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Hi, I’m Jason. My wife, Annie, and I have been married for over 25 years. Previously I’ve shared a few of our hottest sexual adventures; each of those stories involved escapades outside of our bedroom. The one I share here happened in our bedroom and combined one of Annie’s favorite activities with playing out a fantasy of mine.

Annie loves to be rubbed. I learned when we dated that Annie loved to have her skin gently touched and massaged. She would pull her sleeves up to let me softly rub the inside of her arms. When I rub her shoulders, she whimpers and purrs.

Given her pleasure at these sensations, it’s probably no surprise that Annie has always liked receiving massages, whether from professionals or me. Over the years, Annie and I have enjoyed several couple’s massages while on vacation or at local spas. We both enjoy them, but Annie especially does! After being rubbed all over, she gets very relaxed, and we often make love.

My Fantasy

For several years, I have had a fantasy involving a couple’s massage. I imagine that during our massage, as we lay in separate massage beds, each of our massage therapists explores more of our bodies than usual. Annie’s masseur is a handsome man with strong hands. He has Annie roll over onto her back and massages her face, then her arms and then her shoulders. However, instead of skipping the parts of her body covered by the towel, he gently rubs her chest and then her breasts. He applies massage oil softly to her breasts and then her nipples, which harden quickly under his fingers. Annie responds with shock but then settles into the pleasure. On the other table, I can hear her purrs. After a few minutes, her masseur then slides one hand lower and massages her inner thighs and then her vulva. The flat of his hand applies pressure to her lady flower, which blossoms to his touch. At this point, Annie’s breathing is ragged, and she is whimpering just loud enough to drive me wild.

Meanwhile, my masseuse has me roll over on to my back. This is awkward because listening to Annie has turned me on. I have an erection under the towel that creates a tent. I try not to think about the sounds that Annie is making or the soft hands massaging my face and then my chest, but it’s to no avail. My cock is hard. My masseuse clearly knows as she rubs lower and lower across my body beneath the towel, first across my stomach and then my hips and the tops of my thighs. She then surprises me as she takes my cock into her hand. She strokes up and down, applying massage oil all over my shaft. With her other hand, she then applies oil to my scrotum and gently squeezes my balls. I don’t know what to do, but her touch feels amazing. If she keeps this up, I definitely will have a happy ending.

After a short while, probably no more than a few strokes up and down, my masseuse whispers in my ear that our massages are done. They will leave Annie and me to finish together. We should take our time and enjoy. With that, I hear the door close, and I am left on my back on the massage table, incredibly turned on with a very hard erection.

After I gather my senses, I roll off the table and look at Annie. She lies there with her eyes closed and cheeks flushed, and one of her hands tucked between her legs under the towel. I immediately slip off my table and kiss my beautiful wife. Our mouths open and our tongues dance.

As we break our kiss, Annie whispers that she needs me inside of her now. She slips off the massage table, presents her backside to me, and bends at the waist so that her breasts press against the table. I go behind, gently spread her legs, and feel her wetness. She is dripping in heat.

She takes my cock head, positions it at her opening, and I thrust. I slide all the way in with the first push. Holding her hips, I then pound my wife from behind. It feels incredible as we both have become so turned on, and the dim lights and soft music of the massage room provide a perfect environment for our loving making.

After several more thrusts, I am about to explode. Annie hasn’t come yet, so I slow my thrusts and ask if she wants to be on top as she orgasms better in that position. Annie responds no, she wants my cum right now. (Annie tells me later that she had already orgasmed while her masseuse rubbed her vulva and played with her nipples with the other hand.) I pump faster and faster and then climax deep within her. Both of our legs tremble as my cock pulses semen deep into Annie.

After we catch our breath, we stand and hug. My cum is dripping from Annie. We kiss and hold each other. She wipes up our juices from the massage table and we realize the whole room smells deliciously of our sex. Our therapists will obviously know what we have been doing, but we don’t care. We put on our bathrobes and emerge from the massage room. Our masseur and masseuse smile, offer us glasses of water, and ask how we enjoyed the massages. Blushing, we say they were awesome.

Our Re-creation

The above is my fantasy. Professional masseuses don’t please their clients sexually, and Annie and I are faithful and don’t allow third parties, even with fabulous hands, to participate in our sex lives. That said, we have lived out this fantasy in the privacy of our bedroom.

We have our own portable massage table that I bought Annie for her birthday. During the workweek, I told Annie that I had made her an appointment for a massage on Sunday evening at 8 pm, at her favorite spa. All week I couldn’t wait until Sunday.

On that Sunday, after dinner with the kids, I snuck to our room. I set up the massage table, put out some towels, set up some candles, and got the massage oil ready. I slipped into a tight black t-shirt and black athletic shorts.

A few minutes before eight, Annie came to our room. I’d dimmed lights and lit the candles. I told her that my name was Sven and that I would be her masseur for this appointment. I told her to undress and then slip onto the table and lie on her stomach while I waited outside. When I returned, Annie was face down and naked under the large towel I had left on the table.

