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Hey there MH, Dean here. Long time since my last post. Before I begin, I want to again sincerely apologize for the content of my last post as the good people let me know about it and I do not want to be seen as someone who is sinful sexually because I am a good person. I have since learned from my mistake and do not want to repeat those same mistakes again. Now that that’s out of the way, let me get into the topic at hand.

One thing about this site that I personally would like to see more of is what its like to live nude, so this is what I am here to do and maybe it can kickstart others experiences. Before I go into the now, I have to go back to the then. In my teen years, the only time I was nude was when I showered and that was it. As a young Christian who was curious about Christian sex and its principles on the subject as well as my own body and sexual desires, I investigated. Now not to get into this, but I didn’t exactly get into sex the right way in terms of learning about it (but that’s for another time, don’t get any ideas).

After I was shall I say put off from that, I wanted to learn and find out the right way. So I went to the internet for answers as well as the Bible in conjunction. I found out that nudity was in fact not sinful, in fact, it’s good to be nude as that’s how God originally made us. Before they sinned, Adam and Eve were nude together and not ashamed. When I found out this information as well as others from the Bible and Christian websites that I found, I was relieved because its okay to be nude and be sexually active as long as it does not go against God’s word. It was liberating and freeing to find out how gifting God is as I had no idea about how tolerant He is with these factors. At the same time, I asked myself “How can I be nude other than when I have to shower?”.

Obviously, at the time I was still living under my parent’s roof so I had to think in a conservative and appropriate manner. I figured to myself “Well if I’m ever home alone I can be nude and neighbours can’t really see me and I can probably sleep nude too.” Also, I didn’t know of the health benefits of going around without clothes, particularly sleeping nude. As a young Christian teen with a positive but still curious outlook on sex and my body, it was terrific that I could be totally nude without sinning. I would just chill out around the house naked without fear or care. At times I would stare at myself in the mirror naked and was proud of the body that God made me.  It was a bit of a turn on to see my cock hang free with my balls out. At times, and this still happens, my cock would be erect. Now I like when my cock is erect but I don’t like it when its hard for no reason. I reasoned that my mind probably thought nude means sex. Now it does but in my case not so much.

I should say I was nervous because I didn’t want to get caught either but thankfully I never did. I should talk about sleeping nude. Man isn’t it relieving?! Way better than sleeping in clothes and it’s far easier. Letting my body breathe as well as getting better sleep. Of course, as a young horny teen I masturbated a lot, another thing I found was good and healthy from the Lord instead of it being sinful and something to be guilty about later on.

That was the then, this is the now. As a slighter older but single Christian man who’s even hornier than he was when he was a teen, being nude at home is the norm for me. There are days clothes don’t exist to me and it’s awesome. I’ve spent days and even weeks nude at home, obviously clothing myself to go out or letting people in. All this time being nude has left me with so much self-confidence and positive about my body and sexually thanks to God himself. I’m pretty secure from any neighbours as I don’t necessarily see them and they don’t see me. A thing I do that turns me on is I have a little backyard where I walk or chill out nude. It’s good to be outside without anything on as it feels good on the body. I do not, however, have any wishes to join any nudist groups or go to nude beaches cause I’m just not into that, to be honest.

In the future when I am married, I pray me and my wife can live nude as I do now because it would be a good way to be better connect with ourselves and our bodies in marriage which will only benefit it and us. I just hope I’m not always erect cause my cock needs to be…you know…good and not screwed up. I understand some of you reading this have children and that can curb this kind of activity, but I trust when you can get the opportunity you take it. I remember reading some post here of someone (forgive me for not remembering) of a couple going to a secluded cabin and being basically nude the entire time or reading Strawberry’s post titled “I Am Glad I am Married – Nude All Day” of the wife being nude all day at home and pleasing herself for her husband while cumming in a bowl or just doing house duties nude while chatting to her mother on the phone all the while eagerly waiting for her man to cum, along with other related posts about nudity that I found interesting. Personally, I am very interested in MH users nude experiences with themselves or with their spouses cause its something that God has gifted us with that we should cherish along with sex.

