Riding the Monster (L)

This story contains strong language (L)
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My wife can be a woman of such mystery. There are times where I know something is coming up (excuse the pun), but I also know it is not the time to ask questions.  These are the times where I play dumb and just enjoy the game.  Now I want to tell you about “Riding a Monster.”

“I am not sleeping at home tonight.  I will be at Gracie’s place and you can pick me up there tomorrow morning at 07.00.   Be prepared.  I have made arrangements to borrow Pete’s 1200cc Harley Davidson.”   She said this as if it was the most normal thing to do.  And then she added, “I will be barefoot and will wear panties to match!”  🔞

The next morning I was up at 05.00 and as excited as a schoolboy going to his first dance.  I decided to match the challenge by putting on my baggiest trousers and also no underwear.  Pete and Gracie live outside of town in a very private area among large open fields and shady trees.  You can travel for long distances without ever seeing any human life.

I stopped at their home at exactly 07.00 and found my wife standing outside alone.  She was barefoot and her dress was so short that when she purposefully lifted her arm to wave at me, I could see her pussy.  It was clear that there was no panty in sight.  I was checking the windows to see if Jack could see what I was seeing, but my wife responded, “Relax.  They are not here.  We are all alone!”

The next moment she sat down on the steps of the porch, took out a pair of boots from her tiny backpack and started putting them on her feet.  Her every move seemed deliberately planned to seduce me.  She sat in such a way that I could clearly look up her dress.  (It was so short that it was impossible for her NOT to show me her clean-shaven pussy.)  Not only could I see her pussy, but I could also see that she was dripping wet.   My wife was excited and I knew we were in for some fun.

Her next sentence excited me more.  “I can see you are wearing shoes, but I do hope that you are not wearing any underwear to spoil my fun.”  She stared at my crotch that clearly showed my excitement.

The Harley stood waiting for us.  Lucy grabbed one helmet, passing the other to me, and within a few minutes I started the bike and she climbed on.  Her dress was so short that she had a real problem getting it under her bum so that it would not just blow up.  This promised to be a losing battle for her and I wouldn’t complain.  Our crash helmets would give us enough anonymity.  (These helmets were quite modern and had a sound system that made it possible for us to chat.)

I could not help noticing how swollen her pussy lips appeared.  And as she sat down, the seat immediately showed the signs of her wetness.  I took my place on the bike and started it.

The moment the engine purred, Lucy pressed her boobs into my back and I could clearly feel her hard nipples through my shirt. As she did this, she moved her ass further back and had to lean forward more to hold onto me.  She pressed her pussy tighter onto the seat and exposed herself to all the vibrations of the engine.  I increased the revs and had an immediate response from her.  She grabbed onto me, her hands trembling, and then our trip began with the Monster between her legs.

As we left the yard and moved onto the open road, Lucy tried to relax, but the vibrations of the engine were doing magic between her legs.  She was extremely excited and as horny as she had ever been.  All I heard in my helmet were sounds of extreme pleasure.  My Lucy was so verbal that I wanted to explode.

“Oh Maxx, go faster!  My pussy is on fire.  I love this.  Oh, fuck, this is good.  The wind is so cold on my wet pussy!”  Just as I started increasing the speed she shouted, “Stop! Stop!”

I had no idea what this sudden stop was about, but I stopped as soon as possible.

“Loosen your trousers and slide them down just far enough that your cock can be free and exposed.”

I was so glad that I had decided on these very baggy pants; they made it quite easy to do what she asked.  My cock was dripping pre-cum like an open faucet.

“Okay, Maxx, let’s go.”

As we started moving, my wife put her arm around me and grabbed my cock.  To do this she had to lean forward still more, pushing her pussy even harder against the seat.  I kept the revs high, and in my earphones, I heard her hitting the high notes.

“Ohhhh, fuccckkk!  My pussy is so sensitive.  This feels like a thousand tongues licking my clit.  Faster Maxx.  Faster…..  I’m cumming.  I’m cumming… I’m cummmmminggg!!!”

She was hanging onto my waist with one arm and onto my cock with the other hand, doing her best not to fall off the bike.  Her orgasms continued without stopping and she screamed and said the wildest things into my helmet.  She let go of my cock and just wrapped her arms around me, shaking like a wild thing.  My wife can make some wonderful sounds when she is riding out an orgasm, but this was different.  She sounded like a wild animal, and I loved every second of it.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!   I have to get off before I die!”

I pulled to the side of the road under some trees.  Lucy just about fell off the bike.  I had to hold her upright because her legs would not work.  She is not really a gusher, but this time she was.  She was so wet.  Her legs were dripping, my back soaked.  Her juices trickled off the seat of the bike.  There I stood next to the road with my hard cock outside my pants, holding a wife who trembled from her head to her toes.

