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My husband is a hard working leader who works with many men and women. So many of his work associates have left their spouses or are cheating on their spouses. Some of them have joined the swinging scene. Sometimes I wonder how Christian marriage heat can compete with all the sensual promises offered. I can also relate to the struggle. Some of my friends have cheated on their husbands. I could have slept with some “promising” prospects when my husband was traveling. I am sad to say that there were a few times of struggle that I was tempted to place myself near some of those “prospects”.

We keep talking about how to stay faithful till death. Our faith in Christ is the foundation of our faithfulness; that faith inspires us to love each other. I wrote a list of the things that I find support our mutual faithfulness.  Here is the my list.

I would be interested to hear what others think?

A. Mutual Responsibility – We have taken responsibility to grow in our relational and sexual passions in our marriage. For us that means that we talk about our relationship and seek to find resources that help us grow relationally and sexually.

Thanks Blondie for the new book about Sex in Marriage. I loved it.  (Buy here)

B. Creativity – We love coming to Marriage Heat and getting new ideas. I do not think Marriage Heat is pornography by the way. I have learned so much about being a marriage heat wife here! It is marriage erotic lit though that functions like Songs of Songs did in the Bible times. I noticed some of the debates about the guidelines and how you hold firm to your convictions. We are not speaking for anyone else, but for us, thanks for your assertive and decisive leadership.

C. Boundaries – I am careful not to meet with men from church or anywhere else alone. Boundaries also relate to conversations. We do not talk about things with others that could lead to emotional or sexual relationship temptations. On his list, he does not “hang” out alone with female employees, especially when traveling.

D. Give him what he wants and needs- We both want romance and conversations. And he really tries!  I need the feeling of protection that he gives. I need my hardworking husband who supports our home. I need to be in charge at home and I want to help my husband be the best he can be. I want and need to be sexual with him as my passion including plenty of kissing, caressing marriage heat and masturbating.

In sex, I need to be the object of his sexual imagination. I learned that a marriage heat wife lets go in this way. If he wants me to not wear panties tomorrow so that he can lift my skirt and fuck me in the kitchen. I will do it. I will be often wet just thinking about getting screwed. I notice that when he is under stress and his leadership is challenged at work, he needs to control me sexually more.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed this with their husbands. It is fun to be the object of his marital lust. I am wet just writing this. If we have a fight, I notice he likes to fuck me hard. Yes. It is tempting to pick a fight now and then.

Here are some marriage heat wife practical examples of getting into his sexual imagination that I learned here at marriage heat or by experience.

1. Get over my hang ups about exhibitionism in front of him. If I feel like touching myself while he is in the room, just do it. I love it when my hubby come into the room while I am using a vibrator. It is fun to enjoy your body and put on a show for him. Masturbate very regularly.  My OB/GYN said that my PC muscle are very strong. I wanted to say, I exercise them regulary with orgasms aplenty.

2. Develop a sexy attitude. For instance. Let him talk sexy to you and talk back to him that way.

3. Be raunchy and risky every once in a while. Period sex has raunchy possibilities for instance. Just sayin’… I always get excited about the fact.  He wants a wife he can fuck.

4. Keep him off guard without calling attention to it. Wear a conservative dress with no panties to church. At some point he will grab your ass and he is reminded again how glad he is to have married you.

5. Text words or pics that makes him lust for you.

6. Wear something hot when his friends are around. For some reason this makes him so horny. We went to his 10 year reunion. I wore a sexy dress. His old friends kept looking at me, thinking what a lucky guy. We made love twice after we got home and the next morning.

E. Exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep.  If I do these three things. I am more horny. Enough said.

F. Don’t be insecure about petty jealousies. I used to get hurt when I noticed him looking at a hot woman who paraded by us. I used to give him such a hard time, when in fact, I looked too. And no, I do not have same sex attraction. Now I too enjoy to look with him. I get ideas for how to dress.  I also believe that he and I are humans and we will people watch. Beauty is always beauty. “Enjoy the view but fuck me later” is my motto.

G. Find Christian marriage friends who love marriage and who are not negative. Too many Christians bad mouth their spouses. This negative nay saying energy hurts. I am not saying that we are not friends with people who are struggling. Everyone needs your friendship. I am saying we also have some friends who love marriage like we do. I love that about Marriage Heat. We do not even know each other but we in a small way encourage each other to be positive.

I will let you know that I am not perfect in the things I have written about. I fail often. I have a bad day and week. But these are some things that I keep striving to be in my marriage. I hope some of you will share your marriage heat wife list.