So that’s my experiences of learning about the gifts of God, discovering what I thought was wrong is right and stepping into my own self as a young Christian who lives nude while being very horny. I hope you all enjoy and please tell me about you and/your spouse’s nude tales in the comments or even better post your own stories such as this!

Take care and stay horny!

God bless,


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  1. HeSaid-SheSaid
    HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Sometimes I will wisper to someone like my wife or kids or a friend, "I have a secret", then I look around like I don't want someone else listening in and then continue, "Under all these clothes I am completely naked!". Lol

    As of late the idea of being nude around the house and even outside like you describe, especialy with my wife, is very appealing. However, we do have kids and are very rarely alone in the house and have no outside privacy, so it's pretty much out of the question. Plus, we live in a climate where most of the year the temps are chilly to downright freezing, even in the house.

    I have however dropped hints to my wife that it would be fun to get away somewhere remote and private and spend entire days in the buff. She didn't balk at the idea, but did iterate that it would have to be warm enough.

    My desire to be nude with my wife stops there however, I have no desire to be completely nude with other people. There are some things a person just doesn't want to see, even if they thought they did, lol.

  2. HeSaid-SheSaid
    HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    In addition to what I said before, I like what you mention about gaining self confidence with your own body. I think sometimes people look at themselves and dislike what they see, for whatever reason. I guess there is a balance between narcissism and self deprecation. A better self esteem with ones own body may relate to more confidence in sex and being more accepting or adventurous of what their body is capable of sexually.

    But one thing I have been trying to keep at the forefront of my mind lately, in regards to myself and others, is the fact we are ALL made in God's image. Physical and otherwise. This encourages me to take better care of myself, and be thankful for my body. And it helps me be more accepting of others, where usually I might not be.

    One more thought about being nude all day around the house with the spouse. While it isn't always sexual, I believe and/or hope it increases the level of appreciation between a couple and invites an overall air of sexiness. Fun, playful, flirty, sexy. I wish I could say I can answer this from experience, sigh. 😏

  3. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I'm sure Rez would love this, but the best I can manage is sleeping in the buff. (Like HSSS, we live where it's just too cold and there's a lack of privacy.) Even then, I find it hard to sleep when lying naked beside him. It's only been a couple of months since I read an article by a pastor advocating it, so maybe it will become less arousing with time?

  4. Trieste2
    Trieste2 says:

    CrazyHappyLoved, My husband finds it arousing too when we are both sleeping naked.
    It is also good to be able to spend a day naked together, even if we haven't done it often enough to be completely relaxed with each other. We usually agree to spend the evening making love and to wait until then, but the day is for talking to each other and reading.
    I find it is an incentive for me to look after my body, my tummy is still reasonably flat, and my titties are still okay without support. But it is a reminder that we are to look after the bodies God has given us. It seems easier to be completely honest and open with each other and to spend time praying together too.
    Because he always gets an erection seeing me naked when we are having sex he has a conditioned reflex to my being nude. This means he can’t help being stiff most of the day. It points straight up, except when he concentrates on what he is reading or doing, when it relaxes.
    The angle it is at tells me what his mind is on. And his balls become large and pulled up tight if he is only thinking about how he is going to do me. Sometimes I will ‘accidentally’ give him an extra tempting view of my pussy just so I can see how few seconds it takes for his cock to get hard!
    The anticipation is part of the fun and we feel very loving and appreciative of each other and the blessings that Our Lord has given us in our marriage.

  5. HusbandInTraining
    HusbandInTraining says:

    You aren't the only guy who does this, homie. Trust me. Sleeping nude is the NORM for me, and it has been for YEARS. So comfortable and freeing. Plus, when I'm horny (which is often), it's easy to take care of myself.

    Actually, I learned about nudity and its health benefits, and those are what turned me to wearing the least amount of clothing possible (while still being appropriate) at any given moment. So, naturally, I'm a guy that usually goes commando. I HATE underwear. If I have to wear them, it's gotta be boxer briefs by SAXX (trust me, you'll love them…especially if you're "blessed") or basketball shorts (again…these give "room" like SAXX).

