My wife and I enjoy a wonderful sex life, largely because we are both risk takers and enjoy trying new things.  One new thing that we have been doing for over ten years (which means that it really isn’t a new thing) is to have sex during the many wedding receptions that we attend each year.

I am a high school teacher and coach and the Lord has blessed my career.  I have been privileged to impact many young people and families through my teaching and coaching. I have been blessed to continue my relationship with many students which results in my wife and I being invited to 12-15 weddings per year.  We are not able to attend every wedding, nor do we have sex at every reception but we try to put as many “notches on our belt” as we can.

When get to the reception, we usually split up to talk to different people that we know.  There is also the unspoken agreement that we each will be on the lookout for a secluded location at the hotel or restaurant where we will meet later and make love.

During dinner one of us will say that we have found a perfect spot.  After dinner and while people start to move around for dancing or mingling, we will slip away to a dark meeting room, an unused closet or mistakenly unlocked hotel room.  We begin to kiss and fondle each other.  I pull my wife’s dress up over her hips and slide her panties down and off her ankles.  My wife takes my belt loose, unbuttons my pants and slides them and my underwear down to my ankles.  She grabs ahold of my swelling penis with one hand and my balls with the other and very aggressively strokes my penis and squeezes my balls.  I reach around her with one hand and massage her vagina from behind.  I put my other hand between her legs from the front and begin to finger her and rub her clitoris.

Next my wife gets on her knees and takes my hard penis in her mouth while she continues to squeeze my balls and stroke the base of my penis.  After a few minutes, I laid her down on the floor or lift her up on a table and kneel between her legs and lick her juicy vagina and clitoris.  After a little while my wife will say that she wants me inside of her so I slide my rock hard penis into her.  I slowly thrust my penis deep into her until she comes and then I quicken the pace.  We then get dressed and go back to the reception.  There have been a couple of close calls, but we have never gotten caught.

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