A “Schoolgirl” on my Bike (F,L)

After our previous trip on a borrowed motorbike, (Riding the Monster) my dear Lucy decided that she wanted to take this game even further.  Our friends, Jack and Gracie, are also into enjoying a great sex life and we often chat and share ideas, so Lucy had Jack ‘roped in’ to help her set the stage for another trip that was going to blow my mind.

So what you are about to read is Lucy’s fantasy and how I had to make it happen.

It’s Monday morning and the partners have just finished discussing the week ahead.

I’m off for a few days on a break from work!  I plan to drive alone to an undisclosed venue for a motorbike rally and camping trip with my new bike and my small, two-man tent.  My excitement is running high.

“Maxx, don’t leave; we have to talk first,” Jack, our senior partner in the firm, calls me back.

“Maxx, I have a great favor to ask you,” Jack says. “My daughter Lucy (wink-wink) begged me to ask you nicely if she can please go with you for the weekend to the rally!”

I’m almost freaking out and falling out of my chair. Is Jack robbed of his senses to ask me something like that? Lucy, his 26-year-old daughter, is a top model in New York and I’d heard that she was visiting with her parents for a while. She has a body that just screams for attention, and I must always restrain myself from staring at her openly when she is in our company offices. I have to say that she is extra friendly towards me and has often given me very sexy stares, even though I’m much older than she is.

“You don’t have anyone in your life right now, do you?” Jack asks.

I’m still baffled. “Jack, I don’t know what to say. The Rally is not easy and Lucy is a perfect lady! You know I am planning to only take my two-man tent and as little clothes as possible. Where is she going to sleep? I cannot put an extra tent on the bike. Laundry facilities are not always so nice and… ”

“Don’t be like that! I told her, but she said she trusts Uncle Maxx with her life and she would be safe. She says she can sleep in your tent with you.”

That’s not what I was prepared for! “Jack…” I try again, but he interrupts me.

“What is stopping you, Maxx? I know you won’t touch her. I trust you too! Gracie agrees with me that Lucy will be safe with you and that it will be a wonderful experience for her! In any case, I decided to pay all your expenses out of my own pocket if you agreed.”

(My brain was running at full speed. I knew my Lucy was up to her mischief again and I was ready for the game.) Well, I think to myself, there’s some financial gain to consider. I could use my money to buy those leathers and boots I’ve been dreaming about for so long.

“Boy, I don’t know… OK, let’s do it,” I say.

“I’m going to let her know immediately,” Jack said, jumping up.

I was just back in my office when my phone rang. “Thank you very much, Uncle Maxx!” Lucy breathed in my ear. “Uncle Maxx, you will not regret it—I will behave very well. It will be such a wonderful adventure!”

Yes, girl, I think, I wonder if you know what you are letting yourself in for.  “Uncle” Maxx is going to give you the ride of your life!

Tuesday night, all our arrangements are in place and I’m going to pick her up at six in the morning. (She decided to sleep over at Jack and Gracie’s place—all of it part of her game.) My bike is in perfect running order, clean, and full of gas. I’ve already loaded everything onto the bike. My brand new outfit is ready. I can just jump into it tomorrow morning. Lucy’s stuff will, as we agreed, be packed in a lightweight backpack.

I can’t sleep. I’m just too excited. I have no idea what’s waiting for me, but I know it will be out of this world.

Just before six, I stop in front of Jack’s home. Jack and Gracie are both waiting for me with Lucy. I almost fall from my bike when I see Lucy. She’s dressed in a school uniform that looks as if it is cast on her.  Its extremely short skirt bears a lovely checkered pattern. “Oh, here comes some fun, Maxx,” flashes through my mind.  I didn’t know “the kid” was so beautiful; her body was enough to force my eyes open to about twice their normal size. The smile on the two “grown-ups'” faces are so funny.  (They are part of the game and playing their role to the hilt.) She says goodbye to them and puts on the new helmet and gloves that Jack bought for her on my recommendation.

All of what you have read up to now was the preparation for the story that I am now going to share.

She walks up to the bike, swings her sexy leg over the seat and gets on behind me. I tell her how to hold on to my body. She sits slightly stiff as if she does not want to have any contact with my back. I think to myself, just wait until we get on the road, then it will be a different story!