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  1. cherishlife says:

    I find that I need more sexual expression when I am in times of stress. My wife understand that. She needs more when has self-doubts. Thats how it is in our home at least.

  2. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I have documented several sexual hangups Heather and I have through my stories here. This post is exciting. For health reasons, Heather is our main bread winner now. She is always tired and ready for rest when she comes home. She has never had a strong sex drive (or so she says. I just had a talk with her a few nights ago. I believes she stifles and buries her sex drive instead of embracing it.)

    I’m always thinking of ways for her to blossom. Your suggestion of a sexy text (sexting) has been one thing I’m trying to get her to do. I have been sending her romantic texts (pictures of kissing, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, or quotes about love and companionship, etc.). She usually responds with a loving, romantic text.

    I told her that “I’m a guy” and she needs to think about what I would like to hear when I romance her. Instead of “I love you too”, how about, “WOW BABY, that made me wet. I can’t wait to get home and let you have your way with me.”

    Remember, women need to feel loved to enjoy sex. Men need to have sex to feel loved. It’s a generality but it’s pretty true.

    • angel says:

      I agree wd ur last statement.. Besides I would like to ask u that where have u been?? Why aren’t u writing any stories??
      Me and my hubby love the way u write.. And we r waiting..

    • JazzdBoutH&N says:

      Thanks Angel. I have one story pending right now. I don’t know when it will be approved and scheduled. Thanks for the compliment. I love writing the stories. I just finished drafting another one. Gotta do all the edits.

  3. Seeking Passion says:

    Very encouraging and educational post. I must say that I am very excited to try some of these. Some I already do. It has taken a long time for my husband and I to get back on track. We are slowly reconnecting and I am loving every minute of it. During the period when our sex life were at a stand still we got to know each other in other ways. We became best friends all over again. We became closer and entered a deeper intimacy level we never knew. So, by incorporating these tips will add fuel to a fire that has been re-ignited.

    Some people say I sound corny, but I love being a married woman. I have a lifetime best friend, partner, and lover. I have someone to grow old with. I have someone who accepts me and my flaws and imperfections; and vice versa. When you have that openness and acceptance it makes for a deeper and healthier mental, emotional, sexual relationship.

    Thank you for the helpful and exciting post:-)

  4. Caveman says:

    Wow, you are spot on in your comments. Your husband is very blessed. I wish I could say after all of these years I have my bride figured out so well. You have made a study of your husband and are acting on that study. Well done. I could have copied you whole entry for agreement, but one point to highlight. You said “In sex, I need to be the object of his sexual imagination.” How true that is. Sex happens in the mind as well as the body. A spouse wants to be the focus in the mind as well as the body. Your comments describe ways that his thoughts will be on you sexually. The ideas you gave in your post provide various ways that you might focus your husbands sexual thoughts on you. For me, and I suspect for many men, sex is very visual. Just seeing Amanda masturbating or lifting her skirt to show she has removed her panties is amazing. Well, you gave specific examples of how one might capture the focus of their minds. Excellent post!

  5. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you Strawberry. You put a lot of thought into this – and it shows. You points all relate to the notion that we must stay on the never ending quest with our spouses. There is no neutral – we must keep growing forward. I am so grateful for sexual creativity with my wife. We have our struggles just like every married couple. There are times when we need a little more risk and creativity in our sex. Sometimes the risk is having the courage to bring up something that you want to do or change – wondering if it is going to be the right time with your spouse. Your post encourages us to press on. Thank you.

  6. Katie Brown says:

    I applied some of this thinking in our marriage. Wow. My husband is soo happy. I am happier. No panties to church. We got home and he had my skirt up giving me oral sex in minutes. After he made love to me…we took a romantic walk with my panties still off.

  7. PennY Laine says:

    I can say I have never been tempted. Not to say I have never recognized the sexual appeal of someone other than my husband, just that I was not tempted.
    How can sex within a marriage compete with all of the seemingly exciting alternatives? For us it is a very active and secure feeling that we can share any fantasy and be supported and not judged. The mind is a powerful sex organ.
    I think you make great point about not getting jealous if your husband looks at an attractive female. Better to just acknowledge her sex appeal, honesty diffuses all problems. Again really well done, even my husband enjoyed it.

  8. RedOctober says:

    Great positive outlook.
    Hope it’s contagious.
    Guys want their wives to think like a guy. Period.
    And looks like you’ve accommodated that and incorporated “male” thinking into many areas.

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