Married to a Contortionist (L/A)

This story contains an instance of strong language (L) and involves anal play (A).
You can read about these annotations and more in the guidelines.

Long-time readers of our adventures recognize my beloved Kay as a very limber former gymnast. During the course of our stories, we’ve mentioned times that she has displayed her incredible athletic gifts with me in the bedroom (and elsewhere). Believe me, being married to a former gymnast who keeps in shape brings several memorable occasions to mind.

“Trust me, Ken, you’re going to love this. Just take off your clothes and lie there naked on the bed. I’m going to take a quick rinse in the shower and will join you in a few moments. Naked too, of course.”

“Since when, have your showers taken only a few minutes, my dear Kay?”

“Hmmmmmmm—I’m not talking to you, mister,” Kay huffs, turning her back to me and heading to the bathroom, simultaneously lifting her sweater over her head and seductively wagging her sexy bottom before disappearing behind and locking the bathroom door.

I strip quickly and plop onto the bed, my cock growing in anticipation. As the shower starts up, my mind quickly wanders. What does Kay have up her sleeve this time?

A few minutes later, I’m brought back to reality.

“Ooooooooooo… Mmmm, ahhhhhh. Oh, yes…Soooooooo nice.”

What the—

“Mmm, mmmm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhh… Yes. Yes. Yes! Oh. Ohhh! OHHHH!!  I’m Cumm— I’m— Agghhh! Oh-oh-Ohhhhh! I. Love. To. Cum!!! Ahhhhh!”

I can’t believe her! She’s playing with our new showerhead and making sure I know it.

My cock has reached full combat readiness when Kay unlocks the bathroom door a short time later and makes her grand appearance. Her cheeks are flushed, and she’s got the look of a woman in heat—the eye of a tigress.

Keeping her word, Kay enters naked with her hair up and a big smile on her face. Freshly applied lipstick in a soft shade of red enhances her big, pearly white teeth, and her sumptuous breasts sway in perfect unison as she approaches our king-size bed. Her incredible nipples encircled with large diameter areola are nearly the same hue as her lipstick.

“Well, hello there! I see Mr. Happy is on hand to greet me.” Kay smiles. “Be patient, Mr. Happy. I’ll take care of you soon.” That sultry voice of hers makes me throb.

Kay Pounces

In one graceful motion, Kay lightly hops from the bedroom floor right on top of me and perfectly straddles my torso. On all fours, she bends down to plant a passionate kiss on my nearly quivering lips. Her tongue finds mine as her magnificent tits tenderly travel a path from my chest to my collarbone, then teasingly slowly back down. The tip of my dick senses the warmth of her sex mere inches away, aching to enter her, and Kay slowly lowers herself towards my now twitching penis yet manages to keep herself mere centimeters out of harm’s way. She knows how much I love the sensation of her lightly running her warm, soft tits up and down my torso.

Pulling her lips away from mine, Kay sits up straight and stretches her arms upwards towards the ceiling fan, then behind her head. Her breasts now jut outwards, appearing even more prominent than before.

Why is she doing those gymnast warm-up stretches? I ask myself.

Before my mind can answer, Kay smiles at me and smoothly maneuvers herself closer towards me until her hairy pussy rests millimeters from my stubbly face. I breathe in her incredible feminine scent and enjoy the heat emitting from her secret garden.

Kay lingers in that position on top of me for a few more moments before expertly pressing her hot, moist womanhood against my mouth and holding herself there. She tastes and smells wonderful, and my mouth and tongue go to work, slowly licking, sucking, and tasting her delicate pink lips.

The Reverse Crab

To my amazement, I see and feel her body shift as she throws her arms and head backward, hair flying, and redistributes her weight upon her palms. Like when she used to do back handsprings, she arches her back and neck until I feel her lips greet my cock. Incredibly, she somehow takes me into her mouth. Her jugs block my view, but I certainly know what she is doing: somehow, Kay is going down on me in this contorted position. Slowly, my member slides in and out of her warm mouth towards her throat.

Meanwhile, I busily attend to her prominent hairy muff as it nearly suffocates me. How in the world is she able to do this, I marvel to myself. My fingers now join the party, parting her lips as I lovingly lick her swollen pink nub. Now I know why she stretched like that a moment ago. This woman is amazing. Penetrating her with my tongue, I hear Kay making gurgling and gagging sounds before coming up for air, then impaling her face on me again.

Through this bliss, I hear Kay begin to moan. I lick a path from the top of her now sweaty ass and through her folds, rubbing my face through her mass of soft, neatly trimmed, brown pubic hair, knowing how she loves it. The magical elixir escaping her lady garden coats my chin and face.

Kay’s body begins to quiver as she lets my manhood loudly plop from her mouth. Sitting up, she adjusts herself on my face, her powerful thighs cradling my head as she locks herself into position. My hands find their way to her swaying tits as she places her own hands over mine. She loves the intimacy of our hands holding onto them together.