    So, like you, I'm looking forward to the day when the wife wakes up to see me cooking breakfast for her in the kitchen only for me to turn around and see my "breakfast" and she see hers…that's not on a plate or on the stove. And, of course, there will be health benefits to our nudity even then.

    Peace, brother!

  6. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    HusbandInTraining thank you brother. It's a blessing to have a positive view of nudity as well as feeling awesome sleeping nude and being nude whenever i'm in the privacy of my home.

    God bless,

  7. CMLove
    CMLove says:

    Sooo glad to see you back, Dean! Concerning your last post a few months ago, I read it in late December and i so wanted to comment and encourage you but I didn't think you would see it as it had been written in November and I wasn't sure if you were still reading the comments. Your post in November was not sinful in any way; it was a beautiful peek at your heart. I was saddened that one of the commenters essentially "pulled you through the ringer" and it was so clear she was already struggling with something else and your post might have accidentally hit a soft spot, causing her to lash out in such an ungraceful, superior tone. Again, I'm so glad to see you back and excited about all that God seems to be doing in your life!
    I have heard and researched about how healthy it is to sleep nude and I'm excited to start trying! My husband and I want to start being nude in our home, as soon as our kiddos move out 😉 lol
    May God continue to bless you as you follow Him!

  8. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Thank you CMLove. I have moved on from my November post and since forgotten that individuals comment. On the other hand, i am fully enjoying the blessings and benefits of nudity (particularly sleeping). I hope you and your husband will be naked and comfortable together.

    Thank you and godbless,

  9. Still Going Strong
    Still Going Strong says:

    I AM A NUDIST! I love being nude. God created us naked, and He pronounced his creation very good. I love the freedom and comfort of exercising without clothing. I love the “I have nothing to hide” openness and honesty, it facilitates between my wife and I. I wise man once said that couples should only argue naked. I love laying naked in the sun, I love swimming without being encumbered by a bathing suit, but unfortunately, my opportunities to do so are very limited. Last summer, my wife and I had the opportunity to spend an entire week naked in an absolutely private location. It was wonderful. Like many others who have commented on Deans “Living Nude” I yearn to enjoy nudism more often, and I would encourage you to do likewise.

  10. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Good for you Still Going Strong! Good to see your positivity and enthusiasm for nudity. You are so right, God made us nude and we are born nude. Adam and Eve were naked but unashamed in the garden of eden. Exercising and doing stuff without nothing on is so relieving and freeing on the body and your mind. Love walking around the house with my penis and balls swinging around free even though i'm a horny single man. Good on you and your wife for being out somewhere safe and secluded baring it all. Is there a story on it because i've read similar ones on the site.

    I hope we can get more on this!

    Thanks and god bless,

  11. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    I have often thought of how hot it is going to be seeing by husband naked. I have seen several naked men…
    but not one that is MINE. I look forward to it, Babe.

    Mmmmm, delicious. I sleep in the nude, apart from panties and socks sometimes. Everything feels so awesome….

  12. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Hmmm, now I am think how hot it is also going to be him seeing me naked for the first time…..
    I'll stand seductive in the doorway….
    with pure desire in my eyes….
    trace my hands over my curves slowly…..
    Slipping my shirt slowly like silk of my soft skin…
    my skirt…..sliding of seductively….
    untill I am wearing nothing but lingerie…..
    unhooking my bra, letting it slink of my perfect petite breasts, as his mouth falls open with desire and thirst….
    nipples hard and erect, to match his hard mast….
    slowly and sexily taking off piece by piece, my curvy little hips, and soft womanly ass….
    as I view the look of bliss and hunger on his face….from the bed where he lays….

    Hmmm, OR I could allow him to undress me for the first time, taking his time, exploring his territory for the first time,
    inch by inch….those beautiful hands, sliding like silk over my soft skin, as he inhales my scent….

    Hehehe….anymore and I'll be writing my next story.
    Speaking of which, Part 3 of "Campfire" is in 2 days…..
    Hope you're ready with lube and your spouse to take it out on when your done!

    I know my man and I will be on full sex drive HOT and HEAVY and WET WET WET….
    God willing, I cant wait to introduce him to Marriage Heat and my stories for a surprise wedding present when we tie the knot.