Right there in the open, she leaned on the bike with her arms and exposed her pussy to me.  Her dress was in a mess and pulled up so high that her entire ass was beckoning me.  We were both so wet that I just slid into her—so deep that my balls were bumping against her clit.  The bike ride had her so worked-up and sensitive that, as I started pumping her—and I was moving extremely slowly—she had another orgasm, whimpering like a puppy.  It was incredible.

At this point, I pushed my cock in as deep as possible and just held it there while my hands grabbed her nipples and twisted them between my fingers. My cock was feeling every contraction of her pussy as she enjoyed herself. I held back, forcing myself not to cum.

“Maxx.  It won’t stop. I can’t stop cumming.  I’m cumming again.  Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Pinch my nipples! Harder! Yes! Yes! Twist them! I can feel my nipples all the way into my clit!”

Suddenly, she was overcome with emotion and started crying.  I withdrew my cock and turned her around and held her against my chest.  I gently removed her helmet and then mine.  We moved behind the large tree and sat down on the soft grass.  Within a few seconds, my lover-wife fell asleep with her head on my lap, my hard cock against her cheek.  What a picture.  I joined her and also nodded off.

After a few minutes, I woke up and looked down.  My cock had gone soft and was lying against her lips.  She stuck out her tongue and just touched the tip.  Our combined juices had become dry, but she changed that in five seconds flat by engulfing my cock in her sweet, sexy mouth.

“I want to ride that monster some more, but first I want to give you some attention.”

We were quite secluded and there had not been any traffic since we started, so we were both quite relaxed.  She pulled my pants all the way down and threw them to one side.  I made myself comfortable on my back, waiting to see what my sensual lover had in mind.

“Relax.  Just lie back and feel every sensation to the fullest.  Don’t be in a hurry. I want to make love to your cock.”  And then she started.

She only touched me with her well-manicured nails.  Nothing else.  Gently, she scratched my balls, then moved down to the area between my balls and my ass. My entire body responded when she used both hands and started pulling her nails up the full length of my cock from the bottom to the tip, again and again.

Next, her nails moved very softly over only the head with my foreskin pulled back all the way, and her movements were driving me crazy.  She didn’t focus on me.  All of her attention centered on my cock and making sure that it received the most exquisite sensations.

Hard and swollen, my cock dripped precum over her hands.  My legs started shaking, and I reached the cusp a massive orgasm.

Lucy saw that I would shoot my load within seconds. She changed her style and only scratched the area at the bottom of my cockhead, using only one finger.

It was the sweetest agony.  My cock was bobbing with every heartbeat.  At that very moment that I started cumming, she moved her hand away and just watched.  My cum shot into the air.  It landed on my stomach, my legs, my chest and on my balls.  I cannot remember that I have ever cum so much.  It was everywhere.

“Close your eyes and relax.  I will clean you.”  Lucy took off her very short dress and stood in front of me completely naked.  I was NOT going to close my eyes.  This was too lovely to miss.  She started wiping the cum off my body with her dress and when she was done she very casually put the dress on again. My wife was a sexual mess at that moment, and she was so beautiful that I wanted to eat her alive!

“The minute you feel strong enough, we can go.  To be quite honest, I feel strong enough to cum again, and I want to ride that monster again and feel it between my legs.  In other words, Maxx, if you will GO, I will CUM!  So please, let us get this thing on the road.  I am already dripping just talking about it.”

And then she had a fresh idea.  “Wait, just start the bike and stand back and watch.”  I did as I was told. (Happy Wife! Happy Life! 😁) My precious wife lifted her dress up high as she climbed onto the bike that was standing on its rest.  Next, she slid back in such a way that she had her hand on the throttle and her bare pussy pressed against the seat and then she pushed up the revs of the Monster between her legs, while I stood there in total amazement, watching the most erotic show.

She was telling me in detail what she was doing and feeling.  After less than two minutes, her face started changing. Her legs began to shake. Her back arched, and then she screamed! She screamed and used words that had me on the verge of cumming again.

Lucy was hanging on for dear life as the vibrations of the Harley ravaged her pussy and clit. I moved closer, stood at the front wheel, and put my hands on the throttle.  I was now close-up and had the most exquisite view of her face, boobs, and dripping pussy.  The seat was a mess.  I took over control of the throttle and push the revs up and down and up and down. I was making fast changes, and this excited her even more. And then she suddenly turned the key to stop the engine.

She slumped forward and tried to catch her breath.  Her body kept on making small spasms as she started coming down from some heavenly place that she had been. “I need a few minutes break and then I want to try just one more thing before we go home.  OK?”

