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🔊 Lockdown Lovers

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Life in viral lockdown isn’t all bad, I think, as I lie in the half-light of the morning sun filtering through the bedroom curtains. No planes rumble overhead straight out of London Heathrow, and no traffic clogs the road outside. I’ve still got a job working from home, and instead of […]

Sex on Black Leather

My wife Jayne and I are always looking for interesting places and positions to have sex. Recently we took a “city break” to stay in a hotel over a long weekend. One evening after a shower together, we were having a good long nude romp on the bed, kissing and fingering each other all over […]

🔊 “Doing It” for My New Wife

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist One of my best marital masturbation experiences was on our honeymoon. That’s long ago now, but not something I’ll ever forget. We hadn’t had sex before we married, but a few days into our honeymoon—after the first tense, uncomfortable time we’d had intercourse—we were settling into each other well. One morning, […]

A Bedtime Sex Session

We’re undressing for bed. I’m already completely naked. My wife is down to her white bra, tan tights and white patterned panties showing through her tights. She has her back to me. I’d sensed she was in the mood all evening. Now, it’s time to find out! My exploring hand starts on her nylon-clad bottom […]

A Good Time with my Wife

My wife and I have full-on, penis in vagina sex three or four times a week, but sometimes she gives me something a little different. And last night was a different – and hot – time!   We were undressing for bed, and I got nude first. I was in the mood. My cock was […]

Motorbike Mistress

After my wife Jayne, the biggest love of my life is my motorbike, a low-slung Harley Roadster with a big black tank. We’d spent a lot of our courting days cruising the hills around us on it. We were in our late twenties and married a couple of years, but lately, I’d been spending a […]