Paying a Delicious Debt (L/A) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L) and mentions anal penetration (A).


This story is a continuation of my “Fantasies Fulfilled” post from last month. In this series of fantasies that I’d love to live out, my wife and I fully embrace our desires and kinks and all the pleasures we can give and receive from each other. We allow ourselves to be fully vulnerable and open with each other and really get turned on by the craving we have for each other!

A Good Rubbing and Licking

After getting suitably cleaned up, my wife hopped in the shower while I quickly drove over to a nearby A&W, thankful for drive-through places that stay open late and more grateful for what just happened. As I parked and waited for our order, I couldn’t help but reflect on the night’s events. My wife had pegged me, something I had been dreaming about for years. Then she tasted my cum for the first time and dripped it into my mouth, telling me to swallow it and be “Mommy’s good little cum slut.” Not only that, she had teased me with the possibility of living out other fantasies, like her sitting on my face while I lick her sexy little asshole and my kinkiest desire—eating my cum out of her ass.  I was also thankful that I didn’t have to get out of the car; though I had cum hard earlier, I was insanely hard while remembering.

As I was reflecting, I started to pray. I gave thanks for an amazing wife with whom I could share my desires, who never judged my fantasies and always encouraged and supported me. The openness and vulnerability that we share bless me to no end. I also reminded myself just to stay thankful. After all, teasing in the heat of the moment about things we’ll do is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely to carry them out. Whether she’d still want to later or not, I felt so grateful for her willingness to even say those things.

I also prayed for our upcoming time to connect later this evening. My wife had given me so much pleasure earlier, and I wanted her to feel the same tonight, so I asked that the Lord would remove any blocks or frustrations and that He would allow her to open her mind and body to all the pleasures we have been blessed with. Tonight had been amazing for me so far, and I now wanted nothing more than to make it amazing for her. She really seemed to get into the “Mommy” role tonight, expressing her horniness in bolder and more confident ways. I hoped and prayed she really enjoyed it and wasn’t just doing these things for my sake. I wanted her to feel all the pleasure.

Sexy Texts

As I said amen, I heard a ding on my phone. My mind immediately flashed to the sexy selfies she sent earlier, but I reminded myself not to expect them all the time. I should just enjoy it when it happened and be thankful for who my wife is. I picked up my phone to read, “Where are you?”

I responded, “I just ordered. There was a line. I’ll probably be a little bit. Hopefully not long.” I looked up to see the servers taking food to people who ordered in front of me.

Ding! I checked my phone. “Hurry when you can. Food’s not the only thing I’m hungry for…” A naked mirror-selfie followed.

“Holy crap, hun,” I responded. Again, I was thankful to be in the car. DING—another selfie, this time lying on the bed and showing her sexy soles.

Before I can respond again, I got another message saying, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me tonight, Daddy. But I feel like I’m gonna need you to lick it out…”

I almost came in my pants! I couldn’t believe (and loved) her forwardness. She had her sexuality unapologetically on display for me alone. My heart was soaring with love, and my mind raced with horny thoughts. I responded, “Daddy would LOVE to lick out whatever has gotten into his wonderful little girl.”

Just then, the server approached my car with our to-go meals. As I started to roll down the window, I heard another DING. I quickly checked my phone to see something that probably caused my eyes to bulge out of my head—a final selfie with the caption, “I’m so horny, Daddy. I need to start playing…” Holy crap! She never plays with herself! This is outstanding! And SO HOT! I couldn’t stop staring at the pic.

The server tapped on the partially-opened window and said, “Sorry, sir, but I have your food.” I discretely move my phone out of view (even with how bold she is tonight, I don’t think she’d like others seeing this pic) and apologized for my distraction. The server said no worries and wished me a good night.

I quickly rolled up my window and texted my wife. “Hope you’re enjoying your pussy, little girl. I’ve got the food, but I’m looking much more forward to the meal you’re prepping.” Then, I set my phone down and took a deep breath to clear my head before driving home as fast as law-abidingly possible.

Home at Last

For the second time tonight, I found myself running. As soon as I parked the car, I sprinted to the house. I locked the door and ran upstairs to the bedroom, food in hand. When I opened the door, I got another wonderful visual: my beautiful wife, legs spread open, pinching a nipple with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other.

“I couldn’t wait,” she said as she moaned, and neither could I.

I darted across the room, setting the food next to her on the bed, and dove between her legs without giving her a chance to move her hand.

“OHHHH, DAAADDY!” she moaned as I licked around her outer lips before sliding my tongue between her folds and heading for her clit. “Oh, fuck, your tongue feels good, Daddy! Mmmm.”