It’s just after six when I get the bike on the open road. The moment I increase the revs, I feel how Lucy grabs me – this 1100cc Japanese monster can get quite wild under your backside if you push up the rpms.

I reach a comfortable speed and feel her relax a little more behind me.  I become very aware of those tight, beautiful, full-bodied breasts that are resting between my shoulder blades. It is as if I feel the hard nipples through the leather of my jacket.

Town after town disappears behind us, and I play with the throttle again. Suddenly I feel her grabbing hold of me quite desperately, and I drop the revs. However, the big motor has a way of vibrating quite wildly when you throttle down, and I hear a slight scream from behind me. She’s definitely enjoying it, so I play with the rpm some more.

Suddenly, I feel her body pressing against mine and tremor after tremor passing through her body. I smile and know that her fantasy is in the first stages of being fulfilled.  But this is only the start.  She’ll just get used to the vibrations and enjoy them to the full. I think to ask if she is OK, but before I can do it she suddenly screams at me.

“Stop, stop!” she yells. I stop as fast as I can. The bike is not yet at a complete stop and she is off. She stands about three steps to my left, bent forward with her back towards me.  Her legs are slightly apart. My first thought is that she is nauseous, but then I see that the back of her dress over her ass is soaking wet! The sun’s rays are right on her back, and suddenly her body jerks and I hear her muted screams.  She is actually standing there, having an orgasm brought on by the vibrations of my bike.  Her dress is so short that I can actually see her exquisite ass.  Oh, how I love what I am experiencing.  What a wife… I mean, girl.

I know this trip is going to have some great moments, because at the sight of this beautiful girl, standing and having an uncontrollable orgasm, my tight leather pants suddenly become too small. My cock is so hard that it actually hurts. I get off the bike and notice that where she was sitting on the bike, the seat is shiny and very wet. She is still stooped over while I take off my glove and wipe the wetness on my fingers. At the spur of the moment, I put my fingers in my mouth and immediately get the fantastic taste of her pussy juices in my mouth. It creates a lust in me for my wife… I mean for Lucy, this young lady that I want to fuck right there on the side of the road. However, I realize I have to hold back.  This is her game, and I have to play it at her tempo.

I come closer to her and ask, “Lucy, are you OK, girl?”

“Yes, Uncle Maxx. I’m terribly sorry, but this warm nature of mine and the vibration just took over and…  I am sorry if I embarrassed you!”

I laugh softly as she looks boldly into my eyes. “It’s just a motorcycle thing, girl,” I tell her. How can I tell her how horny I am at this moment? “Just promise not to call me Uncle again,” I say with a husky voice that I must curb not to show my boiling emotion.

“Okay… Maxx. It would be nice to call you that. Age is relative anyway and you are only as old as you feel!” she says, winking at me.  (“Old as you feel?” All I want to feel right now is that wet pussy engulfing my cock.)

My right leg is absolutely soaking wet on the inside of my leather pants.  I clearly sense a drop of pre-cum running down the inside of my thigh to my knee. This trip… how am I going to control myself?  Jack and Gracie trust me, I think.

“Let’s ride girl; our overnight stop is still some distance away.”  We mount the bike without saying a further word. Lucy folds herself into me the moment she is back on her seat. I feel her sit much tighter against me, and it is as if she is holding onto me with passion.

Less than five minutes after our stop, I notice that she is already riding high on the wave of another orgasm, and I feel the heat of her skin against my back. My cock pulses against my leg. I can clearly feel how wave after wave flows through her sensual body, and it makes me so extremely horny! I think Lucy is going to be dehydrated before we get to our camping site!

Her arms are wrapped around my body, and it feels as if her skin is trying to convey her lust to me. My trousers are soaking wet, and I just hope that it does not show any stains when it is dry again after all the pre-cum that is running down my leg.

All of a sudden, I realize I’m too tense. I think about the way she just looked at me when she apologized, and I realize that she no longer regards me as an older man. She has made herself comfortable with me. It makes me relax, and I decide here and now that I’m going to make this trip unforgettable for her. However, I decide that the initiative will have to come from her.

As we go on throughout the day, we stop at each village to stretch our legs. (Her dress is so short that I have to be very careful where I stop because she is definitely not dressed for public viewing)  It is getting hotter and the afternoon sun is baking through our clothes. I start to think we should stop a bit if there are nice trees again.

