Oh, great! You’re entering the Ignite Premium Content Membership Giveaway! We look forward to reading your story. Here are the details you’ll need:

Above all, for Ignite stories, God should not be left out. A word of thanks, praise for His creation of your spouse, your experience of or service to Him… To God, the giver of every good gift including our sexuality, be the glory.

Word counts should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words. Go longer if you must, but not shorter.

We are looking for engaging stories that feature hot sex and the desire for it as part of God’s design for marriage, but that also pull in the elements of real life that make stories relatable – communication and miscommunication, drama and humor, comfort and getting outside our comfort zone. Most important of all, the guiding principle of Ignite stories – as in all Christian life – is to be that of love, whether the search for it or the different ways we experience it.

Ignite stories should set an example of the freedom that can be experienced between marriage partners.  Use physical descriptions as needed to bring the story alive, but remember the reason for the story: encouragement for the reader. We want all to know that sex isn’t something dirty and its pleasures are meant for marriage, something to look forward to with someone dedicated to loving you. Like Christ and his bride, one body, for the blessing of both.

Short version:

Length: 2,000 – 4,000+ words

Subject matter: anything sexual that God doesn’t outright prohibit in his Word, consensually and exclusively enjoyed between man and wife. Keyword: Love! And give God the glory.

Language: Same standards as regular stories, with (L), (A) and (F) ratings available as content warrants. The use of sexual language in the context of the act is no problem. Follow all other MH submission guidelines.

Genre: Any and all, fiction or non-fiction. Stories must be your original work and not published elsewhere in any form, in hard copy or on the internet. Advice, Bible Study, and Discussion posts are not eligible.

Submission Process: Same as usual; click on start a new story, but title your story like this: “Ignite Giveaway – /your title here/” Then paste in your final edited copy and choose “Submit for Approval”, followed by the big “Submit” button.

Prizes: Any submissions received by the closing date of this promotion and subsequently accepted for publication as Ignite stories will confer upon the author a one-year membership to Ignite with all its benefits. Currently, it consists of access to all the longer stories (minimum of 52 per year, but usually more), audio versions of all premium and some of the free stories, and semi-annual quarterly monthly downloadable compilations. It will also include any new features added during the course of your free membership. You’ll be notified by email if you are one of our winners!

***Stories that are not chosen as Ignite premium content may still be published as regular stories but will not earn free membership. So be sure you meet the length and content requirements!***