After a very, very busy season at work, I decided to whisk my wife away on a vacation for two.  We have four children and the pace of my business and her homemaking had left us in a rut.  We barely knew each other!  When I showed her the airline tickets and told her about our five days away at a luxurious vacation spot, she nearly wept with joy.  She became really excited, and started packing right then, even thought the flight was a week away.

We are usually very sensual and seductive with each other, but the lack of energy and “alone-time” had drained us of everything.  My wife was excited to go, but our usual flirting and sensual build-up in anticipation of such a time away just wasn’t there.  We were both exhausted.  We just needed time away.  We needed to relax and recharge.  Although I had some keen fantasies about what might happen on such a trip, I was too tired to suggest or hint at such things.  By the time of our flight, we were both just happy to get on the plane.

After arriving at our destination, we both just lay down and slept!  What relief.

When we awakened, we made love, but only because we were “supposed to.”  It wasn’t that passionate but, it was nice.  We were getting back into the groove slowly.

We went to the beach.  My wife read.  I took my usual long swim.  We ate lunch at a seaside café.  We took a walk together.  We went back to the room and watched television.  At suppertime, we dressed up a little and went to a very nice restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  When we came home, again, we made love.  It was more passionate, but not our usual thrilling experience when away from home and the children.  But, we were coming back!

The next day was wonderful.  We ate breakfast at a small diner.  We took a long, long walk.  We drove around and went sightseeing.  I could tell our batteries were getting recharged.  At lunch, we stopped at a sandwich shop and ordered.  We each had a book and we read and read.  I was surprised when I looked at my watch, thinking it was 1:30pm and it was almost 3:00pm!  We decided to head back to our room.

On the way, my wife had finally perked up.  She said, “When we get back to our room, is there anything you want me to do, or wear?”  Wow, I had not heard that kind of offer in months!  I did not want to seem to anxious, so I just said, “Surprise me.”

When we got back to the room, my wife said she wanted to do something for the rest of the evening – she wanted to serve me, talk with me, give me snacks, watch television, and read, all in her most revealing lingerie!  She told me to sit tight while she went and slipped into something more daring.  She was in the bedroom for some time.  When she came out, she had her hair up, make-up on, and she was wearing high heels, thigh-high hose, and a bustier with garters.  She also had on a beautiful and lacy thong.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I had not seen her like this for months.  She was just all smiles while she watched me watch her.

She proceeded to start making dinner in the small kitchen in our suite.  Occasionally, she would bring me a snack, or just sit and talk, and flirt with me.  I was mesmerized.  She wouldn’t let me take any article of her clothing off, but she did insist on getting me undressed down to my boxers.  She said she had a special dessert and I would just have to wait until then to take her completely.  I was frustrated, but it was the good kind of frustration, one that would build and build, until a final climax.

After eating dinner with her, she said, “Now for dessert.”  She then brought out a plateful of fruits, cut apples, strawberries, kiwi, and a large amount of whipped cream.  She then stood up and started to undress, very slowly and provocatively.  I was out of my mind.  We had finally gotten back our energy and I was so into her and this moment.  She took the whipped cream and spread it all over her breasts and asked me to lick off every bit.  She then got on the floor and put pieces of fruit on her breasts and on her crotch.  She started to rub a large strawberry all over her vagina, spreading her legs and almost putting the whole thing into her wet hole.  I could not take anymore.  I licked off every drop of whipped cream while she kept rubbing different fruits on her breasts and on her clitoris.  Then, she asked me to take off my boxers, which I quickly obliged.  She put on a liberal amount of whipped cream on my manhood and started to lick it off with a vigor I had never seen before.  I was begging to come but, she would not have it.  She wanted to come together, with me inside her.

We moved into the bedroom and she gave me more of a show, getting into different positions and begging me to watch her, feel her, and for me to enter her.  After entering her, she begged me to make her come by rubbing her clitoris.  I only rubbed her for about ten seconds when she started to shake in a sudden and hard orgasm.  I quickly plunged inside her and came very quickly with her.  We were spent but, happy.  We were together; we were back.

The rest of the vacation was one long and happy time.  We would have long times of romance, long times of rest, and long times of erotic, seductive, and passionate lovemaking.  She insisted that whenever we were in the room, we should not wear clothes, or only wear our favorite underwear.  We had sex two and three times a day.  Quickies, romantic and passionate, erotic and oral dominated, you name it, we did it.  It was a great vacation.  When we left, we were completely recharged, back in our groove, ready to get back into the swing of things with each other, our work, our family, and our blessed Savior who gives us such gifts as our spouses.

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