I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue before giving a long, flat lick back down and around her inner lips, then lightly pushing my tongue into her delicious pussy.

“Mmmm. How does your naughty little girl taste, Daddy?” She moaned the question.

In response, I used my hand to grasp the one that she had been rubbing her clit with, its fingers slick with her juices. I made direct eye contact and kept licking while raising her hand towards her face.

She looked at me, incredibly aroused and understanding the gesture. She opened her mouth and licked the tips of the two fingers, then slid them into her mouth. The heavenly sound of her moan was matched only by the visual: my normally reserved wife pinching her nipple, eyes closed in pleasure while I ate her,f and moaning as she sucked her own juices off her fingers. I swear, tasting herself had an effect because as soon as her fingers were in her mouth, she got wetter.

“Oh, fuck, I taste good!” She moaned, reaching down to get more of her wetness before licking it off her fingers again. “I get why you love sucking your fingers after rubbing me now,” she said as I licked back up to her clit before flicking it with my tongue. “OH, YES, DADDY!” she growled, and I could tell she was getting close.

She then grabbed my hair and dragged me up beside her. “I want to taste myself on your lips…” Her tongue ran along my lips before she urgently shoved it into my mouth, moaning at the flavor and scent of herself on my lips. Then she sucked my tongue into her mouth and “blew” it, which almost made me cum.

Riding my Face

As she kissed me, she rolled me over on my back and shifted her body until she was almost sitting. She broke our kiss, looked me square in the eye, and said, “I want to cum all over your face, Daddy!” Then she swung her leg over my head and lowered her glistening pussy onto my face.

We both knew this wasn’t going to last long; she was close. But honestly, I would have been happy if it went for hours. There were no light licks here. I made out with her pussy—licking, sucking, shoving my tongue inside, and lapping at her clit.

My wife moaned like crazy! “Oh, yes, Daddy! Right. There! Do you like your little girl sitting on your face? Ooooooh, yes, lick my clit!” Her arousal seemed to reach new heights as she bucked on my face and slid her delicious pussy from my chin to my nose. “Fuck, I love riding your face, Daddy! I need to do this again!” she moaned.

I then decided to try something to really push her over the edge. Now, we have done full-on anal, but she really needs to be in the mood for it. Still, I figured some backdoor stimulation was a safe bet with how hot she was right now. So as she slid that wonderful pussy across my face, I reached behind her and began rubbing her sexy little asshole.

“OH, FUCK, DADDY!!” she almost yelled and began grinding faster, making sure her clit was hitting my nose and tongue. “Yes! Rub your little girl’s asshole!! Oh, fuck, Daddy, keep licking. Keep rubbing my asshole. Fuck, I love fucking your face. OH! FUCK! OHHHHH-FUUUUCK-I’M-CUMMING!!!!”

And cum she did. Hard. My face was drenched, and I loved it. She rode my face through her orgasm, sliding her delectable pussy from chin to nose, moaning and making wonderful, sexy noises. And I licked up every drop and kept rubbing her asshole. Finally relieved, she sighed heavily and dismounted from my face and chest. She lay down next to me, and we snuggled, smiling at each other and sharing quick kisses.

Promises, Promises

“That was amazing, baby,” she said. “I love that you have a fantasy that’s all about my pleasure.”

I kissed her cheek and said, “You deserve all the pleasure, my beloved, and I’m so thankful that I can be the one to give it to you.” She smiled at that, and we exchanged a tender kiss on the lips. “Besides,” I chuckled, “I can’t say it was 100% about you. I almost came several times during that whole thing! I get a lot out of and love pleasing you.”

She smirked and reached down to grab my cock, making me gasp. “Oh, I noticed how hard you were this whole time, Daddy. And though I’m tempted to do it now, I promise I’ll take care of you tomorrow.” I smiled and started to thank her, but she began a light stroke that dragged a moan out of me and added, “Whatever cum is left in there tonight will be added to the cum you can eat out of my ass then.”

My jaw dropped as my eyes shot open wide, and she laughed as she felt me flinch in her hand. She kissed my cheek as she released her grip. “Now, as good as I taste on your face,” and she paused to lightly lick my cheek before continuing, “why don’t you wash up, and we can eat together.”

I gave her another quick peck and headed to the bathroom.  As I dried my face, she called out, “Hey, babe, where are the root beers?” And then I heard her laugh hysterically as I bolted down the stairs, running for the third time that day to go back to the restaurant and get my woman her drink.

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