Her Little Purple Toy

I am Jason. My wife of over twenty-five years is Annie. Here is the story of Annie’s first sex toy and the memorable adventure we had trying it out.

Throughout our marriage, our sex life has been good, but Annie has not always been able to achieve orgasm through intercourse. We married young and soon after that had children, so we had to learn about sex together by trial and error. Over the years, we experimented and learned what makes Annie cum. At times early in our marriage, I had suggested she get a vibrator, but Annie was initially reluctant. I think that Annie thought of a vibrator as just something for her to use to masturbate without me and that I would be upset if I “wasn’t enough” for her. When we had these discussions, I tried to reassure Annie that I thought that she would really enjoy the new pleasures of using a vibrator and that it would turn me on participating with her as she played with toys in our marriage bed.

We purchased Annie’s first toy several years ago now. That night, we went out to dinner without the kids. After a few glasses of wine, I suggested to Annie that we go to the adult toy store in our city. We had seen the signs, and it received good reviews on Yelp from women because it was run by two women and catered to couples. I was surprised when Annie said she would like that.

We walked to the store and entered. It was a relatively small space but was well lit and inviting. It had displays of everything one would expect from a store that focused on helping people enjoy sex. There were videos, books, displays of vibrators, dildos, cock rings, lubes, and kinkier things like handcuffs and whips. I figured Annie would be overwhelmed and walk out quickly.

Instead, I was surprised by her initiative. She proceeded to the display of vibrators and started picking them up and turning them on. The woman working behind the counter went right over to Annie and asked if she could be of assistance. Annie admitted that she was shopping for her first vibrator. The saleswoman was very nice and helpful. Soon, Annie was asking questions, and the saleswoman was explaining the pros and cons of all the various vibrators, big and small. The assistant also suggested Annie try the vibrating action on the tip of her nose because the number of nerve endings there is similar to her labia.

I was getting turned on watching Annie as she looked very interested in purchasing a toy to pleasure her sweet spot and clit.

As Annie got more comfortable in the shop, she asked about different lubes. She started picking up the many dildoes that were on display, including some monster rubber cocks. Annie was blushing, but I could tell she was thinking about how it would feel to be stretched full by one of those bad boys.

As Annie was talking with the saleswoman, I perused the videos, all the while watching Annie. After several minutes, Annie turned to me and headed in my direction. I thought she had had enough and wanted to leave. Instead, she came over and said that she was going to get something if that was okay.

I said, “of course; that is why we came.”

She then went back to the vibrator shelf and picked a little fingertip vibrator. It was purple, Annie’s favorite color, and had several small bumps and three different speeds.

The saleswoman went to the storeroom and came back with an unopened package with the little vibrator inside. We then paid, and the cashier told us to have fun. We both blushed, knowing that we were now going to go use a vibrator to make Annie cum.

We headed to our car, and then Annie surprised me again. “Instead of going home, could we go to your office? It’s not too far away.”

“Sure!” I said. I had always had a fantasy of fooling around with Annie in my office.

As we drove, Annie opened the vibrator’s packing, slipped the vibrator on her finger, and turned it on. She teased the tip of her nose and then my nose. She then moved the vibrator down to tease her nipple through her shirt. Annie enjoyed that; she let out a soft whimper. Then her hand moved below her skirt. Annie started teasing her sex with the vibrating toy through her panties. Her skirt covered the action, but I could tell that she was enjoying herself as she was softly purring, and her cheeks flushed.

When we got to my office, we parked and headed inside. It was about 9 pm, so none of my co-workers were there, and the cleaning crew was done for the night. We went up the elevator and when we got to my office, we went in and closed the door. Though we didn’t turn on the lights, there was some illumination from the security lights in the hallway coming in through the partial glass wall.

Anne slipped off her shoes and then sat on my desk. We started kissing as I removed Annie’s jacket. Then she returned the toy to under her skirt. I could hear the buzz and knew that Annie was getting more and more turned on by the vibrations. As she played, I fondled her breasts and kissed her. She moaned and told me to take her panties off.

I reached below her skirt and grabbed both sides of her string bikini panties, and she lifted her bottom off my desk as I pulled them off. As she restored the vibrator to her sex, I smelled Annie’s panties. They were wet, and Annie’s sexy smell was intoxicating. My cock was hard, and I wanted Annie badly, but only after she got to enjoy her new toy.

Annie then slid further across my desk, sending my papers flying. She lifted her skirt and continued the vibrating massage of her sex. As I fondled Annie’s breasts and squeezed her hard nipples through her bra, I kept my eyes focused on her very aroused lady flower. She was so turned on; her labia were open; her clit was hard, and everything was glistening with her delicious juices.

By this time, Annie was moaning and panting loudly. If anyone was on my floor of the office, they would have heard. I unbuttoned Annie’s shirt and moved her bra so I could suck her nipples. With this added stimulation, Annie climaxed. It was a long and particularly intense orgasm for Annie. Her legs squeezed tight around her hand, still pleasuring herself, and her whole body spasmed multiple times. I always love watching Annie when she orgasms, and this time was special. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and she whimpered, “Oooohhhh” several times as the spasms hit.

