Erotic Bliss

January 18th 1986, I remember that day like yesterday. My husband and I attended one of our many formal events.

“Wow! You are so beautiful!” Said my husband, sweetly when he saw me in my dress. I smiled, flattered by his comment.

“And you look so handsome!” I told him as I adjusted his tux a little. He kissed me tenderly on the cheek, making me a little giddy!

The event was spectacular, but our night wasn’t over yet when we got home. Not by a long shot… My husband was intent on finishing the night off with erotic bliss.

Once we were in our bedroom, my husband put his arms around me and kissed my neck. I turned around to kiss him, and I helped him undo his bow-tie and unbutton his shirt. I was down a few buttons when I kissed him below the neck.

His clothes gradually came off as did my dress. I allowed my dress to fall off as my husband pulled my panties down. His pants slid off as I slipped under the covers right before he got in with me.

I spread my legs, wet and ready for him as he reached down there and massaged my outer ladyplace with his hard penis before carefully going in.

Once fully inside of me, his gentle, manly hand touched my face and he kissed me tenderly. I lightly ran my fingertips across his back, gently caressing his body while I delighted in his sweet, tender kisses. I was so relaxed in the warmth of his embrace, and the heat of his body melted my heart!

I softly massaged his broad shoulders and sexy biceps before running my hands across his back to hold him in my arms. My sweet, gentle husband nuzzled and kissed my cheek as he clutched me and then he started gently thrusting inside me as our kisses got more passionate.

I let out a sharp groan as he kissed my neck and gently touched my breast. I suddenly had a throbbing and slippery hot orgasm rush all over me, and I moaned softly while our arms were wrapped around each other tight. Then, I felt his hot breaths blowing down my neck and his body trembling slightly as he came. He held me a bit tighter and moaned softly while feeling his penis jerking inside my ladyplace.

I gently lay my hand on my husband’s sweaty arm when we came down as he kissed me on the mouth, and then my neck before he rolled me on him. I rested my body on his while he stroked me, and we fell asleep in the afterglow.

In the morning we woke up, feeling refreshed. The night had been so lovely, and we still had that beautiful erotic feeling.

“Hey there, sexy. How’s my lovely wife, this morning?” Asked my husband, caressing my arm. I looked into his eyes and said,


“Me too.” He said. We shared a sweet kiss on the lips and we lay in, cuddling for a bit before starting our day.

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10 replies
  1. Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    Harper my love, I've been thinking of you! How was Iceland? It must've been beautiful over there, it made me think of our times there. God bless you always, darling <3

  2. OneCouple says:

    Beautiful story and hot passionate orgasms that makes me horny, thank you for posting Mrs Harper !

  3. Truth says:

    Great story and very romantic. I wonder what Iceland looks like. Is it all covered with Ice? Take blessed and very horny Harper

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Clara, darling Iceland was lovely thank you so much! God bless you. It certainly was amazing to be there

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Thank you so much! God bless you too, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Funny Christian Why thank you! I'm glad! You go get her, satisfy her, make her very happy and enjoy each other! God bless O:)

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you Truth. Yes, it's icy, though Greenland is icier! Iceland is such a beautiful country, if you ever go there, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially if you are a wintry/snowy type person. See lots like a Tropical Paradise, whereas I'm a Winter Wonderland type woman 🙂 Always have been. God bless

  8. snagd says:

    A lovely seemingly gentle and romantic screw. I love the way you describe the tenderness and the beauty of a cool and calm orgasm.

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