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Breakfast While Camping

I awoke in our tent as the sun started to rise and listened to the first noises of other campers starting their day. My wife Annie and I were celebrating our anniversary by touring the coast of Maine. Some nights we stayed in bed and breakfasts; other nights we camped. The night before, we had […]

The Sacred Threesome (L)

I am Jason. My wife of more than 25 years is Annie. I suggested MarriageHeat ask its members to share stories about conception. Those sexual experiences that produce a child are so special. Over the years, Annie and I have had sex literally thousands of times. We remember fondly some of our hottest and sexiest […]

Her Masseur (F)

This story includes describing a fantasy (F) You can read more about annotations here. Hi, I’m Jason. My wife, Annie, and I have been married for over 25 years. Previously I’ve shared a few of our hottest sexual adventures; each of those stories involved escapades outside of our bedroom. The one I share here happened […]

Her Little Purple Toy

I am Jason. My wife of over twenty-five years is Annie. Here is the story of Annie’s first sex toy and the memorable adventure we had trying it out. Throughout our marriage, our sex life has been good, but Annie has not always been able to achieve orgasm through intercourse. We married young and soon […]

A Quickie – Park and Ride

My name is Jason, and my wife is Annie. Here is another of our sexual adventures. This one can fairly be described as a quickie, but it is a hot memory for us. Several years ago, I had to be on the west coast for work for several weeks. Given my work schedule, I couldn’t […]