In The Bathroom

Before we were married my wife and I talked alot of about all the places we wanted to make love.  One of the places we talked about was a public bathroom.  We were on our honeymoon one day after about a week of marriage.  We were doing some laundry at a local laundry mat in the area.  There was a subway next door that had a back entrance into the bathroom.  All of a sudden we became flushed with excitement.  Could we really do it?  We decided to try.  We snuck in through the back entrance and went into the men’s room and locked the door.  We kissed for a moment in anticipation of what we were about to do.

There was nowhere to lie down so we decided to do a rear entry position standing up.  My wife dropped her shorts and panties turned around and put her hands on the wall.  She was very excited.  The area between her legs was glistening with womanly juices.  I was a little nervous and was trying to relax so I could get my erection up.  Looking at my wife from behind like that and knowing she wanted me to enter her was enough to get me going.  I dropped my shorts and stroked myself a couple of times and I was good and hard.  I positioned myself behind her and she stuck out her rear end to give me a better angle.

We were very excited knowing that someone could knock on the door at any time.  I put my hands on my wife’s hips and moved close to her.  She was very wet and ready for me.  I pushed the head of my penis into her wonderful vagina and began to pump in and out.  I was so aroused by the situation it didn’t take long for me to climax. I continued to push my hard penis into her warm womanly flesh until I couldn’t hold it any longer.  I began shooting my love cream into her as I pumped harder and harder.  She shuddered with excitement as I finished expelling the last of my manly load of cream.  I pulled out of her and watched as my love juice spilled onto the floor and down her leg.

We kissed and then quickly cleaned ourselves up and left the bathroom, having created another wonderful memory in the history of our married lives.

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