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Evening Oral Heat

My wife Karen is the best.  I own a business and we recently had a serious setback to business that eventually has begun to take its’ toll on our personal income.  We’ve had to lay some people off and cut way back.  God is faithful and we have a new account that starts in a few months that will return things to normal.  The light at the end of the tunnel is there, we just have to get to it.  Business combined with some personal family problems has really taken a toll on my emotions and sexual passion.  Karen, knowing this decided to jump start my brain and get me out of my funky mood.

I came home after a long day of working and visiting clients, tired and exhausted.  Karen met me at the door dressed in a long black semi sheer nightgown that showed just enough to get your interest yet hid enough to make you want to investigate further.  She kissed me long and hard her tongue sliding deep into my mouth asking for more and more.  I could taste beer on her, which always turns me on.  Her whimpers muffled by our kiss sent shivers up and down my spine, bringing things that were dead to life.  She ground her crotch into mine and our kiss broke with both of us panting.  “Don’t talk and take a shower.  You’re in for quite a night.”  After giving me my instructions she turned and walked away giving me a view of her sexy legs and tight ass.

I showered quickly and put on the clothes she left for me. A simple lounge pant and shirt set.  I walked into the sitting room to find the lights darkened, sexy music playing and my beautiful wife dancing all by herself.  She was swaying to the music rubbing her hands all over herself.  Slowly, oh so slowly she began to strip for me, I had to sit down on the chase lounge since suddenly I was weak in the knees.  One thing after another came off of her tan body until all that was left was a red thong that I could see was already wet from her juices.  She came over to me and kissed me again while my hands roamed freely over her hard toned body.  I pinched and pulled her nipples and she moaned, gasping in pleasure.  She now had my shirt unbuttoned and off, pants were pulled down and my manhood was standing up tall and strong throbbing for attention.  I slid my hand up her thigh and felt her juices running down the inside of her leg.  My fingers touched her hidden lips and she gasped as my finger slid into her, exploring and teasing.  She pushed me back, straddled me and lowered herself onto what she calls her pleasure stick.  She bounced bobbed and moved up and down while I just watched her go.  I was going to explode and told her so.  Gasping through her pleasure she said “God Paul, I know you’re so big and hard.” Suddenly she slipped off and sucked me deep into her throat almost gagging on me telling me to give it to her. It only took about 5 or 6 thrusts into her mouth till I came.  She had been touching herself and came about the same time, screaming around my shaft as I poured what seemed like buckets of cum down her throat.  God bless her she swallowed every drop not stopping sucking and licking me until I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away collapsing on the chase lounge next to her.  We wrapped up in a blanket and fell asleep, satisfied and content.

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