  13. Crua Ar
    Crua Ar says:

    Dean316, great job. Thanks for being honest, authentic, and focused on being the guy God made you to be. I get your thoughts about nudity, becoming comfortable with your own body, and (with respect to your earlier post in November), dreaming about the day you marry and the adventure of married life. It's all good. There is a sexy side to clothing, too, of course. I never get tired of watching my wife undress (or, sometimes, helping her underdress, even pulling her clothes off in moments of hard-on passion). And, there is something powerful about wearing clothes when your partner is not. The variables (clothed, partly clothed, watching, taking off, provocatively performing for your partner in the subtle and no-so-subtle dance of undressing, totally buck naked, and all the rest): again, it's all good. In ordinary life, my wife and I spend a lot of time together naked in our bedroom and master bath; it's hard (yes, pun intended) to brush my teeth, trim my beard, towel off after the shower, etc., while my wife is at the sink nude, putting on make-up, fixing her hair, or adjusting her contacts lenses, without caressing or grabbing her ass, standing behind and reaching around to brush her breasts, kissing her on the neck. It's just a moment, but it is also a reminder: you make me crazy, I'll be home right here after work, I can't get enough of you. She's not shy about doing an eye-roll when my flaccid goes to stand-out attention, either–she smiles and will give me a squeeze, too. I sleep naked, always. The feel of the sheets and, more importantly, my wife in bed next to me is, even after years, is a huge turn-on. Nothing has to happen, just some cuddling and spooning gives life. We have a hot tub in our back yard, screened with a privacy fence, in which I always relax nude; few things are more peaceful than sitting in our hot tub naked, at night, under the stars. Very cool and hot, all at once. I've been going commando for the last six years–will never go back to underwear (although I have some boxer briefs with the comfortable pouch deal to cradle my junk, when wearing closely cut suit pants that can reveal too much). Freeballing reminds me I'm alive and a man, all day long. I like it and often just breathe a prayer, thanking God that he made me male. My wife likes it, too. And, with all of the above, that's the bottom line. Turning her on, pleasing her, keeping her interested in (and proud of) her husband, is the driver. Celebrate what God has given you, Dean316, honor Him with it, and He will honor you. Sex, your sexual appetite, and your ambition to be married and give yourself to someone else is wholly consistent with the New Testament. Thanks for your posts.

  14. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Thank you Nycteris! I have enjoyed your stories very much and am looking forward to part 3. I pray you have some sexy and hot monogamy with your husband in the future. Also its good your embracing your nudity and your beautiful god given body.

    Stay sexy and horny!

    God bless,

  15. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Appreciate it Crua Ar! I've moved on and learned from my last post. I wanted to talk about how i'm a home nudist and absolutely love being naked. God made us this way, Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed in the Garden of Eden plus we are born naked. I am blessed to relish the benefits of nudity from God and totally love it a lot. Walking around the house with my cock and balls swinging around free (or hard wink wink) is just awesome. Plus sleeping nude is fun as well. I can't wait to share fun naked experiences and moments with my beautiful future wife. I almost kind of dread putting on any type of clothing because i want to be naked 24/7 but i morally oblige anyways.

    I will honour god and myself faithfully, proudly and cherish my sexual gifts as well as my body fully.

    Stay sexy and horny.

    God bless,

  16. 1956packard
    1956packard says:

    I try to go nude when I’m home as well. It’s kinda liberating not having any clothes on. My wife does as well ( although not as much as me ).

    A few years ago , my wife & I went to a private location that was “ clothing optional “. We enjoyed ourselves very much & wouldn’t mind doing it again.

  17. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    That's good to hear 1956packard (interesting name). It is liberating not having any clothes on. Its encouraging your wife does the same and you two had a pleasing time at the clothing optional location.

  18. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Dean, great story. My husband Ben and I now live nude, have been for a while now and we love it. Of course we wear clothes when the kids are over or we have company.

