Best Birthday

There’s a ministry conference that happens around my birthday every other year. Now, in our marriage, “it’s my birthday” sex is some of the best. However, this year it would be even better.

It just so happened that on this particular year, the last day of the conference was also my birthday. The timing kind of bummed me out because that’s when we check out and make the 14-hour drive home. However, even after a great day with excellent preaching and classes that we both enjoyed, something was very off. Almost six hours into the day, she had yet to say happy birthday.

We got into the car to head home. Small talk ensued for about an hour before her eyes got big and it hit her. I found out that she hadn’t planned a surprise or anything, she had simply forgotten it was my birthday. After 12 years of marriage, she actually forgot.

Of course, she immediately wanted to make it up to me. She asked what I wanted, and of course, my mischevious mind went to work. So I made my first request—for her to take her toy, unbutton her pants, and let it vibrate on her clit while we went down the road. She hesitated but, out of guilt, did what I requested. That may have been a mistake!

The activity clearly turned her on. She moaned which got me hard, and it became difficult to concentrate.

I told her we would have to stop. I pulled off the interstate into a dinky town, but it was still light out, so I easily found a very secluded park. We both climbed in the back of our minivan, and I slid down my pants while she took hers off. At my request, she immediately began to ride me.

There was my typically shy and reserved wife having sex in the back of a van in a park in another state. At that moment, though, she was very wet. She told me not to wait for her, and as soon as she said it, I shot a load in her. After she pumped me dry, she slid on her panties and used her vibrating toy to have a massive orgasm. When she finished, we both dressed and got back in the front.

The scene replayed itself three more times on our way home. We had not had sex that many times in one day since our honeymoon and early marriage. Everything I asked her to do, she did. Only once did we almost get caught, and I’m sure at one place some people off in the distance knew what we had done. It was a great birthday!

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