Lucy’s arms are wrapped tightly around my body, and before I realize it, I feel her hand creep shyly to the area between my legs. It just makes my cock come alive and swell harder and harder.  After a while, I feel like I want to explode. But she has me well under control, and she starts using very gentle movements of her hand.

Shivers go through her body.  They increase in intensity and she begins to gently rub and squeeze what is in her hand, namely my pulsing cock. I wish I could ask her if she realizes what she is doing to me or that there is a point of no return. Her young hot body presses against me tightly, and there seems to be no material between us. I feel her tight full breasts like two hot prods burning into the area between my shoulders.

Up ahead, I see a possible place to pull off of the road, and I start gearing back. This process causes powerful vibrations in the bike, clearly felt in the seats. With each vibration, I feel the effect it is having on her overheated body pressed against me. My cock is so alive that I’m terrified it might erupt in my pants. I pull off the road and stop under a big old shady tree. She dismounts and I see from the corner of my visor that she is standing next to me and removing her helmet. I take mine off too and hang it on the bike’s mirror. Lucy shakes her long bush of reddish-brown hair and comes and stands in front of me. A lovely blush spreads down her cheeks to her neck.

Lucy stands in total silence as she looks at me with inquiring eyes and a soft expression. Slowly she spreads her legs on either side of my leg.  I stay seated on the bike, unsure about what to do. Lucy presses the wet patch between her legs tightly against me, and I can feel the heat of her passion. Suddenly she raises her hands, takes my face tenderly between them and slowly and sensually puts her lips on mine.

I am hungry for her mouth; my lips open and I start to passionately kiss her. This dream woman moans in my mouth as she begins to grind her wet pussy in an up-and-down  motion against my leg. I can feel her pressing those two beautiful breasts against my chest.  I need to get their hard nipples into my mouth. I am desperate to see what they look like, and I unbutton the “school uniform” she is wearing. I’m surprised to see that she’s not wearing a bra at all. It is clear that she does not need one.  Her breasts are so full and tight that no support is needed.

I continue and open her blouse all the way, the feast my eyes on the two full-bodied, pink breasts that lie ripe in my hands. They are swollen, their most beautiful rock hard nipples begging for my oral attention. I lower my mouth and gently close my lips over one of them, using my tongue to make small circles around it while my other hand starts pinching and rolling her the other between my fingers.

An audible sigh escapes from her lips, and it feels as if her legs are unable to support her. Our mouths attack one another like hungry animals. I sense how the impending storm in my pants is starting to take on serious proportions, and I realize I’m going to cum in my pants.  While we are kissing she continues to grind her pussy up and down on my leather pants.  Our mouths are still attached in our kissing, but she is making small whimpering sounds into my mouth as her heat overtakes her.

Lucy suddenly pulls herself away from me and stands back a step or two as I get off the bike. My eyes open even wider as I see her lifting her dress high enough to expose the prize she has on offer for me. She is shaved clean and looks breathtakingly feminine and sensual.

“Come on, Maxx, I cannot wait any longer!”  She puts her hands on the seat of the bike and I struggle with my belt and pants to get them loose as fast as I can.

I am dripping wet.  My cock is gushing pre-cum as I take it out. I turn to her waiting body and see her lovely pussy, wet and eager for my cock.  The moment before I gently insert myself into her body, I see the moisture dripping from between her legs. It makes me feel like a wild animal that just wants to impale my lovely Lucy.  A car drives past with bleating hooter, but we do not care.  I do not care who, by pure accident, happens to see how I make love to this lovely person with me.

Lucy moans softly and surrenders herself to all the passion in that little body, and then she screams at the top of her voice.  It echos from the hills around us. With each thrust, I go harder and deeper. I feel my cock beginning to swell and the desire to cum becomes overwhelming.

Lucy has had a few orgasms during the trip up to now, and I am still rushing towards my first.  She starts to moan deeply, “Oh, Maxx …oh fuck, this is good!  Slap my ass.  Slap it!  Yes!  Fuck me harder.” And the next moment, her body bursts into the biggest orgasm I’ve ever experienced with her. She goes through tremors and convulsions, and her legs shake uncontrollably.

