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We are wondering, for those of you with no kids in your house anymore, how did your sex lives change being empty nesters?

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I would say not that much because even with the kids in the house, they never heard us anyway. We thought that we were very much uninhibited, however it did enable us to go traveling a little more than usual, and have sex in beautiful exotic places!

  2. Old Lover says:

    My Anne became incredibly vocal! When she cums her verbal ecstasy sperms ( er, I mean spurs 😁) me on. As empty nesters and with years of growing our intimacy, our sex lives and satisfaction gets better and better. Embrace the empty nest years with enriched sexual intimacy!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Ben and I just recently became empty nesters as our son Randy has gone on to college. Since then Ben and I have adopted a nudism lifestyle ( except when we have guest over). We love it!

    Our sex life hasn't changed that much, with the exception of being more adventurous and not worrying about who hears us. If we want to make love on the sofa we can, without worry of being walked in on. Things along that nature.

    We miss having the kids around, but are enjoying life!!! God Bless and Stay Horny.

  4. ArtRutherford says:

    We have increased our sex. Toys are now used a lot and sounds are louder because we don't have to keep quiet for fear of our children will hear. Nudity around the house is more often and with no kids we are much more open to lots of things.

  5. Eroticcouple says:

    Our sex live has always been great for our 28 years of marriage ( yes we consider ourselves very lucky ) but with that being said being empty nesters has made our love life that much more fun. As said earlier by Old Lover – we are so much more vocal & loud which gets us both overly excited while we are making love. Also just like hornyGG we are naked around the house as soon as we walk in the door. Which always leads to more love making all over the house at anytime. My favorite is watching my wife at the kitchen sink after dinner as she cleans the dishes – I will approach her from behind and wrap my hands around her big tits and she just instinctively spreads her sexy long legs for me and leans over the sink as I ease my now hard throbbing cock into her now wet excited pussy. This is when she really gets vocal by telling me how good my big hard cock feels In side her – she moans and tells me to fuck her harder, all this passion puts me on the edge & ready to cum & when she tells me she wants to feel my cum deep inside her needy pussy – I just can't hold back any longer. I explode shot after hot shot of my hot cum from my pulsing cock & when my sticky softening cock falls from her cum filled pussy My wife turns around gives me a passionate kiss as she pulls herself up on the counter top & spreads her legs while telling me to eat her cum filled pussy until she cums. I dive in she holds my head tight to her pussy & rides my face to orgasm as she screams she is cumming.
    We are truly blessed & feel like newlyweds again

  6. davide3450 says:

    defiantly for the better we just have to make sure that the front door is locked because the kids think they can just walk in any time. We did get caught once by our daughter. Donna was giving me one of her best blow jobs on the sofa well you can see where this is going.

  7. Old Lover says:

    A specific change is Anne's eagerness and initiative to jack me off these days. When the kids were still at home, it would have been too risky. Just this morning as she spooned her just showered body into me, she asked if I needed a release. We talked and then jumped up to get ready for some almost forgotten appointments. At noon, over a relaxed soup and sandwich, I said, "You made me really horny this morning and I missed the chance to have you make me feel good." Her response – "After I get back from my church meeting this afternoon, you can cum hard for me." This sort of exchange didn't happen in our busy child/career days. Now days, with grown children gone, when we are horny we do something about it!

  8. Sarge says:

    Before my wife's health failed, we found so much freedom in being alone in our home. It wasn't a matter of which room tonight, as it was being able to vocalize, and leave the door open and not worrying that the kids would hear. Harper stated they never had that issue, but living on a military salary, our homes were small to smallish. When we did finally get a large home it was too late for the same sex we'd enjoyed before.
    But again when we did have that freedom, it was amazing, and she became a different lover, much more open and incredibly hot. Oh, and I've always been a vocal guy in the sack, so that lion was released in a big way. I was finally able to tell her through words and sounds how much I was enjoying sex, or recieving her amazing blow jobs.

  9. Conner M says:

    I think everyone has pretty much said it all in their comments. The only thing I would add is that it added the freedom of spontaneity. Sexual encounters no longer had to be carefully planned and timed.

  10. Happy Husband says:

    I was thinking that they would change a lot, but in all honesty, it has just been a slight uptick in frequency and, obviously, no concern about the bedroom doors being open. My wife has a hangup about being cold and not liking just being naked. If it were up to me, we would be like hornyGG and Ben and pretty much be naked 24/7 at home. That is not the case. Kind of hard to be the ony one naked when there are two of you.

  11. SouthernGent says:

    Our generation is also known as the 'squeezed' generation, with younger kids and care for older parents. Just as our kids moved out, we began to need to care of an aging parent with early dementia. It definitely cramps your style for sure!

    But one very nice component of our love life is the sudden realization by my wife that many of the old "Good Baptist Girl" standards were not really of God but of Man…things like – women initiating sex, wearing no panties, shaving her pubes, being vocal about what makes her feel good, craving more than one orgasm, sexting, flirting and much much more. This has contributed to many outstanding adventures…her first nude beach, playing under the tablecloth at a restaurant, multi-orgasm sessions, expressions of "That feels soooo good" during our lovemaking!

    Its a much happier time for both of us, like a mini-vacation I the middle of the stress of elder parent care.

  12. CMLove says:

    These comments have been so very encouraging! My husband and I have three small boys and he's in a physically stressful job so by the time everyone gets into bed we are both near exhausted. I was crying a few days ago just about not being able to be as free with sex as we would both like to be but these comments are showing me there's light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, Haha! God is so good to make sex an enjoyable part of marriage that spans the years and makes them worthwhile. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for the blessed reminder that growing older is sometimes the best thing that can happen to a couple's sex life!

  13. CMLove says:

    Thank you, friends! I have been away for a while, not by choice, but I'm so blessed to he able to come back! I have so missed being apart of this community; you are all such a help to my husband and me. I'm excited for the months to come!

  14. possibility says:

    SouthernGent, I agree. It is indeed wonderful we live in more enlightened times where women can initiate sex (all types) and be vocal about what they want and feel. It is so good to,for example hear my wife say 'please fuck me deep, I want to feel your big penis in my juicey cunt' This is so very arousing for me.

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