Her Side of the Story

It had been three very long, stressful months since he had held her and taken her. The last time she was home, on a whim (and probably due to a little wine), she had offered herself to him as his “Lady for the Evening” for $250 dollars and a Christmas calendar. He had taken her repeatedly that night. Bent her over the couch in the living room, then after a brief interlude, pulled her into a spare bedroom and pinned her hands over her head to the bed while he entered her repeatedly. He would withdraw his harden shaft out of her, leaving the swollen head of his member resting dangerously at her entrance just as she was about to cum. She panted and struggled to regain some control, but he just kept tormenting her will that rock hard cock. As she struggled to catch her breath it would enter her again. First slowly parting her outer lips, then sliding forcefully and filling her. He looked down at her, “I love having my cock buried up to my balls in you”, and he grinned.

Moving her wrists together, he continued to restrain her, his right hand reached down and firmly captured her breast. He moaned as he held her fast and bent his head down to torture her hard nipple, circling it furiously with his tongue. She was panting heavily and moaned for mercy, when he re-entered her and thrust deeply over and over.  Her hips rolled upward to take him in and her back arched as his tongue abruptly pounced on the other nipple, while still holding fast to other breast.

He growled at her “Your mine tonight and I’ll have you anyway I want. I want to feel my balls bouncing off your pussy”.

He did what he said he would and she felt the heat and tension within her build. He thrust deep, held it there, his shaft expanding within her and she lost herself first to the hard heat radiating from him and then the liquid heat that burst from him. The muscles deep in her grabbed his manhood in a furious embrace as she felt the heat flow throughout. Her struggling ceased as their sweat soaked bodies collapsed together.

That was three months ago, but she would feel herself start to warm when she thought of that last time together. In the back of her mind she also vowed to pay him back for taking her with such unmerciful passion. Wait until he comes to visit me, she would say to herself, I’ll make him beg me to release him.

He had made her a full sized replica of his manhood from a mail order kit when they were last together. She tucked it carefully away in her luggage hoping it would make it through the various TASA inspections. Once back at work, far away from home those thoughts faded, occasionally re-awaked when he would send her an email asking if his present was helping her through the long nights away. Forlornly she would text back that between homesickness and stress, she had little energy or desire.

One night, several nights before he was to arrive for a visit, she bolted awake from a dream about a camping trip with her husband. They were alone in the woods, with the sweat from a heated summers day clinging to them, as she, on her hands and knees was being taken from behind by her horny husband. In her dream she heard the slap of flesh as his sweat soaked abdomen smacked into her backside as drove himself into her willing folds. He had been screwing her furiously, when she realized it was a dream and awoke.

“Damn, damn damn”, she sputtered as she awoke with severe frustration and a very wet lady place. The ache inside was profound as she awoke to the realization that there would be no climax.

“God, I need a cock!”

She rose quickly from the bed to rummage through her dresser drawer to see if she could locate the clone of his cock. Yes, success, as she removed the fat pink member from the back of the drawer with a small bottle of lube. Removing her pajama bottoms she fell back into bed and squirted lube over the familiar shape. Lying back, she closed her eyes and went back to the woods where she had been enjoying the heat and hardness of her husband’s efforts. Spreading her legs she felt the familiar shape enter her.  Not as warm as her husband’s eager member, but it slid in easily as she had almost cum before waking and it filled an aching need. In an effort to pick up where the dream had left off she inserted it fully and repeatedly, while her back ached and she groaned with contentment. Re-entering the dream she imagined she could feel his hands on her hips as he thrust fully into her over and over. Very quickly, she felt what she was feeling just before waking and, she came as she welcomed the fullness of his fake phallus deep inside her.

As she came down from her rapid orgasm she relaxed, but a yearning still gripped her soaked pussy. Taking just the tip of her lovers cock she worked it slowly over her outer lips, stopping at the top of her opening to tease her clit with the full head. Working in a slow circle over her bud, her breathing increased again as she directed the tip along her full vulva. Turning the member slightly she ran the full length of it gently along her soaking entrance, moans involuntarily escaped as her eyes closed and she surrendered again to the fantasy of her lovers cock.

