sexy massage

Sexy Massage -A pleasurable night

Sexy Massage – Carl had been working hard the last days with the reconstruction of their home. The muscles in his back,

shoulders and arms were sore and aching.

“I could use a good massage tonight”, he said with a smile to his wife Anna.

“Yes, you have been working hard lately and it looks so nice in the new rooms”, she replied.

When the kids had gone to bed and Carl and Anna had finished their evening tea, Anna said; “Come on, honey, let’s go to bed!”

“Ok, I’m tired”, Carl said and stood up and went to the bathroom where he was joined by his beautiful wife a few moments later.

They washed and brushed their teeth and then Carl went to the bedroom and undressed. He took off everything. His t-shirt, his jeans and socks and even his boxers. He wanted to be naked and close to his wife tonight. Then he climbed into bed and under the cover. He felt his penis swell a bit in anticipation.

After a couple of minutes Anna came into the room wearing only her white panties and the bottle of massage oil in her hand. Her soft breasts with the large, dark nipples were swaying from side to side as she walked. It was a beautiful and exciting view to Carl.

“Take off all your clothes”, Anna said as she approached the bed.

“Already done”, Carl replied.

“Oh, that’s good”, she said and slipped off her panties, climbed into bed and removed the cover from Carl’s body.

He rolled over on his front and Anna straddled him and sat down on his butt. Carl felt her soft thighs along his sides, her round bottom against his thighs. Her pubic hair tickled him a little and he could feel her pubis and labia press against his butt.

Anna poured some oil into her hands and started to rub his shoulders. Carl relaxed and closed his eyes. Her soft and warm hands felt soothing and relaxing as they kneaded him. He let out a soft moan.

Anna continued to the sexy massage his back with long strokes and were alternating between his back and shoulders. After some time she stopped, moved herself down Carl’s body and sat on his thighs. Anna poured some more oil in her hands and started to give a sexy massage to his butt. Carl enjoyed every stroke of her hands on his body and it felt so good to just receive pleasure for once. Usually it was Carl that was the most active part when they pleasured each other.

After a few minutes Anna stretched out her body and laid down on top of Carl. Her thighs, calves and feet against his. Her hips and pubis against his butt, her soft breasts pressed against his back and her lips landed a kiss on his cheek. He could feel the soft rounded pad that was her venus mound against him as Anna ground her hips slightly into his butt. They stayed like that for a couple of minutes and revelled in the sensation of their naked bodies close together.

Anna felt a warmth and a slight tingle spread between her legs as she laid on Carl and moved her hips. She was becoming aroused, her labia was swelling and her vagina became wet and slippery as it prepared itself to receive Carl’s penis.

Carl felt his penis grow hard against the mattress and his heart beat picked up a bit as he thought about what was going to happen.

Anna moved her right hand along Carl’s side and under his hip reaching for his hard member. She took it in her hand and held it lovingly while her thumb stroked the head lightly.

“Turn around”, she said softly in his ear and then lifted her self off him.

Carl did as he was told and turned around on his back. His erect penis laid long and thick against his tummy.

Anna straddled him again and sat down with her crotch just below Carl’s with her venus mound touching the base of his penis. The tingle between her legs had become more insistent and she felt she needed some direct stimulation of her pleasure points soon. The feel of Carl’s hard penis against her mound felt very nice and she felt her juices spread all over her crotch.

Carl closed his eyes again to just enjoy the wonderful sensations as Anna lubed her hands with some more oil and started to stroke his chest. Very soon he felt her hands move further down his tummy and brushed lightly against his hardness as Anna stroked up and down his tummy and chest.

Anna could not hold off any longer. The desire for Carl’s penis was burning between her legs and she also longed to pleasure Carl as much as possible. She drenched her hands in the oil from the bottle and reached down for his wonderful penis. “Ok, it wasn’t beautiful, but it was cool to caress it and oh so pleasurable to feel it deep inside as he released his hot sperm into her”, she thought to her self as she lovingly took it in her slippery hands and slowly stroked it’s full length up and down a few times.

