I want.

Baby, I want you. I think about you often and wonder what God’s plan is for us. I want to give you all my love. Everyday I want to be there for you in the high and low moments of our life together. I want to roll over in the still of the night and kiss the back of your neck underneath your adorable manly hairline, lay my head on your pillow, and thank Jesus for you while you sleep. I think about all the special and fun moments we’ll get to have as husband and wife, like taking a shower together after working out, or laying naked in bed late at night laughing and being goofy just because we can. I imagine being held in your arms as we gaze Affectionately at each other. I picture how we’ll greet eachother in the morning, or when we get home from work. I can’t help but envision the wife I want to be for you.

Of course my hormones encourage me to spend extra time wanting our sex. I imagine us soft and sweet, rough and wild, and everywhere in between. I want nothing more than to turn you on. I want to tell you all my hot single masturbation stories, and you to tell me yours. I imagine how vulnerable we’ll be at first, but I have so many ideas for us. I want these experiences with you, and only you. I want to call you mine, and to be called yours. Baby, if/when God’s time is right I want true marriage heat.

–> Was just in the mood to share my desires today. Shout-out to all the single readers out there who can surely relate to the beauty of wanting and waiting. ?

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  1. Crown says:

    Dear FutureWifey,

    This post of yours is sweet and I love it. It speaks of more than just sex; it speaks of romance and it shows that you want to truly share your life with your future husband. It is great that your have dreams and desires and that you desire to share them and your sexual ideas and identity in a loving way with your future husband. This post of yours makes me think of when I used to think about my future wife a lot and makes me wonder what happened to my own focus on my future spouse. The man that marries you will have quite a romantic wife who wants to be so comfortable and open with her husband about one of the most important things in marriage and that is truly a blessing. Thank you for writing this awesome post!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm good to know there are Godfearing ladies out there whom want to love. Despite my disapointments and heartbreak i still want to love cause i know with u i know i can still find love is possible. Thanks for the post dear…yen.

  3. PacMan says:

    You are doing something that most Christian single women shy away from… you are learning to embrace your sexuality. My sexual relationship with my wife is made better, not with frequency (tho it doesn't hurt), but by my wife choosing to be more sexual /sexy. More singles need to follow your example. The man who marries you will enter a hurricane of sexual energy, and that is better than winning the lottery! Keep it up. And this community would love to hear more of your passions, fantasies, and sexual moments as a single. You're a great writer and you always leave me wanting more!

  4. FutureWifey says:

    Thanks you guys for taking the time to respond! Your replies meant so much to me. I never felt compelled to share on this site until just recently. But I think of how a lot of the stories have helped me or encouraged me as a single, and I just really prayed my post could do that for someone else. ?

  5. NotaMember says:

    Very nice. I kind of have the same perspective except I'm a male. It's hard having hope that there are still Chrisitan woman left out there who actually think it's not evil to have sex and that it's just some task they have to do. Many seem to be taught into thinking it's some disgusting thing that somehow becomes magical and I know many people who claim it's lead to really tough times.

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