The next day she texted her husband about her vivid dream in the woods and alluded to the successful test of the “Experimental Drill Bit”. The text concluded with 6 smiley face icons that each of them used to communicate successful “Boring Tests” by one or the other. Her husband was both ecstatic and severely frustrated that he had not been able to personally certify the successful test of his doppelganger. She texted back that she would take very good care of him when he arrived in a few weeks.

Three weeks later, she was at her apartment late at night waiting with anticipation and longing to hear him at the back door.  Suddenly, about 10:00 PM, the dog’s heads popped up and they charged the back door running towards her Sweetie. He entered, stooped to welcome and quiet the dogs. After treats were dispensed to the furious wagging of tails he was able to take her in a warm embrace. After going several months without holding her favorite person, she could feel the invisible tension leave her body as she became part of him again.

He ran his hands over her shoulders, down her back and gently cupped her pajama clad buns. His nose pushed the hair away from her ear as he nuzzled her ear lobe and softly traced the nape of her neck.

“God, I miss that”, she purred to her husband as she melted further into him. He gave her buns a squeeze and told her he was headed for the shower. Sweetie hustled the dogs off to bed and moved some of the luggage to the closet to sort out in the morning. Tired and relieved to have her lover back, she was anxious to slide under the covers and feel the hair of his chest on her back and his unfailing member press against her soft bottom.

The shower stopped and the bedroom door opened as he stumbled in the unaccustomed surroundings. She felt him sit on the bed and move as predicted to cradle her from behind. His hands glided softly over her hips, then up to her shoulders as his nose once again nuzzled her neck as he told her how good she felt against him.

“I can’t get enough of your skin”, he whispered into her neck and a welcome surge coursed through her.

His hands slowly moved over her skin as if to relearn every curve. She felt herself start to fall into a relaxed doze when his hand glided over her shoulder to cup her breast in a gentle embrace.

“Hmmm”, he purred into her ear, “I’ve missed your lovely curves, especially these”.

She could feel his hardness increase on her backside and a corresponding warmness start to spread between her legs. His nose continued to brush the hairs on her ears and neck. When his tongue glided softly along her ear from top to bottom, then trailed down to her shoulders, she sighed and pressed back against his warming dick.

Without a lot of prelude, he rose up over her and gently parted her legs to take his place before her. Reaching down to his now rigid member with his right hand, he took it at the base and moved toward her. Without thought she opened her legs wide in welcome at his approach. He moaned softly in appreciation, as he placed himself in the soft hair at the top of her opening. Her soft moans joined his as the swollen knob slid easily along her swelling lips. After several trips along her folds he leaned forward and slowly parted her. The head entered and she could feel herself opening to welcome him back home. Retreating once, re-entering half way, retreating and then a slow slide, she felt his manhood reach the middle of her as they both groaned in ecstasy.

He moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist in a complete embrace. He reached down to grip her bottom firmly drawing them closer together. His cock throbbed; she purred and returned the gesture by clamping her molten walls around it. Slowly, softly they moved together, the base of his rigid cock was pressed hard against her clit as he rocked against her. Sweetie knew this wasn’t going to last long and she didn’t care. He was here safe and he was in her. She welcomed his hardness into her depths. She found herself quickly falling toward the edge, as her breathing alerted him that she was starting cum already. Looking up at him briefly before her head rolled back, she saw him smile as he pressed harder against her and drove deeper. Her hips were rolling up to meet him as she felt him release his hot seed into her.

“Oh God, that feels so nice to have you fill me.”

Nothing fancy, but nothing better either, she said to herself as they came down together.

Several days after her husband’s arrival, the plan was to take a break from her familiar surroundings and go to a nice hotel on the beach. It was here that she would seek retribution from her horny husband’s assault on her during Christmastime. He had tried to order some sexy lingerie online, but had trouble with the sizes, so she took over the ordering. When he presented her with the box of four outfits, he remarked that he really would like a fashion show.

“You’ll get your fashion show”, she told him, “One show every night.”

She was anticipating sliding into each of the outfits and making him squirm one night after the other. He would pay for making me want it so bad the last time I was home. She selected a frilly white transparent number for the first night and felt her soft regions stir at the thought.

… to be continued.

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    • marriedman says:

      Thank you Sally. Glad you enjoyed the story. It's interesting, to me anyways, that by writing the story down it brings that moment back to life in my mind. As we are apart a great deal, the stories bring her back to me until we reunite.

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