A Good Time with my Wife

My wife and I have full-on, penis in vagina sex three or four times a week, but sometimes she gives me something a little different. And last night was a different – and hot – time!
We were undressing for bed, and I got nude first. I was in the mood. My cock was stiff and hard. I watched her take off her blouse and drop her skirt. She was looking really good in her white bra and panties, but I decided to finish undressing her.
She had her back to me, so I started by caressing her ass through her panties. Then I ran my hands up her back, unclipped her bra, and slipped it off her shoulders. I reached around her to fondle her big, soft breasts and tease her nipples the way that I know turns her on. 
I like the feel of her bum cheeks through her panties, but I love her naked bum even more! I slipped my hand down inside her panties for a good feel of it and to tickle her ass crack the way she likes.
She then turned to face me, and we shared a good long kiss. Her breasts squeezed against my chest, the head of my hard up cock pressing into her just below her belly button. Her fingers danced up and down my hard shaft.
I slid my hand down inside her panties again, this time to feel her hairy cunt and run my fingertips along the slit of her vagina. Then I pulled them down and let them drop. As she stepped out of them and put them on the bed, I admired her fabulous figure, reddish-brown hair, beautiful legs, and cheeky ass. Her full unshaven bush of brown pubic hair completed the package.
Now naked, she sat down on the bed, and I stood in front of her with my legs spread astride hers. My erect cock pointed straight at her breasts. I had another good feel of her breasts as she reached between my wide-spread legs and tickled my balls. 
In return, I rubbed her nipples with the big, soft head of my penis. She then squeezed my shaft between her breasts and licked the tip of my penis head where it stuck out above her breasts.
I fingered my stiff shaft and stroked it with my fingers to show her I was in the mood, trying to see if she was, too. Soon I realised that she wasn’t really in the mood for full sex. But my cock was rock hard, and I had a full load. I needed to squirt it, either by masturbating or anything else she was in the mood to offer!
Then, bless her, as I stood there with my shaft aimed at her, she began stroking it smoothly, rhythmically, using only her first and second fingers. They traveled the full length from my pubes to over the ridge and around to the base of my penis head.
Normally when she gives me a hand job, I like her to stroke and tug my shaft fast and hard with her whole fist or her thumb and forefinger wrapped around my shaft. But what she was doing now was delicious! From time to time she rubbed the soft head and shaft of my penis with her thumb, while also tickling my balls and between my legs with her other hand. She knows what gets my cock even harder!
My cum was taking sweet ages to rise. While it did, I ran my hands over my wife’s bare shoulders, through her hair, and then down to play with her breasts. After an eternity of slow-rising pleasure, my orgasm began!
My cock strained with my cum, about to spurt. I shoved my cock between her breasts, and she kept stroking my cock with her two fingers until I shot a huge splash of semen into her cleavage and over her breasts
My semen trickled down her front, over her belly button and caught in her cunt hair. She picked up her panties from the bed and used them to wipe it off her body and my still half erect, semen-dripping cock.
But jacking my cock off had now gotten her hot! So, she flopped back on the bed, spread her legs wide and asked me to finger her to orgasm. 
I felt her cunt and found her brown pubes and her vagina lips wet with juice. I knelt beside her where I could kiss her on her lips and her breasts. Then I began to stroke the insides of her spread thighs, easing my way towards her hot spot.
I caressed her lips and inner labia up and down with my fingertips. I like my cock pumped fast and hard, but she likes soft, smooth strokes on her labia. I’d long ago learned that’s the difference between men and women! From time to time I eased off, moving to the inside tops of her spread thighs and then down between her legs to the spot between her vagina and arse. She’s really sensitive there.
She soon began to squirm with pleasure, gasp, moan, and give excited little cries. I moved my fingertips to her clit, that small, hard, oh-so-sensitive peak near the inner top of her vagina. It was well lubed with her sex juices. I grazed it with my fingertip, circling then stroking across it. 
Suddenly she cried out in her unmistakable orgasm cry and jerked her hips. Her legs folded upward like she was trying to wrap them over me, and her big breasts wobbled as she shook with the pulses of her orgasm.
She’s always worried that our teen son in the bedroom next door will hear her orgasm cry through the thin wall. But I don’t care – I want him to know I’m loving his mum the way God wants me to!
Afterwards, she lay back with her legs wide, and I cupped my hand over her juice-soaked bush of cunt hair as she luxuriated in her orgasm afterglow. Then we settled down under the bed covers and had a last kiss and cuddle.
While my hands still ran over her gorgeous body, through the wall, we heard the rhythmic rattling of our son’s bed. The sound rose to a crescendo, followed by a stifled grunt, then silence. He’d had a good time, too! Satisfied, we all went to sleep.

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3 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Hot story! Love the way you describe it all. My wife often doesn’t want PIV sex. So a few days ago she wanted to just satisfy me with a blow job. It was wonderful – she swallowed all my juices. She then rolled over like she was content for the night. But I couldn’t resist reaching inside her panties, and she was wet indeed. I was able to finger her to a roaring orgasm in about 60 seconds. Like you, I was so happy we both were able to give AND receive. 🙂

  2. Old Lover says:

    Keep in mind that I’m in my 6th decade. How well I remember walking into my parents bedroom in my early teen years to talk with my mother and noticed a Sears massager sitting on her night stand. Although nothing was said, her glance at the vibrator and then back to me spoke volumes. There was no embarrassment. My mother was very comfortable to talk with her children about God’s intended purpose for sex; we knew that Mom and Dad enjoyed a healthy, sex life. I am grateful and blessed to have learned to have a heathy view of sex and my sexuality. I masturbated freely then and now and enjoy a wonderful sexual union with my one and only Anne.

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