Battling Headaches

A Little Background

The woman of my dreams, my wife of 33 years, has always suffered from migraine headaches.  She strives to not let it show, and to live a normal life, but it is difficult for her.  This morning she is hurting again, but sitting at the computer working, so very sexy.

Trying to Help

I am getting ready for work, but I ask her if she would like to lie down on the bed so I can give her a massage.  This sometimes helps, especially around her neck and shoulders.  “That sounds nice,” she says, and walks to the bedroom and drops her robe.

Female Beauty

My wife is my favorite body type.  I guess that makes sense.  She is rather small, 5’2″ tall, with blonde hair and green eyes.  I could stare at her naked all day.  As I type this my dick is getting hard just imagining her.  After two children she has a perfect figure to me.  And I love that she shaves her pussy completely bare for me.

Foot Massage

She lies down on the bed, her soft and perfect ass is drawing my attention.  My robe is dropped now, I love to be naked with her.  Beginning at her small sexy feet, I begin the massage.  Her red nail polish is such a turn-on to me.  “That feels so good,” she says as I take my time on her sore feet.  I admit that I have a mild foot fetish, and I love when she jacks me off with her cute little toes and feet.  She like me to cum on them, too, but not this morning.  I just want her to relax, and for the migraine to go away.


Years before we were married was the first time I paid attention to my wife’s hot and sexy legs.  She was walking in a parade, and I just could not take my eyes off of them.  Now they lay before me and need my hands attention.  Softly and tenderly I work my way up her calves and thighs, thumbs brushing her pussy so gently when I get that high.  Then work my way back down to her ankles.  I am standing on the floor as my wife lies on her tummy, and I cannot help myself, but while massaging those luscious legs I start licking them, from top to bottom.  She tastes so good!


Finally arriving here, I use both hands to squeeze and knead her ass cheeks.  “I love you squeezing my ass,” she purrs, and I spend a long time at this location.  Bending over, I lick, bite, and kiss her flesh.  Mmm!  My wife likes me to cum on various parts of her body.  She likes to watch me stroke my cock and then explode all over her.  Feet, pussy, tummy, tits, back, and face are just a few.  But, even though she cannot see me as well, her favorite place for me to cum ON her is her beautiful ass.  “Where do you want my cum?” I’ll ask.  Much of the time her answer will be, “My ass!”  And every time I do it she will immediately moan, “I love your hot cum on my ass!”  But not this morning.  I want to try to help get rid of this nasty headache!

Back, Shoulders, and Neck

She has a cute little birthmark and mole on her lower back.  So pretty.  I try to massage her back in various ways to help her.  Gradually she pinpoints a certain area in her shoulder that needs the most attention.  She seems to be getting a little relief from her pounding head.  Her neck also gives her problems, so I spend some time there, massaging tight tendons that give her trouble.

Side Effect

Massaging her thin neck with my left hand, I start to slowly stroke my dick as I look at her naked lying there with her eyes closed.  She opens them and sees me pleasing myself and smiles.  She turns over, exposing those perfect breasts to me.  So I softly massage them, moving in to her nipples pinching and rolling them.  Then, I can’t help myself, I start sucking on them.  Nibbling and licking her hard nipples.  “Can we make an appointment to fuck tonight?” she asks.  “If your headache is gone,” I reply.  I cannot stand to make love to my wife if she is hurting.  And, even though she tries to hide her pain, I can usually tell.  I kiss her and turn to go get dressed for work.  She asks, “May I hold it a minute?”  Returning to bedside, she reaches out and grips my cock, stroking it gently.  Immediately it is at attention, and after a minute of her jacking me off, I ask her to kiss it once.  She does…but then starts sucking me as I stand by the bed.  I am moaning like crazy, my dick rock hard, its mushroom head purple.  But, I know she is hurting.  I pull away and kiss her.  Maybe tonight, darling.

Hopefully Continued…

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8 replies
  1. Adam Rose says:

    "In sickness and in health."
    Your gentleman's love is something that inspires me.
    I hope to treat my future bride the same. To have a love that trumps my selfish desires. To be truely selfless in my marriage as much as possible.

  2. LoveMyWife56 says:


    I feel so sorry for her when she gets these. Sorry for your suffering, too. I don't know how many times she insists on sex, even hurting. If I can tell she is having one, though, I immediately stop. I read in the past that having an orgasm can make them go away, but we have tried this, and it makes her feel like her head will explode! So, I look for the signs, and try to help her in some way. She is a trooper!

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