I’m going to ask you to lie back so can monitor your blood pressure. I’m going to put on this mask for your comfort. Try to relax.”

After I slipped on his black mask to conceal his sight and heighten his other senses, I moved down his body. He shivered a bit as he felt my body move down his. I slid all the way down until my face came to his member. To check his blood pressure, I enserted his cock into my mouth. He can never control the groans of ecstasy that escapes his lips as mine are around his dick. I took a breath to say, “Mr. [Smith], you’re going to feel a bit of pressure so I can get a reading.” Then I slowly slurped his shaft between my lips and sucked him hard until I almost gagged on his length. His legs rose with restless pleasure. After I felt he was going to explode, I slowly released his manhood from the grips of my lips with kisses and licks. I kissed his head and then again kissed down the shaft. Then it was time to check the health of his balls. This always makes him go crazy. I gave a playful lick to one of his testicles before I engulfed it in my wet mouth. I sucked and licked while he moaned and arched his back, barely able to control himself. Of course, I could not ignore the other testicle, so I moved and tortured him on the other side as well.

While he relaxed in breathless tantalization, I informed “Mr. [Smith]” that all was well with his blood pressure. Now I needed to check his heart beat. I straddled him, and he brought his hands to my waist. “Oh no, Mr. [Smith], that would be quite inappropriate.” I moved his hands back down to rest on the bed. Then I out my head to his chest so I could hear his heartbeat. “Nice and strong, Mr. [Smith]. Very good.” Since my head was so close to his chest, I licked his nipple and then breathed hot air on it. He began to buck a little, and I had to remind him to keep things professional. Then I kissed his nipples and gave them little bites. I nearly drove him mad and knew it was again time to stop and leave him teased and wanting more.

“Mr. [Smith], your heart seems to be in great shape, allow me to check your temperature.” At this point, I grabbed the prostate massager and lubed it up. He tried to peek at what I was doing, so I grabbed the belt and smacked him once. He replaced the blindfold with a smile. “Are you really going to be a tough patient?” I asked with another lick of the belt.

“No, ma’am. I’ll behave myself.”

“Good.” So I changed from the belt to the satin sash. I ran it over his skin. The blindfold, of course, made the sensations from the soft material exponentially greater. Now that he was behaving, I moved my attention back to his ass. With the bum digity all lubed up, I turned on the massager and inserted the toy. I knew it felt wonderful as it totally hit his spot. I let the vibrator do its job and then decided, “Mr. [Smith], I’ve changed my mind. Professionals out the window! I have to have you now. I’m such a bad nurse!”

With the bum probe still in his bum, I unzipped my sexy outfit, exposing my plump breasts and freshly shaved pussy. I allowed his hands to rise to feel my hips and ass as I slipped down onto his ready cock. Needless to say, it did not take either of us long to climax. After we both convulsed with explosive orgasms, he held me in his arms, and I whispered in his ear, “I’m so glad you’re healthy.”

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  1. CMLove says:

    Woo hoo! I have been waiting for another role-play story! This one was "off the charts!" Thanks for sharing, Sister! May God bless you and your hubby as you continue to follow Him!

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