    Ben and I have always enjoyed being nude, but when you have kids living under the same roof, it makes it impossible.But since the kids are now gone, we enjoy it freely

    It has taken some time for me to get used to sleeping nude as I have always worn a gown, but I have grown accustomed to it. Ben always slept in the nude. Like you, has since he was a teenager, but I will get him to read and post here about that.

    Thank you for posting this and God bless. Stay horny hon!

  19. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    GG! I've read all your posts and they encouraged and inspired me to contribute. So glad to "hear" your voice on MH again. My condolences to your daughter and her husband. So sorry for their loss.

  20. Ben G.
    Ben G. says:

    Hello CrazyHappyLoved, thank you so much on behalf of GG and myself. It has been a difficult time for us all, but the Lord in all his grace has helped in giving us peace and healing. God bless you .

  21. Ben G.
    Ben G. says:

    Dean316 my brother, I read your story and really enjoyed it. Like my better half GG mentioned in her comment here, we are enjoying the nude life.
    I love being nude and rarely wear underwear. I started sleeping in the buff when I was around 15 or so. My dad occasionally slept nude, so I got the courage up one evening if I could. At first my mom said no. My dad didn't care. A few days later as it got to be time for my shower and bed, my mom surprised me by telling me that I didn't have to wear anything to bed if I preferred not too.
    This thrilled me to death. At the time, I was masturbating rather frequently and sleeping nude would make it less of a hassle.😁 I have slept nude every since.
    Thanks for posting brother and God bless.

  22. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    NO WAY GG and Ben replied to my story!!! HOLY COW!!! Whoa!! Okay i gotta calm down….alright i'm cool. Anyways great to hear you two live in the nude now that your children out of the house and living life. Hope their doing good. Me and you are a lot a like Ben. Like you, my parents did not say a thing to me about sex so (certainly nothing about nudity) so i found out about in the wrong way but got out of it. Once i learned the truth and goodness i still masturbated, slept nude as well as being nude whenever i could. It's so awesome!

    Can't believe you guys commented on my story! I throughly enjoy both your stories! Have for a long time!

    Stay sexy and horny!

    Thanks and god bless,

  23. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Hi GG and Ben,

    It seems like it has been a long time. I know you have come through some tough trials in recent times. Please let Alicia know there are people here who have prayed for her. And you two, too.

    God is good! He knows how to revive us. The walks in the valley are so hard but His promises keep us in hope. Please know that my heart is with you both!

    When we've faced especially hard times – our sexual intimacy has been a wonderful rest away from the hard realities. I know you two already know that! A wonderful gift from God – who told us that we enter into His kingdom through many trials and tribulations.

    I won't go on and on – just know that your old friend here still thinks about you and your dear family. God bless you both. LH

  24. AB
    AB says:

    Hi Horny GG

    So great to have you back!! Missed ya! Could you write more about the joys of your new nudist life? I would love to hear more. Do you and Ben shed your clothes as soon as you step in the door? Does it lead to more sex and/or masturbation? Do you hate when you have to put clothes on? If your adult children didn't care or if you had friends drop by that were totally comfortable with nudity, would you be comfortable walking around naked still? I always think it's cool when people are totally comfortable in their own skin and don't get embarrassed about being nude. Nude beaches and resorts appeal to me that way. Anyway, hope to more about your nudist lifestyle and maybe some hot stories that resulted from it. Hugs.


  25. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Good points Alexa. I would be interested to know that too. Yeah I mean honestly when it arises I kinda dress putting on clothes when I have to put I get why as I for sure know no one in my life would be comfortable seeing me nude but ah well. But if I arrive home the clothes are off and out of site. I’ll admit I’m not keen at all to venture to some nudist beach or whatever in fear of an erection which is why I’m just simple home nudist instead. Everything I do at home is in the nude. The best thing for me is when I’m reading my bible or praying nude as I’m nude like god created us and I’m reading his word or preaching to him. That’s really special and connecting to me as a Christian.

    I would love to know of others nude experiences as this is what this is for!

    God bless,

  26. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    AB, I never left darlin, just alot of life going on. Some good, some not so good. I do have plans for a new story, just might be a bit before it gets published ( alot ahead of me). As far as us living nude, well we love it! God bless and stay horny always!

