Sexy House Hunting (L)

“I’m hot,” sighed Kristy, exhausted from the day’s activities. “I know you are,” said Michael as he rubbed her upper thigh with a mischievous grin. Knowing all too well what he meant, she rolled her eyes and smiled. (Secretly she loved the double meaning—the innuendo and the compliment as well.)

They had been in the market for a house and had spent the majority of the day driving around looking in various neighborhoods. They had found a few possibilities, but the heat of the day was starting to get to them. And even though Kristy was wearing her short khaki shorts (Michael’s favorite shorts of hers) and a tank top with flip flops, it was, after all, Spring in Texas. That meant low 80s. And the constant driving and getting in and out of the car was taking its toll.

Still with his hand on her upper thigh, Michael suddenly had an idea. He moved his hand down and started caressing Kristy’s leg, gently running his hand up and down her bare skin. He loved how soft her leg felt and he could tell she had just shaved that morning. She wasn’t oblivious to this and enjoyed the attention. She could tell Michael was up to something when he pulled into an empty parking lot of a closed business.

“Yes?” she asked, sounding as innocent as she could.

“I thought we might REALLY heat things up,” Michael said.

“Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?” Kristy asked.

Michael leaned in to kiss her and at the same time he reached under her shirt to fondle her boob. He loved the taste of her lips—so soft and not too wet, just wet enough. He stuck his tongue in her mouth and she eagerly opened her mouth and responded by pushing her tongue against his. He loved the softness of her breast as well. He continued to massage her breast and started to pinch the nipple through her bra. He could tell she enjoyed this by the way she kissed harder. He then reached under her bra to rub her already hardened nipple directly. She reached down and started unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts. Michael’s heart started racing as he saw how turned on she was getting. That was his favorite part of sex—seeing Kristy turned on.

Michael started kissing Kristy’s neck while moving his hand down Kristy’s stomach. Kristy took this opportunity to scan the area to make sure they were still alone. So far so good. Michael slowly slid his hand down Kristy’s stomach and down into her shorts. He was met with two surprises as he did this: One, Kristy wasn’t wearing any panties! Of course Michael got a major hard on when he discovered this. Two, Kristy was extremely wet. More so than she had been in a long time. Michael LOVED this! His cock was so hard by now it was hurting. He tried reaching down into her shorts enough to get inside her, but he couldn’t reach. Kristy lifted her hips and pushed her shorts down and kicked them off in the floorboard so she could spread her legs more. Michael slid his fingers inside of her. She was so warm and wet that Michael’s fingers were instantly covered in her cum. He found her soaking wet clit and began rubbing it slowly at first. This made Kristy moan slightly and she lifted her shirt and bra and invited him to suck her breast. He complied gladly as she leaned further back in the seat. He began rubbing her clit even harder. She began rocking her hips to the speed of his rubbing. He could tell she wanted it. He took one last look around to make sure the coast was clear and then went for it. He rubbed her wet clit like his life depended on it.

Before long she was moaning and panting and saying, “Harder….yes…harder.” Michael started pinching her other nipple with his free hand. He knew she liked that. At this point Kristy was on the verge of an orgasm ripping through her body like a train blasting through a tunnel. Nothing was going to stop it now.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…” was all Kristy could manage to say.

He knew she was close. He kept rubbing her hot wet hole just like she liked it. Kristy could feel the pressure building in her pussy. She wanted it so bad. She knew she was about to explode into orgasm and nothing was going to stop it now. After a few more rubs, her body convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She couldn’t contain the loud moan that escaped her. Michael knew he had once again taken his wife to the edge and back. Michael’s hand was soaked with her cum, and so was the seat! But neither one of them cared. As Kristy lay there gasping for breath, she twitched as Michael pulled his fingers out of her hole, rubbing her sensitive clit one last time.

Gasping for breath she managed to say, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

Michael didn’t need to be told again. One more quick look around and Michael got out of the car and walked around to her side. He opened the door and held out his hand to help her up. (After all, she needed it! Her legs were like noodles after just getting pounded by that orgasm!) Without putting on her shorts or shoes, Michael stood her up and turned her around. With the car door open, he bent her over so her arms were resting on the seat. He quickly pulled his shorts down and slowly entered her from behind. Kristy moaned and said, “Yes, fuck me hard.” Michael began to pound her pussy with his hard cock. He grabbed her ass and pulled her back as he fucked her from behind. Over and over he shoved his rod up inside her. Each time he did, Kristy could feel his balls slap against her pussy. Kristy moaned with pleasure as she stood on the hot pavement in her bare feet, with nothing on from the waist down. Michael checked again to make sure they were still alone and since they were, he said, “Now I’m really going to fuck you!”

“Do it. Fuck me hard,” she said.

Pounding her as hard as he could, she began moaning even louder. She was loving this! It was so spontaneous and so hot. (Both literally and sexually!) Her feet were beginning to burn a little from the pavement, but she didn’t care. She wanted him inside her more and more. She couldn’t get enough of his cock ramming her from behind. Her tits, still free from the bra and shirt, hung out in front of her. With every pound of Michael’s hard cock, Kristy’s melons swung back and forth. Michael loved looking down and seeing her tits flying around free. It turned him on even more and made him pound her from behind even harder. Every time he went in he hit that sweet spot once again. He could feel her cum soaking his cock. Before long the buildup was too much for Michael. He felt like his balls were going to explode.

“I’m going to cum!” he announced.

“Cum inside me, baby! Fill me up with your cock juice!” Kristy said.

That did it. Michael loved it when Kristy talked like that and that pushed him over the edge. He started spraying his load inside her. She felt it too. She felt the cum spraying all over her insides. For a second there neither one of them thought it would ever stop, it was so much. She loved it. She loved having his cum fill her up. As he let out a groan, Kristy knew Michael was enjoying it.

When he was finished, he slowly pulled out of her and she sat down in the car and started sucking his cock. She knew he still had a little bit left inside him and she wanted a taste. Sure enough she was able to squeeze out a few more drops. She loved the taste of Michael’s cock juice. She started to feel his cum sliding out of her pussy now too. She could tell it was going to slide right down her leg. She grabbed a napkin out of the glove box to wipe some of it off, but she knew she still had some in her. The thought of this made her loins tingle a little more. Michael pulled his shorts back on and got back in the car. Kristy got in the car and started getting her shorts back on and stuffing her boobs back in her bra and fixing her shirt again. As she was doing this, she thought she would be a little daring and decided not to zip her shorts or button them, but to leave them open until their next stop. She knew Michael would enjoy that. Michael put the car in drive and then placed his hand to rest in her shorts, right on her pussy hair. She smiled at him and they kissed.

“Where to now?” Kristy asked with a grin.

Nothing like sexy house hunting.


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    • HornyHubby says:

      Thanks! I’ve enjoyed several of yours as well. I’m glad to have found this site. That was my first submission and I look forward to writing more.

      By the way, I have several “technical” questions concerning the site. Do you know the best way to get those answered?

    • Blondie says:

      Great story, thanks for posting, and you can email for any technical questions you have for the site. We’ve been trying to look at that email more frequently now. All of us admins have day jobs, but we do try to keep the people here informed and answer their questions if we can.

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