I feel myself exploding inside her, and I pump my seed deep into her.  Her legs are shaking so much that I have to hold her to prevent her from collapsing on the ground.

As she regains some control over her body, she turns around and squats in front of me, taking my cock in her mouth, and begins to suck every drop of remaining seed from it.  My cock is so sensitive now, but I don’t want her to stop. She finishes and brings her warm mouth to mine. I taste the wonderful mixture of both of us on her soft lips and my head is spinning with pent up emotions.

“Oh fuck, Maxx! That was one massive orgasm.  I thought I was going to die!” is all she manages to say as she squeezes her warm soft body against mine. “Let’s get going so we can get to the other side; I want to enjoy you fully.”

At seven o’clock, we ease into the campsite. After a quick registration, we set up camp. While Lucy is taking a leisurely shower, I take a short drive into town for a nice take-out dinner. A most wonderful atmosphere exists between us while we talk about things that excite us sexually.

“Maxx,” she says from the darkness where we lie on a blanket in front of the two-man tent.

“Yes, baby,” I say softly as I rest my head on her lap.

She gently rubs her fingers through my gray hair. “Do you know how excited I was when I realized that you were going to change my fantasy into reality?  The whole game with Jack pretending to be my dad and me being a young girl with the knowledge that I was going to seduce you… It was all just so sexy!  I was wet the entire time that we were busy setting it up.  I imagined this weekend over and over and masturbated thinking about it a few times, BUT this was better than my wildest dreams.  Thank you, my Super Lover, for who you are.”

I look into her eyes and understand once again the perfection of the wife who shares her life and body with me.  Marriage is one of the greatest blessings that we have received from Father’s heart and we should enjoy it, cherish it, invest in it, honor it, and show the world that sex in the safe confines of marriage is by far the best.

Later we move into the tent while we enjoy the heat from each other’s naked bodies. We explore each other physically and spiritually. I bend over and kiss her tenderly on her stomach as my lips move over her tingling skin in the direction of the wetness formed between her two beautiful legs. I feel the distinctive jerking movements that pass through her as I gently brush my lips over her clit.  My tongue darts in and out of her hot pussy, and I feel her body twitch. The next moment, she erupts in orgasm and I feel her dripping from my face.  I begin to gently lick and clean her with great tenderness.  Once again, like so many times in the past, I marvel at the number of orgasms she can have.  It is such a marvelous blessing to have a multi-orgasmic wife.

I turn on my side and look at this divine body next to me with so much love as I try to engrave into my mind the beauty that I see in the dim light. I think briefly about this beautiful women’s life that she shares in the minutest detail with me.  Trying to save these lovely thoughts in my mind, I remind myself of the promise I made to myself that I will make this weekend all about her fantasy and her pleasure.  I kiss her all over her body.  My lips want to set her on fire.

Lucy sits up and forces me on my back, then lies diagonally over me. She takes me deep into her open mouth, and I watch as I disappear into it. I want to scream with pleasure, but realize there are people just meters away from my tent.  She moves her mouth up and down on my shaft and I feel an explosion starting deep inside me.  I know if she doesn’t stop now I will cum and miss her bodily warmth.

Folding my hands softly around, her hips I turn her on her back. Her legs open and invite me in. The scent of love hangs heavily in the small space of the tent.

As if led by a magical hand, I slip into her and slowly sink deep, deep into her womanhood until our sweaty bodies become fully connected. Her breath starts racing as I slowly move in and out of her.  It feels as if an enormous wave is threatening to engulf us. I slow down even more so that I can stretch out the fantastic feeling that I am experiencing in her.  There is something so special when you actually feel the folds of your wife’s pussy against the head of your cock.  My entire focus is on the sensations that my cock-head is experiencing.

Lucy lifts her hips towards me as if she wants to get even more of me inside her.  I realize that she is building up to a massive, mind-blowing climax and hear her groans getting louder. My focus remains on my cock.  I have disappeared, and all I can feel is the sensations of my body’s desire to explode in an orgasm.

The next moment it’s like the earth is opening. I can sense that she’s starting to experience an extreme orgasm. Her body is shaking and then she screams; not softly—she just lets it all out!  Her screaming orgasm pushes me over the edge; I start cumming, and it just keeps on and on.  It feels as if I might lose consciousness.  I forget about everything around us and totally surrender to this glory.  We are both oblivious to the fact that we are in a tent in a campground.