“Oh, Ken, your tongue feels so… damn… good!” Kay pants. “Mmm, right there. I love it! Ohhhhh. “I’m going to—I’m—I’m cummm— Ughhh! Ughhhhh! Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

A few minutes later, coming down from her orgasm, Kay shifts again and assertively licks my mouth and cheeks. “Mmmm, my pussy tastes so good on your face, Ken. Mmm,” she mumbles between laps with her tongue, ”I love tasting my cunt on your face. Oh, yes. Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Kay’s Kitchen

Soon, Kay tells me, “You aren’t going to cum yet, Ken. Not yet. Now, follow me.” Naked, she leads me downstairs towards our kitchen.

Turning around and facing me, she hops up on one of our bar chairs, opening her legs with a mischievous smile on her face. Throwing her head back like Jennifer Beals in the iconic scene from Flashdance, Kay says, “Stick it in me, Ken. Impale me with your big thick cock. Oh, and don’t forget this. I want you to cram them both into me.”

Reaching back behind the bar, Kay retrieves a small bottle of Astroglide and a gherkin. Placing the small cuke on the bar, she squeezes the lubricant into her hand. I bend over to kiss my wife, and Kay passionately kisses back and sucks my tongue as she inserts my dick into her hungry pussy, inhaling deeply as I slowly enter her. I sense her hand applying the Astroglide to her holes as I gently move.

“Mmm, your cock feels amazing, Ken. Mm-hmm, nice and slow; that’s right. Mmmmmm.” Reaching over, she grabs the gherkin handing it to me. “Oh, Ken. Oh, Ken, you feel sooooooo good. Now, I want to feel this… in my ass. I want you to fill both holes.”

Slowly and passionately, we kiss and make love. Filling her to the hilt with my cock, I slowly work the gherkin in and out of her tight little ass. Damn, she’s tight.

“Ahhhhh, slowly… slowly. Hold it there; let me absorb it. That’s it. Ahhh, right there. Mmmmm.” Wrapping her legs tighter around my waist, Kay throws her arms around my neck.“Oh yes, yes, yes. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes. Yes, yes. Faster, Ken, faster.”

Our torsos press together, flattening her boobs, both our chests sweaty and heaving. The bar seat rocks backward and sideways as I continue pounding away with my dick while tenderly working the gherkin in and out of her bum.

“Oh, yes. So good, Ken, sooooo goooood. I love having both my holes penetrated. Mmmm, I love it. I love it. Ooooooooooooooo.” Kay reaches up and paints my throat with long slow licks as if enjoying an ice-cream cone. She gently sucks and nips at me, then locks on and marks her territory, branding me with one prolonged hickey-forming suck. She doesn’t letting go, and it hurts real good. Seizing my hair, she yanks my head back, and I lose control.

Grunting, I shoot my seed deeply into her and instinctively pound her with all I’ve got.

“Oh, yeah, babe. Let it go; let it go. I love when you grunt like an animal shooting your load into me. Fuck me, Ken. Fuck this hairy cunt!”

Lost in the moment and pushed over the edge by her dirty talk, I give her one final powerful thrust that knocks the chair and Kay onto the floor. Fortunately, my arm is wrapped around her neck, so she falls on top of me, not vice versa.

Stunned and straddling me again, Kay looks down at me, and we both break into hysterical laughter. Her beautiful breasts jiggle as she guffaws at our predicament. She collapses as we embrace each other on the carpet.

“Oh Ken, where would I be without you? Thank you for rocking my world. I really love you; you know that?”

“I love you too, Kay. I’d be lost without you. I really would.”

“Now, where’s that gherkin?”

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5 replies
    • Greg Hamlet says:

      Like GG – this story started the fire for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t act, but I know i’ll have fun images of my wife in my mind today due to this very hot story – so thank you 🙂

  1. J. G. says:

    Great story, exciting sex. A warning though. When it comes to anal play, no matter how pleasurable, never penetrate with anything that doesn’t have a flange or a string attached. Eventually, if things continue, retrieving a gherkin from the ass will be part of your local emergency room’s lore. Many years ago, our ER in a larger city hospital used to wrap up a box with a very generous plastic cucumber as a white elephant gift passed on annually at the department Christmas party. The plastic cucumber was a memorial to a locally prominent couple who were adventurous with a real cucumber one Christmas Eve, bringing in the OR staff from family parties. Discretion was of course paramount and only a few professionals knew the actual names. Fortunately, after a few years someone ‘lost’ the plastic cucumber and the tradition ended. Cucumbers and carrots are particularly common as anal foreign bodies requiring medical care. Have fun, anal play evokes deep passions and ecstasy, but be safe. Use designed anal toys. Loved the story.

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