Hot love

Since we got married I have dreams about us all the time.  So I thought I would tell you my dream.  It was storming outside and we just got back from camping and we were both tired and warn out.  You were being really nice and sweet.  So you went to the bathroom and ran me a hot bubble bath with the best smelling stuff ever.  I couldn’t tell what the smell was but I loved it.  It was my favorite scent.  Well you ran the bath and you set up candles all around the tub.  She seemed to like that a lot in the dream.  It was one of those huge tubs where like three or four people could fit.  You led me to the tub and began to undress me while kissing me and saying sweet things.  Well I got in the tub and you for some reason decided to get in with me.

We just sat in the tub and relaxed forever and you were saying the sweetest things the whole time we were relaxing.  You began to wash me and rub my body like you never have before.  It was the softest most romantic touch ever.  You ran your hands up and down me and it was so nice then you began to massage my back, which felt so good.  You stopped massaging my back and started to kiss my neck.  I had relaxed enough and I wanted to get out so we did.   You got out of the tub first and then I did and you dried me off and then carried me to the bedroom.

When we got to the bed room you put me on the bed and then you got on the bed and you slid your soft lips over my cheek and neck and you whispered words of love to me and then started to kiss my ear and then my neck again and we made out for awhile. Your body was so warm and perfect next to mine.  Then you slowly started to kiss my stomach and suck on my boobs and then you started kissing my stomach again until you made your way to my legs.

You kissed the crease between by vagina and leg with the softest touch of your lips and that made me want you so much. Then you started licking my vagina and then you stuck your finger up me.  It felt so good and I didn’t say stop one time.  You did that for a while and then you started to kiss me again.  You teased me so much that I could hardly take it.  You kept rubbing your penis on my vagina but wouldn’t stick it in.  That made me want you more than I have ever wanted you.  You kept teasing me and then you stuck your finger up me again and I was starting to think that you were going to tease me the whole night.

But finally you took your finger out and rubbed my vagina with you penis a few more times until I said I want you so bad.  Then you slowly put your penis in me moving slowly and moving just the right way.  It was like you were reading me and knew exactly what I wanted you to do.  Then you began to move a little faster and then little faster.  We made love so passionately.  Everything was just so perfect and right.  You made love to me until I couldn’t take anymore.  After we made love I just lay in your arms and you said some more sweet things to me and we kissed some more.   I lay there while you traced my skin with your fingertips until I fell asleep.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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