  27. Beachlover Guy
    Beachlover Guy says:

    I've been a nudist for 20 years or so and my only regret is not having started sooner. Initially, I struggled with my desire to enjoy nudity outdoors and at nude beaches with my Christian faith, but I learned that being nude alone or with others does not equal sexual desire or lust. It may for some, but it depends on one's motivation for going. At first, I worried about getting an unintended erection, but that didn't happen once I became comfortable being nude and being seen nude by others. Later, I went with my now-ex and she took to it immediately. We enjoyed going nude outdoors together and we went a few times together after our amicable split. I feel that it's fun, soothing, and not at all sinful, at least how I view it. Certainly, I enjoy the female form and I masturbate regularly, but that's not connected to my love of going nude. There is a sensual pleasure to going nude outdoors and feeling the sun and air on my bare skin. I recommend trying it at least once, whether alone or at a nude beach.

  28. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    GG hope your going okay. I’m sorry about what’s going on, though I know little and I think it should stay that way out of respect. Anyways on a brighter note it’s encouraging you and Ben enjoy the nude life style. Would be interested to know more.

    Take care and god bless,

  29. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Hey Beachlover Guy Thats good to hear. I was happy to start in my teen years tho very secretly but now it’s the norm. I feel nude wearing clothes cause I’m not wearing any most of the time. I struggled with it, masturbating and such cause of fairy but once I learned the truth it was so liberating. Back then and now I get etections when I’m nude which is what I don’t wabt because I don’t want to think about sex when I’m nude. I’d like to be around nudist without worrying about this problem. Certainly being nude outside is something I’d like to do. Glad you and your ex enjoyed it.

    Take care and god bless,

  30. Bev Negas
    Bev Negas says:

    Hi GG, Like Alexa (AB) and Dean I would love to hear more about your new nudist lifestyle. You said that you get dressed if your kids are over or you have company. Is that more for them or for you? Would you be shy or embarrassed being naked in front of others if they were totally cool with it and didn't care at all? Friends of ours have a cottage on the lake. They have 3 sons, all in their teens (oldest is 19). They often go skinny dipping while at the cottage and are never in any hurry to get dressed afterward. In other words, they see each other naked all the time and think nothing of it. They've always had a very relaxed attitude about nudity. I think that's great! As long as the people they are around don't care, my friend doesn't care. She says, "What's to be embarrassed or uptight about? I have tits and a pussy just like any other woman! Same old, same old. No big deal." So true! She has helped me relax about my own nudity a tonne!!

  31. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Wow Bev Negas that's good to hear about your friends, especially with three teen boys at their ages. Your friend is right, her body is a woman's body and a man's body is a man's body. Depending on who your with it shouldn't be too embarrassing. That's really good to hear. Good them for being so positive about nudity.

    Thanks and god bless,

  32. Chloe
    Chloe says:

    Just saw this "Living Nude" thread that Dean started. Great topic! My hubby always tells me that he wants me to be a nudist once we're empty nesters. 😄 GG, I would love to hear more about your new found freedom. As Bev and AB have asked, would you be totally comfortable being naked in front of other adults if they were totally cool with it? Would you and Ben ever consider going to a nude beach or nude resort? My hubby would love for us to go to one some day. If I remember correctly, you have pool in your back yard, right? I would LOVE to have a pool and hot tub!!! If we did, I can honestly say that I would always be using them naked!!! I'm assuming you and Ben skinny dip all the time? Do your grown children go skinny dipping at your place too? I think what Bev posted about her girlfriend and her famiy is fantastic! Great to see such a relaxed attitude regarding the human body! Anyway, glad to see you posting again. I look forward to hearing some more steamy naked stories from you soon.

  33. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Thank you Chloe! Glad your husband is encouraging you to be a nudist! I guess he is as well? If so that's great! Cool to hear about your own ideas of doing certain activities nude. It's a great liberation being nude trust me!

    God bless,

  34. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Thank you so much everyone! It was good that i shared my nude journey and how much i love being nude in general as well as hearing all of your comments!

    Stay nude and sexy!

    God bless,

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