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As any woman will tell you, every pregnancy is different. Of course, with our first child I read every possible book there was about it. One of my most glorious finds was that sometimes pregnant women can become insatiably horny. Well, after three kids that had yet to be true for us. Then my wife […]

Vacation Neighbors

The story is 100% true. My wife and I were taking our very first vacation as a young married couple. We had yet to have any kids and had saved up for two years in order to go. We chose to go to a resort in the Caribbean that was not one of the big-name […]

Best Birthday

There’s a ministry conference that happens around my birthday every other year. Now, in our marriage, “it’s my birthday” sex is some of the best. However, this year it would be even better. It just so happened that on this particular year, the last day of the conference was also my birthday. The timing kind […]

🔊 Goodbye and Hello

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist My wife and I are in full-time ministry and live some distance from family. This results in us being apart for long periods over the year, either because of her visiting her sister on the other side of the US or me overloaded with ministry obligations. Thankfully when those times come, […]