She asked me to move the bike behind the trees to make sure that we had privacy, and after a few minutes, she came with her final request.

“Maxx, let us both get naked.  I want you to sit on the bike while I mount you with my legs wrapped around you so that I face you.  I want to feel what it feels like if your cock is inside me while the machine is vibrating through you and into my pussy.  Can we?  Will you try to do that for me?  Pretty please.”

“Your wish, my Princess, is my command!” We set it up and the machine was running when she mounted the bike (and me) and very slowly slid her pussy over my cock.  (It took me back to our story about The Riders.)  There were so many sensations as Lucy moved up and down extremely slowly.  She would lift herself to the point where it was just my cockhead stretching her pussy and then slowly sit down, feeling every vibration.  I held back, wanting her to have as much pleasure as possible.  Her nipples were at the perfect height for me and I closed my mouth over one and bit down on it softly, pushing my wife over the edge for another orgasm.

How could one woman have so many orgasms in such a short period?  She sat down all the way and the combination of her pulsating pussy, our nakedness in the open, and the vibrations in my ass create an explosion in my loins.  I started spurting again and again.  My cum, mixed with her juices, was running down our legs.  We were a mess and enjoyed every second of it.  What a woman. What a lover. What an experience.  What a memory to last forever.  We sat there for quite some time just holding one another and feeling the soft purring of the Monster between our legs.

The trip home was very quiet, and my wife kept her ass off the seat as far as possible.  I knew that this would not be our last ride.  Maybe a bigger bike next time???





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18 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    This was such a pleasure in writing this one. Last night I read this to my lover and our evening ended with a stunning time of making love to my wife and just enjoying her sexiness.

  2. The Rose says:

    Climaxx, you did it again. This was a super story and so sexy. I found myself becoming such a part of your story that it felt as if I was the driver. Your ability to describe your feelings and sensations are such a blessing. My wife does not know it yet, but there is a bike-ride coming up as soon as possible.

    • ClimaXX says:

      Hi there The Rose. You have been very quiet for such a long time. I hope your wish to ride the bike with your lady will become a reality. Keep us posted. I would love to hear someone else's experience.

  3. hornyGG says:

    This was such a hot story. My pussy is so wet right now! I am terrified of motorcycles, but this story has me wanting to ride one ( not going to happen!). I am definitely going to read this to Ben. He is going to love it! He loves for me to read him these stories, his dick always gets so hard and then I will be able to ride his " big monster!"😉
    Stay horny my friend and have a very blessed and merry Christmas!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Horny GG. I love your responses. I trust that reading the story to your hubby will give you great joy and at least a few orgasms. Please tell us about it.

    • A Better Pastime says:

      I just think that there is nothing hotter on this site than when the wives tell the author that the story has made their pussy wet. Here's a thought MH, other social sites have "thumbs up", "like" and "heart (for love", maybe this site can add "Wet Pussy" and "Hard Dick". It would be an option if you "liked" the story but didn't want to add a comment.

  4. HigherQuest says:

    Wow! That was just about as hot as they get…oh my gosh…I was right there watching and hearing it all transpire and I found myself wishing I could have actually been there to see it.

  5. HappyHubby says:

    Climaxx, what a great story. As others have said it seemed you made us feel the vibrations of that monster ourselves. Made me want to go out and buy a bike!! Ive been waiting to read it since you posted in the comments of "Make them wonder" and I didn't even have to wait for Christmas for this to post. I kept waiting for the ear of corn 🌽 to show up. Maybe your next post! 😁

    • ClimaXX says:

      Happy Hubby – your responses to my stories are a real blessing. Tx. We actually tried the Corn last night, but my wife did not enjoy it.

      I have one more "story" coming soon. (More of an ADVICE writing than a story)
      I will be chatting about ED and how wives can help and support their husbands.

    • ClimaXX says:

      Southernheat, did you read The Riders? (Link provided in this story above) I cannot decide which one was the best ride!!!

    • Southernheat says:

      Yes I read the riders I really enjoyed that story he I could definitely imagine doing that. As a teenager riding bareback I would grind my way to orgasm sure miss my horse days. I just ride my big stud at home now.

  6. Southernheat says:

    Climaxx thank you! Love the story and already commented on it. But this comment is to tell you I tried a new technique mentioned in your story! I used only my fingernails on his balls and shafts as I gave him a BJ. He usually likes more tugging on his balls but he loved the tickle of the nails. It was a new sensation for him definitely do that again!

  7. Salcpl says:

    Like others have said, I don’t ride a bike and my wife would never ride one, BUT I’d sure like to rent one, set it up, crank that big boy, and sit back and watch it do it’s magic to her.

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