I gave her a long and luxurious massage, applying the massage oil we had and using long strokes to remove the tension of her neck, shoulder, back, arms, and legs. I have watched several how-to videos on giving massages, and I tried to recreate the proper techniques. Annie was enjoying her massage and softly breathing as I rubbed her. I was also being a good boy and rubbing only where a professional would. After 30 minutes or so, I had Annie roll over. I covered her with the towel and continued the massage of her face, arms, and legs.

After she was relaxed all over, I began to let my hands wander below the edge of the towel, first on her upper thighs and then across her chest and down to her stomach. At first, I avoided her most sensitive and sexy spots to build up the teasing. Annie was softly whimpering as I rubbed her now, so I knew she was enjoying my touch.

I then focused on her breasts, gently massaging them while teasing her nipples. I applied more massage oil and worked it into her breasts and then her nipples, which became hard to my touch. While continuing my breast massage, I worked one hand lower under the towel, across Annie’s stomach, and to her crotch. I caressed her inner thighs and gently spread her legs. Whispering in Annie’s ear, I then asked if she would like a more intimate massage. She whispered, “Yes,” and spread her legs further open.

I began a slow massage of her inner thighs. I grazed her vulva and gently massaged it with the palm of my hand. Annie responded just as in my fantasy. Her breath became ragged. Her lady flower blossomed, opening so that I could massage her labia and clit. Annie was very wet and quietly moaning as I rubbed her womanly folds and teased her opening. I slid first one and then two fingers inside of her and continued the massage from the inside. I fingered Annie with one hand while playing with her nipples with the other.

As this intimate massage continued, Annie’s hand found my cock and started stroking me through my nylon shorts. In response, I pulled my fingers from Annie’s vagina and put her little purple finger vibrator on my index finger and turned it on. I then teased Annie’s sex all over with the vibrating sensations. She started moaning more loudly now and pulled my cock free from my shorts. As she stroked me, I pressed the vibrator to her clit, bringing Annie to the edge. She was panting and moaning through her teeth that she was about to cum. She then climaxed hard, squeezing her thighs together tightly. As she did so, she pressed my hand and the vibrator more firmly against her clit, which extended her orgasm. She spasmed in wave after wave.

After a minute or so, Annie pulled my hand away from her sex and worked to catch her breath. I replaced the towel over her and, whispering in her ear, asked if she had enjoyed her massage. Annie responded that her massage had felt great, but she needed my cock inside her to finish it.

I helped Annie off the massage table and led her to the edge of the bed. I positioned her on her back with her legs spread so I could first continue her massage with my lips and tongue. I slowly licked her labia and opening, lapping up her honey and reveling in her scent. I love to clean Annie’s pussy after she cums. She whimpered and writhed under my tongue as I played with her clit.

Annie then pulled me up her body so I could massage her insides with my cock. She guided my hardness to her wet opening, and I obliged her by thrusting my cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. I started slowly pumping in and out, grinding our pelvises together on the downward thrusts. Annie kept moaning loudly, her arms and legs wrapped around me as I thrust. Our sex was wet and loud and intense.

Annie told me she wanted my cum, then pushed me out and rolled over. She knows that I love doggy style and that pumping her from behind will make me come deep inside of her. As she raised her bottom to me and slid to the edge of the bed, I entered Annie from behind, just like in my fantasy. I grabbed Annie’s hips so I could pull her hard on to my cock as I thrust in and out. By now, my cock was throbbing, and my balls were ready to explode. With just a few thrusts, I came hard, filling Annie with several spurts of my cum. We collapsed on the bed, covered in massage oil, and enjoyed the aftershocks of our sex.

After cuddling, Annie then told me that she wanted to book a massage with Sven, her masseur, for the same time next week.

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  1. LadyGarden says:

    Nicely done–bravo. We love a nice massage and have one scheduled later this week. Lovely picture too–we admire side boob shots (in more ways than one…)


  2. Georgia says:

    This is my exact fantasy! I LOVE being rubbed, petted and massaged. And I love when relaxation turns to sexual pleasure! I've gotta quit typing now because my panties are wet and I gotta rub my pussy! Thank you for the visual.

    • jasonrose says:

      Georgia – thanks for sharing and I am glad that the story had the desired effect. Physical touch is so important for intimacy of all types and I have learned essential for my wife.

    • Horny_boy says:

      Georgia , Your comment just made my cock so hard, Idk if this wrong but I love reading that Christian girls masturbate. I think it's very sexy to know that a Christian lady who loves reading her Bible also loves to rub her pussy to orgasm. ♥️♥️♥️💦

      I don't know which is hotter, the actual story or your sexy comment. I think you should write a story about your masturbation journey or just how you love to rub your pussy. It would be a great blessing!

      Hope you had a beautiful and powerful orgasm. ♥️

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