As Annie’s orgasm ended, I positioned her, so her sex was spread wide on the edge of the desk. I got on my knees and began gently licking her labia, her opening, and her clit. I love to slowly lick Annie clean after she comes, and she enjoys the change in sensation. She was so wet and tasted so good. Her taste and smell drive me wild, so my cock was now rock hard and begging for relief.

After a few minutes of my oral attention, Annie told me that she needed my cock inside her now. I stood up, pulled my pants, and underwear off, and approached my wife where she lay back across on my desk. Annie positioned herself so that her sex was wide open at the edge of the desk, and when I lifted her hips, she was at just the right height for me to enter her. I slid my cock in with one thrust, and it felt amazing! I began slowly pumping her as she started massaging her lift nipple with her new toy, which she was still wearing. I increased the pace, and the sex felt awesome. Annie was humping back against my cock as I thrust in and out.

As I approached my orgasm, Annie slowed the pace and told me that she wanted me from behind. I pulled out, and she slid off my desk and turned around. She lowered her chest to the desk and stuck her bottom up for me to enter from the rear. Annie loves sex in this position and knows that I do too. She also knew that I had long had a fantasy of taking her from behind across my desk. I slid my cock back into Annie’s vagina and started building up the speed of my thrusts. Annie moaned as I thrust in and out. I could tell my orgasm was building as my balls tightened, and with just a few more thrusts, I exploded deep inside my wife. I filled her with my cum as she went limp on top of my desk. We stayed joined for a few minutes to catch our breath and to cherish the intensity of our lovemaking.

When we finally parted, Annie stood up, and we kissed. Annie then raised her vibrator, which was still on, to the tip of my nose, and told me that she really liked her little purple toy and couldn’t wait to play with it again. Since then, Annie has added several other gadgets to her toy chest, but her little purple toy still has a special place in our marriage (and between Annie’s legs).

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6 replies
  1. Tom Zizo says:

    Hi, jasonrose-

    This story so reminds me of the experience I had with my own wife of 15 years now. She never would ever even consider the use of a sex toy in our relationship as she had this idea they were only for masturbation purposes. I finally convinced her to be adventurous and just give one a try and if it was not for her then that was that.
    We got a small vibrator and at first, she was a bit reluctant to try it, but eventually one night she was feeling a little on the wild side and she asked me to get it out of the nightstand drawer and see what happens. Well to put a long story short, we went through 3 sets of batteries that night before she called it quits. The next day she asked me if we could go back to the place we got the first one and find something else. She let me pick one out for her.
    I asked her how daring she wanted to be and she said it was in my hands, so I got her one of those remote-controlled vibrators and did not show her what I got until we got home. When she saw it and I told her how it worked a grin came across her face and she said she wanted to go out for dinner wearing her new toy! I was at first a bit shocked, then I knew this was going to be one hell of a great night out. Needless to say, it was, and the drive home was almost a speeding ticket, followed by only getting into the garage and then the back seat of the SUV for dessert!
    Now her new little toy goes just about everywhere, and we always have extra batteries just in case.

    • jasonrose says:

      Thanks for sharing your wife’s experience with her first toy. I like when my stories evoke hot memories or lead to sharing sexy experiences.

      MH – thanks also for your amazing ability to select just the right photo to capture a sexy moment. I know that your images make the words even hotter and real.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Jasonrose, thanks for your excellent story. I know some Christians look down on sex toys. But they have really improved our love making sessions. Vibrators are particularly wonderful!

    I know some women can orgasm from intercourse, but that is rare for my wife. I got Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at an early age. It is actually the #1 crippler of young adults. I am still mobile but my hands were affected early on.

    When we were first married I could stimulate my wife’s ladyparts for an hour or two. She has fibromyalgia so she needed a long time to get close to orgasm and then I would slip inside her and the intercourse would bring her and me to usually simultaneous orgasms. It took a while but it was very nice.

    But the RA started to get in the way. My fingers just couldn’t do it that long anymore. So, I bought my lovely sexy wife a vibrator and she gave it a try. It worked great! We do a perpendicular (X) position and she can use her vibe in foreplay and while we have intercourse.

    Not all vibrators are created equally. She likes them with a strong buzz. We’ve had bullet vibes and 8 inch long ones. We have gone through many batteries and finally got rechargeable vibrators.

    We have had lots of sexual pleasure and marital joy as we have worn out several vibrators over the years.

    I think that no one need be hesitant to get a vibrator. We never travel without at least two. I think I’ll write a post about vibrators and give a few ideas for use. And maybe tell a story or two.

    By the way, my wife’s favorite color is also purple and most of our vibrators have been purple.

    • jasonrose says:

      Loving Man – thanks for sharing. While my wife and I have been blessed so far with good health, sometimes she has had difficulty reaching orgasm. Using toys has improved her pleasure and made our love life more fun for both of us. I wish you and your wife best wishes and fun times, especially with her purple toys.

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