Carl felt Anna take his penis in her warm and slippery hands and the slow strokes she gave it made him moan of pleasure. He could still not, after 12 years of marriage, believe how good it felt when Anna caressed his penis. He kept his eyes closed and revelled in the wonderful sensations that spread from the swollen tip of his penis, along it’s length and in between his legs and around all of his lower abdomen. Carl let out another moan and felt his hips involuntary thrust forward from the pleasure and drive his penis through Anna’s slippery grip.

“Mmmm. That feel so good”, he said.

“That’s good, my love. Just enjoy!”, Anna replied.

Anna got more and more aroused when she saw his reactions from the pleasure she was giving Carl’s hard and large penis. She needed to feel that pleasurable penis between her legs. Her vagina was aching and needed to be filled by his wonderful love tool.

Carl felt Anna angle his penis a little more upright and then an unfamiliar but very pleasurable sensation spread along his penis. It was still a soft and smooth and slippery sliding sensation on the upper side of the penis, but on the lower side it suddenly felt a bit rough at first and then incredibly smooth, soft and slick as the stroke moved upward along him. The opposite as the stroke moved downwards, first soft and slick and then a little rough against him. It was definitely not uncomfortable, but he had never felt anything like it before. He tried to figure out what Anna was doing, but he couldn’t. He had to open his eyes and find out what this nice sensation came from.

Anna had changed her grip around Carl’s penis and pressed it against the pubic hair on her venus mound and started to grind her vulva along  it’s length. She started with her mound against the base of it and as she held the penis in place, she moved her hips forward and let her vulva stroke along it up to the tip and back again. “Mmmm. That was nice”, she thought as Carl’s penis slid back and forth first over her hairy venus mound and then between her swollen and slippery labia and over her engorged and hard clitoris.

As Carl opened his eyes he got the most erotic and wonderful sight of his wife, Anna. She was leaning forward a bit and was looking at his face with a beautiful smile. Her soft and hanging breasts with their large and erect nipples were swaying in front of his face in rhythm with her movements. Her slippery hands were holding his firm shaft against her crotch as she thrust her hips back and forth along his full length. His penis slid in and out between her hands and her groin rubbing along her very wet crevice and over her hairy mound. “Oh, so that was what caused that rough but pleasurable sensation. Rubbing against her pubic hair.”, Carl realized.

The sight of Anna pleasuring herself with his tool (and of course bringing pleasure to him at the same time) was so arousing to Carl that he had to watch her. He could hear her breathing become laboured and her beautiful smile was exchanged for an expression of pleasure as she started to breath through her open mouth. Her eyes were still locked at his and they expressed all the love for Carl and the pleasure she felt being with him in this way at this moment. He reached out and took her swaying breasts in his hands. He caressed and massaged them softly. The feel of her breasts never stopped to amaze him.

Anna leaned further forward and pressed her breasts into Carl’s hands as she felt his hands on her. She felt a wonderful, warm and fluttery sensation of the building orgasm start to spread inside her. She flexed her kegels and pressed Carl’s penis harder against her as the force of her thrusting hips increased. Se was so into the incredible pleasure that was spreading from her groin out through her whole body, that she didn’t notice what Carl was doing. Suddenly it felt like a lightning bolt shot through her body from her left nipple straight to her aroused clitoris as her nipple was firmly stuck in a hot and very tight place. She realized eventually that it was Carl’s mouth and she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

She was so excited. Anna felt it like her whole body was out of control. It was moving uncontrollably. She was moaning involuntary as lightning bolts of pleasure shot back and forth through her body and all the intense sensations centered between her legs. She couldn’t hold off any longer. She needed something else. She craved the sensation as her vagina was stretched to it’s limit and filled completely by Carl’s wonderful penis. She needed it deep inside her right now.

Anna leaned further forward and planted her open mouth firmly against Carl’s and pushed her tongue deep into his. Their tongues had a crazy battle as they kissed very deep and passionate. Anna raised her hips a bit, angled Carl’s penis straight up and sat down again. She was wide open and extremely wet and there was no resistance as she slid down on his thick penis. She took him in all the way to the base in one slow and fluid  motion. She felt her vagina stretch both in width and length. “Wow, what a heavenly sensation. There is nothing more pleasurable than this”, she thought as a loud moan escaped her lips into Carl’s mouth.

