Scouts Honor (L)

From my wife comes this perspective:

What do I love most about my husband? I have asked myself this question a million times since the day we married. If forced to pick one thing, it would be the way he always makes me feel good about myself. Pick any issue that makes the average human feel bad (depression, fear, lack of self-confidence). Now picture yourself with one person who always stands beside you. Someone who holds your heart and needs above theirs always. That is what I have. It is the one thing I hold onto with eternal gratefulness. This acceptance is what allows me to feel safe enough to share my every sexual fantasy and desire with him. And it gives us the ability to fulfill many of them!

There are many stories I could tell. My favorites are when we are able to escape from the real world.  When we are able to reconnect with each other in the quiet surroundings of nature. A place to get away from family and friends, TV, and all electronic gadgets. Camping is that thing for us.  If you don’t do it, I highly suggest it. There is something about being outside that elicits a sense of freedom and makes me a happier person. That all combines to ignite an uninhibited, sexual me!

One of my fondest memories is when we went camping in the late summer. After we settled into our camping area, I spent some time reading and my husband relaxed in the chair next to me. After a while, we headed down to the lake and watched people fishing and enjoying the last of the summer swimming season. One thing I have learned about myself, relaxation creates horniness if I am in the vicinity of my husband. So, between the sun, the warm breeze, and the comfortable conversation I felt myself wanting him. And on the walk back to our campground I got more and more horny. There was no one else in the whole area. I could sense that he was relaxed and that it wouldn’t take much to make him horny.

“Let’s go fuck in the woods,” I said.

He gave me a look out of the corner of his eyes, like, is she being serious?  Is this one of those games to see how horny she can make me, but then back out of the commitment? I assured him I was serious.

So now, it didn’t take long for my happy hunter to find a path that would totally remove us from any other campers. We came across an open picnic area that, for some reason, was chained off. We ignored the signs and headed to a tall grassy area with some small trees. It was perfect! When we sat down in the grass no one could see us, even if someone did happen by.

He started to undress me, pulling my shirt over my head and unfastening my bra. I assisted by unzipping his pants and pulling them down. There it was, his massively swollen cock, eager to be sucked.

As we lay down in the grass, he kissed me from neck to breasts and started licking my nipples until they were hard. I could feel the tension rising within myself. I wanted his cock deep inside me! But first, I wanted to suck that cock, until I was tasting the beginnings of his cum in my mouth.

So before he could make the decision on positions, I took the initiative and worked my way down to his throbbing erection. Kissing and licking his cock I sucked just the tip for a while. That  created what I can only assume was sexual madness in his body. Finally, I latched my mouth on his manhood.

His cock was hard as glass. I sucked more and more of his cock in until I held him firmly in my throat. My hands had a mind of their own. I was holding his hard drooling member with one and massaging his balls with the other. The taste of his salty cum as it dribbled out of the tip was the sign I was waiting for. His excitement was making me even hornier.

I finally had to stop because I knew he was close to cumming.  I wanted that deliciously hard cock inside me when it exploded. So we rested for a few seconds and finished taking off our clothes. The sun felt so good on my skin.

He entered me gently at first. Then he started to fuck me with longer and deeper thrusts. I knew that I couldn’t hold on.

I said, “You need to stop or I am going to cum.”  I didn’t want our sexual solitude to end yet. He looked at me and said, “I can wait, but you go ahead.” Those were the words I needed to hear. I let go and my orgasm exploded around his cock in waves of contractions!

When I recovered in a few minutes, my husband was still gazing down at me. He said, “Ok lady, on your knees, I’m not done with you yet.”

I quickly obliged, and he entered me doggie style. He sank himself into me, filling me with his swollen cock.  Then he leaned against me, stroking and kneading my nipples into hardness again.

He pounded into me again and again, until I could feel another orgasm building in me. I knew his was also on the verge. His every thrust was making me more excited about his looming cum explosion. As his body tensed and he shot his load into me, my own orgasm rocked me. Between us both, there was so much cum it was dribbling down my legs. We lay on the ground looking up at the sky through the trees, while the sun’s warmth dried his cum onto my body.

A few minutes later, we got dressed and left the seclusion behind. We were just in time too. As we left, what looked to be a group of Boy Scouts was pulling into the area. Lucky for me, they have no idea what badge I was working on!

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  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Being one with nature while one with each other is very spiritual as well as hot as hell. One of our first moments together was spent fucking on an outdoor stage…I'm new here so I'm sure that will make it's way out sometime.

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