sexy car heat

Car Sex – Stop Sign Go Time

Sexy Car Heat – Stop Sign Go Time

I did not think about sexy car heat for that evening.

It had been a while since Ceby and I had been out on a date. My parents had the girls, and we were due a night in the city. My wife and I are both teachers. We also live on a farm and raise beef cattle. As you can imagine our free time is limited. We have two beautiful children that we love very much, but everyone needs a night out. We are lucky that my parents live less than a mile away and love to watch the girls so that night we were going to take full advantage.

It was a Saturday, and it had been a long day for me. I was exhausted but very much looking forward to the night ahead. My wife was in the shower when I got home. I wanted to join her, but I knew that I would be turned away. As I said, I had spent the day working on the farm and smelled like it, so I went to my bathroom instead. I don’t waste much time in the shower because I like to get in and out, but my wife takes forever. She often runs out most of the hot water, and we have a water heater that has a tank big enough for four people. I hopped out and went into the bedroom to get clothes ready as I was pretty hungry and I knew she was too. She had already had her clothes laid out and ready to go, so I figured I had better get ready ASAP. I was ironing some pants when I heard her get out of the shower. The door opened, and she came across the hallway into our bedroom. She always wraps herself in a towel when she gets out of the shower and this time wasn’t any different. We talked for a minute about our day and where we were going to eat. She was walking around the room getting socks and panties ready. She knows that her walking around in the towel drives me crazy. “You were in there a long time, your legs better be as smooth as glass,” I said jokingly. “Come and see for yourself, you know you want to,” she said. She laid down on the bed, and I walked over in front of her. She stuck one leg on my chest, and I felt of her leg. It was indeed very smooth. She then put the other one up on my chest, and it indeed matched. I felt along her shin and then slowly went up from there. I told her I had to give things a thorough check. I threw the bottom of the towel up when I got to it revealing her beautiful pussy. It is always neatly trimmed and takes my breath away every time.

I always tell her that it is what she controls me with. I ran the tip of my finger every so slowly from the bottom of her slit to her clit. When I got there, I circled her clit with my finger a couple of times before she stopped me. “Not now, but you can get a lot closer after dinner, I’m hungry” she whispered. I stopped as I was told but took the opportunity to throw the towel open the rest of the way revealing her DD beautiful breasts. I bent over and took one of her nipples in my mouth sucked on her luscious nipple and then made my way to the other, biting ever so lightly. She gasped with each nibble because that is one of her favorite things. “I didn’t want them to feel left out,” I said as I smiled. I pulled her up, and we began to get dressed.

My wife is stunning, she is more than I could have ever dreamed of and I am beyond blessed. She is not only a wonderful mother but a consummate professional and very strong woman. Those qualities are extremely attractive to me alone, but her body is amazing. Her hair is dark brown and naturally curly; her face is like that of an angel. Her body is curvy in all the right places, her ass is amazing, and her gorgeous breasts are the eighth wonder of the world. That night she wore a dress that fits her perfectly as well as leggings and boots.

When she wears a dress and boots, it is a huge turn on for me. The drive to the city was filled with wonderful conversation about our kids, our life together, our jobs, family, and many more things. In the fifteen years, we have been together, we have never lost the art of conversation. Granted we love our quiet, but we still love to talk. Dinner was filled with the same wonderful conversation and lots of flirting and innuendos. We loved our evening, but it was time to head back home.

When we got in the car, and I could tell, she was feeling frisky. It had been a while since we had made love, so we were both eager. As we drove home, the sexy car heat was beginning. I started caressing her thigh. She said it felt good, so I kept doing it going for a couple of miles. The further we went the further up her thigh I went. Finally, I pushed her skirt up and making my way to her pussy. When I got to her pussy, she spread her legs to give me access. I started rubbing her pussy over her panties, and she tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes.

I know she was enjoying the feeling but I could tell she wanted more sexy car heat from me. I moved my hand up to the top of her panties and put my hand in. I found her pussy warm, inviting and very wet. I inserted two fingers and began to finger her as I drove home. She began to moan with my rhythm. We came to a stoplight, and she grabbed my hand and made me stop while there was a car next to us. “I don’t want to stop,” I told her. She pulled my hand out and licked my fingers, which just about sent me over the edge. The light turned green, and I began again. She started rubbing her breasts over her dress. She loves to do this when I eat her pussy, but the dress didn’t allow her to get to her nipples. When we got on the outskirts of town, she pulled them out of bra and dress top and began to pull and rub on them as I fingered her. I was hard as a rock, and it was a long ride home. Ceby is not one to get off very quickly and me driving was messing with her achieving orgasm. I stopped fingering her at her request and focused on the driving to get us home safely. I couldn’t get her body out of my head, and I was still hard. We had made it to the back road that leads to our house we came to a stop sign. There was no one around us, and I told her I needed release. She told me to put it in park and pull my pants down and I did. She engulfed my cock with her mouth, sucking licking my shaft. She has always been the best at blow jobs. She likes to flick my head with her tongue in just the right way. I had pushed the seat back and leaned it back as she gave me pleasure at the stop sign. I had my hand on the back of her head with a hand full of hair which she loves. I could feel the orgasm welling up inside of me. I shot a load deep down her throat as we sat there at the stop sign. She sucked me dry, and I pulled her head up and kissed her passionately. It is one of my favorite things to taste my load in her mouth. The salty wet kiss is something I had been waiting on all night, and it was well worth the wait. Wow. Sexy car heat is amazing!

When we made it home, we made out all the way to the door. She could barely keep me from pulling her clothes off in the yard. Once we got in I took her straight to the bed. I peeled the dress of and all the other things she was wearing. I didn’t waste any time diving in to her pussy. My wife’s pussy is amazing, have I said that already? It is not shaven but neatly trimmed, just as I like it. As I was between her legs giving her pleasure I looked up to watch her pulling her nipples and rub her breasts. She came all over my chin, her wet juices dripping down my neck. Once I was finished with her with my mouth she said the two words that every man wants to hear, “Fuck Me.” I moved up between her legs and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her slit. I rubbed it against her clit for a while to tease her and then I put it all the way in. It was a matter of minutes until I couldn’t take it any more and exploded inside of her. We spooned and then fell asleep together. What at date night it had been indeed.

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