As if to help her relax, I stay inside her and move in and out very slowly. Suddenly she jerks and trembles again and I realized she is having yet another orgasm!  This woman just has no limits. It keeps on and on and on until she gently whispers: “Oh, fuck, Maxx… I can’t stop cumming.  It doesn’t want to stop!”

I gently pull out and begin to massage her wet clit with the head of my cock while I feel her climax still racing through her body.  Her hips are lifted up as far as her legs can go and her back is arched. Finally, the storm starts to subside, and she falls back onto the thin mattress.

A minute or two pass with no sound but our heavy breathing.  “Wow,” she says softly, “I’ve never experienced anything like that.  These are the best orgasms I have ever had.  I will never forget what you did for me.”  We stay in each other’s arms like that until we both fall asleep.

One of my greatest joys has been fulfilled, and that is to give my wife as much pleasure as possible.  Every fantasy that she has becomes a burning desire for me to find a way to make it real and to make it happen.

Needless to say, the trip back had its quota of erotica again. At one point, I began to wonder if it was still possible for her to have another orgasm on the bike, but she was so uninhibited, enjoying every one.  Lucy was just so over-sensitive that the vibrations of the bike were keeping her on a high and she was screaming into the space between my shoulders many times on the way home.

I know that she will remember this trip for the rest of her life.  Thanks, Jack and Gracie, for your extremely precious friendship.  And thank you, Lucy.  You are all woman and such an example of what a Super Lover is like.

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9 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    What dedication on the part of each of you to creating and living out fun, sexy fantasies. It blesses my heart to think of you doing that for each other, knowing that you wouldn't want it to be with anyone else but your beloved spouse. Amazingly close and loving friends, too, who would help arrange such an adventure and play along. You are quite blessed, as I am sure you know.

    • IndyDad says:

      With friends like these…well, you have great friends! Some couples do roleplay and some never do, I'm sure. Some do it to one degree or another. My wonderful wife has played being a maid, nurse, teacher, and schoolgirl. But what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom!

  2. ClimaXX says:

    Something that is so very important CHL is that when we have made a decision of who our spouse is, then we invest in that relationship EVERY DAY. We cannot draw from an account if we do not deposit into the account. I really love my wife with a passion and I cannot stop loving her, blessing her, bragging about her and……..making love to her.

  3. Cuddles says:

    You haven't let us down yet ClimaXX. Your stories just keep getting better and HOTTER! How do you do that?

    Well, however it is that you manage to surpass yourself, just keep doing it please. You've served us another delectable piece to savour out of your and your juicy Lucy's beautifully rich marriage once more.

    I'm a sucker for a big bike any day of the week. Just the note of a well loved and perfectly tuned bike stops me in my tracks, literally. And the world stops turning while I listen, wildly look around until I can see that gorgeous machine, then proceed to rave on to all and sundry about that fine sound. mmmh!

    I *could* decide that my behaviour is unseemly for a grandma nearing 70, but then I'd miss out on the thrill of it, and there's no way that's gonna happen 🏍

    Enjoyable ride! Thank you once again ClimaXX.

    Cuddles xxxx

    • ClimaXX says:

      Cuddles… Grandma of nearly 70. This is the age where sex can be super duper extra special. Go and those RPM's nice and wild.

    • Cuddles says:

      I'll take that thanks Tulsa, The Lord has promised me restoration and a renewing of my youth 😇 He's such a loving and good Father.

      ClimaXX I'll take that also thanks! Life's going to be hot with my new man 💖

      Cuddles xxxx

  4. hornyGG says:

    What a fun and hot story Climaxx. Ben and I have done a " Young Nympho" role play a few times. He loves for me to wear my hair in pigtails and act young and wild. He always gets so hard and pounds me good.
    Don't know why I haven't written about it? Might just do it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Stay Horny and God bless.
    ❤ GG

  5. The Rose says:

    Climaxx, your stories really are The Maxx. I love your style and use of words. If I see one of your stories I make a point of reading it first and have more than once had to use only one hand to scroll down. A certain body part needed the other hand to get some relief. I can visualize the things you tell us about. You paint such beautiful 'picture words.'

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