Carl moaned as well as he finally felt his hard member sink deep into his loved wife. Anna’s soft and, tonight, very wet vagina felt so hot as he entered her that it felt like it burned his penis. They continued to kiss as they enjoyed the wonderful sensation of being connected and one in the most intimate and pleasurable way ever possible. Carl felt Anna’s high level of arousal in her urgent and deep kisses and that she was unable to stay still. Her hips were moving constantly grinding her clitoris against his pubis as his penis was buried deep inside her.

Anna was definitely headed for her orgasm now. She could feel it build up to a wonderful release for every thrust she made. She ground her crotch hard against Carl, but now and then raised her hips up and then down again to let his penis slide in and out of her as well. The friction from his movements inside her was also very pleasurable, but not as much as the stimulation on her clit. The combination however, was awesome. Carl on the other hand, needed to slide in and out of her to get stimulated. So she combined the two motions to force them both towards the peak.

After a short while Carl groaned and thrust his hips up and forced his penis even deeper into her. Anna felt him hold her hips and press himself hard against her and then the familiar rhythmical twitches deep inside her as he forced his wonderful sperm deep into her in pulse after pulse.

Carl could feel himself become more and more excited by the sight of Anna riding on top of him. Her breasts wobbling. Her face contorted in deep pleasure. Her touches, kisses and especially the wonderful sensations in his penis as it slid around, in and out of Anna’s wonderful vagina. He  felt the tingle in his penis and his muscles in his mid section tighten as he was getting closer and closer to his orgasm a lot faster than he wanted, but all of it felt so good he was unable to stop. He usually let Anna have her orgasm first, and then he could concentrate fully on his own pleasure. But not to night. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

He had barely finished the thought when he felt his hips involuntary thrust up to force his penis deeper. He grabbed Anna’s hips and pressed her down on him hard to push his penis as deep into her as possible. The muscles in his groin contracted hard and rhythmically. The extreme pleasure as he felt his sperm forcefully spurt out of the tip of his penis deep into the most beautiful woman on earth, that as a miracle also happened to be his wife, forced a long and loud groan from his throat.

“Oh, Anna, I’m sorry.”, Carl said as Anna kissed him lovingly.

“Why are you sorry? Didn’t it feel good?”, Anna asked.

“Oh, yes. It felt so good I couldn’t hold back. I’m sorry”, Carl replied.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s supposed to feel good. It’s supposed to make you orgasm and ejaculate. I like when you loose control and it’s so cool when you spurt your sperm into me. Please, don’t be sorry! Enjoy it instead! I love you so much!”, Anna answered and Carl felt more loved than ever. He wanted to bring her the same extreme pleasure as he had felt.

Carl rolled Anna off of him and onto her back. She spread her legs wide and Carl let his hand caress her tummy on it’s way down between her legs. Her labia was extremely swollen, wide open and her clitoris was hard and standing out. His fingers slipped easily along her slit as she was extremely wet and slippery from their previous activity. He focused his slow and soft caresses on, along and around her clitoris. Anna immediately started to moan and thrust her hips in rhythm with his strokes. He leaned in and kissed her. She shot out her tongue deep into his mouth and he caressed it with his own.

“Oh, it feels so good and I am so close now. Please, go on! Don’t stop!”, Anna murmured between her moans and the kisses.

“Good! Then just enjoy the wonderful sensations and orgasm for me. Please, cum for me!”, Carl said lovingly and kissed his wife again.

“Mmm. I will very soon!”, Anna moaned as her body stiffened, her hips shot forward, her vaginal opening contracted and her clitoris twitched under his fingers in about the same rhythm as his penis had done just a few minutes ago.

“I love you so much! Thank you for marrying me and thank you for doing this together with me. It was wonderful. I love you!”, Carl said and kissed his wife Anna softly and held his hand still covering her genitals as the aftershocks of her orgasm flowed through her body.

“Thank you, too! I love you!”, Anna sighed exhausted.

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