Thy Tasty and Delightful Dessert

So, one night at dinner, we indulged in fine food and soothing wine and ushered in a lovely night. We looked at each other in the eye in the dim candlelight and talked about little things that could add spice to our lives. The wine had gotten us tipsy, and you told me you had the dessert lined up soon after and you got up gently and blindfolded me and vanished to get it. I savored your sensual fragrance that had filled the room and it was raising my testosterone levels.

My world was dark, except for your sensual fragrance. You called out my name and I made my way to the room surprised to find it’s the bedroom. In my dark world I was guided by your sensual fragrance. As I came closer to the large cushy bed I got the sensual fragrance mixed with that of indulgent dessert. My nose lead the way and moved ahead not knowing which treat to savor. I ripped off the blindfold and there you lay before me spread out – my delicious indulgent dessert – the most spectacular delight of the night. You were beautifully, vulnerably naked, your eyes dark pools in the candlelight and you had the fine dessert on you – on all the sensual spots that you wanted to be pleasured tonight.
You asked me to take my time and savor more of you. I obliged, but only after I put the blindfold to some better use. Your hands were tied above your head to the bed frame, your wrists crossed over.
You could probably wriggle out of the knot if you wanted but I know you won’t. As you shall be pleasured and savored on all your delightful delicate spots that shall send shivers down your spine and shall make you shudder with ecstasy.
I took my time gently with you and the tempting dessert you are. A few hours of your salty skin mixed with cheese cake, my lips found their way to the center of your tender womanhood. My lips surrounded your womanhood. My tongue took in your tender lips, at the beginning of your hot, luscious cave. So wet, so gentle. I sucked and I licked, my tongue swirling around the mound and I was buried and lost within you, awash with joy. I love how a you taste. I love the sweetness of your lips, the saltiness of your skin, and I love the tangy taste between your legs. For me it is the ultimate pleasure to dip my tongue into your womanhood, to taste the moisture within and savor it like a fine wine.
I spent the rest of the night whispering adulation in your ear and admiring how unique a women you are!
Temptingly Tasty, Infinitely Delicate, Adorably Tender, Lusciously Beautiful and Sensually Delightful!

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Great Dark Stallion. Your mention of taking time reminded me of just yesterday morning. My beloved wife and I had wake-up sex. It was not a quickie – but we didn’t have as much time as we would have wanted to just play and enjoy “all the equipment in the yard!” Anyway, after a blowjob from my wife, I was sucking and squeezing her boobs. They felt absolutely perfect! Her nipples were as aroused as they could possibly be!! I was wiggling my tongue over them as she moaned in ecstasy! It was at that moment that I told her, “I wish I had 2 hours just to play with your tits – with no rush.” Your wife’s telling you to “take your time” is so tender! I hope you have time “to take” in the days ahead! You certainly motivated me to take my time tonight with my bride. I can’t wait! I love how MH brings this strong desire for bedtime to come soon! God bless both!

    • Dark Stallion says:

      wake up sex, morning woody sounds like an enticing story..Dear Loving husband, why don’t you pen it down for the readers, you never know it may make mornings spicier for at least a few 😉

    • PennY Laine says:

      Love having my cunt sucked in the morning. Especially because he caresses my breasts and teases my nipples at the same time. As I build toward climax his fingers squeeze my titles harder, pinch my nipples and let his tongue head south to my backdoor.

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