Passion in the Rain

This story is one that I’ve thought about for the future. I want to be a loving and spontaneous wife. I want my husband to come home and be surprised. I’m a pretty shy and reserved person, but with my husband, I want to keep him guessing.

I heard the front door open, and I got excited. He was home from work and he had no idea what was in store for him today. He had been gone for the weekend and I had been anxiously awaiting his return. All I could think about was his hands all over my body and my lips on his.
He came in and left his shoes, coat, and suitcase at the door. It was raining, just like I’d hoped.
“Nice to see you after two whole days!” he said as I jumped into his arms for a hug and kiss.
“I missed you too, honey! It’s so weird sleeping in that big bed all by myself.”
“Yeah, being in that hotel room by myself didn’t feel right, I wish you could have gone with me.”
“I’m so glad to be home where I belong. How are you?”
“A little tired, and a little cold, it’s raining like cats and dogs outside!”
“I can fix that!”
I kissed him again, but a little more passionate than before. I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed his butt to let him know what was on my mind. I felt his lips turn to a smile.
“Yeah, that’s making a difference all right, I feel my body warming up already.”
He pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead before bringing me in for a hug, where he got to feel my nipples through my dress. I always feel so secure in his arms when he does this to me. One of my favorite things about him is how safe he makes me feel all the time. I was momentarily distracted by his sweetness until I felt something stirring in his pants. I missed him all weekend and now was the time to show him. I pulled away from him and held his hands, giving him a smile that he knows very well.
“I know you said you’re cold, but I have something on my bucket list I’ve always wanted to do, and now is the perfect time to cross it off. And I’d love to show you how glad I am to have you back home.”
“Oh, and what would that be?” He gave me the same smile, knowing where this conversation was headed.
“Let me show you.” I turned away from him and slowly walked towards the door leading to the backyard. In doing so, I also let my dress ride up to see the bottom of my cheeks hanging out. Oh and the fact that I was comando. I pulled my hair out of it’s bun as I did so, and when I reached the back door, I turned around to see him unbuttoning his shirt and walking towards me. I took a step outside and into the rain, letting it pour on me some before turning around to let him see my dress clinging to my boobs and my nipples grow with the chill of the storm. He joined me outside and pulled me in for a pretty steamy kiss. Our tongues danced together as we stood in our backyard. With this much rain and a ten foot tall wooden fence, it was pretty safe to say no one would see us. We continued making out as I pulled his shirt off and threw it in the grass. I ran my hands up and down his back and he continued kissing down my neck. He made his way to my left breast and started sucking over the fabric of my dress. I let out soft moans and my nipples continued to grow in his mouth as he alternated between squeezing and sucking. Finally he pulled my breast out of the top of my dress and things started to get even more heated.
Before I exploded, I gently pulled on his hair to bring his face back up to mine. I forced his tongue in my mouth as I reached down and unbuckled his belt as fast as I could, and freed his member. I started to stroke it and rub my thumb over the head, then he pushed his pants to the ground and stepped out of them to let me continue. He moaned in my mouth and pulled me closer to his body to let his penis and my hand hit my stomach. He pulled my dress up slightly to run his hands over my butt.
“This is the best idea you ever had,” he moaned between kisses and I continued to fondle him and he continued massaging my behind. Finally he pulled off my dress over my head and laid me down in the grass.
“Aren’t you afraid of getting dirty?” he asked me. I didn’t even think about it honestly.
“Does it really look like I care right now?” I laughed. We both chuckled, because normally I would be all about making sure everything was clean before we did the dead, but right now wasn’t the time or place.
We continued kissing right there on the ground as the rain pelted us. He moved one hand down to my private place and stuck a couple fingers in. They went in so easily and it felt so good, I let out a moan so loud, I was sure the neighbors would hear.
“I don’t think the rain is what’s got me so wet, sweetie. That’s all you.” He smiled at me before returning his mouth to mine, and started stroking me in the way he knows I like.
“Oh baby, it’s good to have you back home. I thought about you so much while you were away, and I wanted to take care of myself a few times but I knew it wouldn’t be the same as you.”
He continued to stroke me slowly and gently, teasing me for as long as he could.
“Please give it to me, I want you so bad.” I knew he was enjoying his as he pulled his finger out and sucked them off.
“I know you do baby, but I’ve missed you so much, and I want to savor this moment for as long as I can.” He went back to kissing me as I grabbed his member and jerked him slowly to get back at him. He let out a moan and threw his head back. I could feel his pleasure increasing as I continued to work my magic on him.
“Two can play that game,” I said to him. He was about ready to burst when I let go.
“Oh you’re in trouble now,” he joked as he suddenly stuck his stiff rod in me and hit my g-spot immediately. I gasped for air as it caught me off guard. He pushed his hair out of his face and just stared into my eyes with that sweet face of his, and grinned at me before kissing the tip of my nose.
“I’m sorry baby.”
“Don’t be sorry, just finish what you started!” I pulled him down towards me to continue kissing as he thrust into me slowly, and I moaned my sounds of pleasure into his ear.
“Oh baby, I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you to take care of me in every way.”
“I don’t know what I’d do without you either babe, you such a great wife, and you’re so sexy. I love every inch of you.”
He picked up the pace slightly and I was really feeling it.
“Oh my, this is amazing! Keep going baby. You’re so good at that. Ooooh, you feel so good inside me.”
I could feel his body speed up little by little, eager for us to release together.
“Oh, you feel so good wrapped around me baby. I’m so glad to be home to my hot and sexy wife. I’m ready for you baby, I’m about to blow!”
“Me too, baby! I’m cumming!”’
I screamed out as our orgasms both hit at the same time and I felt him release a few times inside me. It was one of the best orgasms I ever had. He rolled off me and we both lay there in the rain, coming back down from our high. He pulled me towards him and I rested my head on his chest as he held my hand and wrapped his arm around me.
“Welcome home.” I said as I looked up at him.
“Glad I could help you with your bucket list.”
We stayed there like that for a few minutes before we went back inside and dried off before snuggling up on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Thank you for reading and I hope this inspired some of you married couples to have some fun, because it’s what I hope will happen for me when I finally get married. Have a good night and go have fun with your spouse!

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12 replies
  1. JAM777 says:

    Wow! For a fantasy this is really good! Thank you for sharing this and encouraging me not only for the future but for some "me" time!

    Seriously though, I love your writing style! 🙂

    • Savingallmylove says:

      Thanks! I get a lot of inspiration from other stories on this site. I find that lots of dialogue is what really keeps it interesting.

    • JAM777 says:

      You are most welcome!
      And yes, I agree! I don't want to just read a "book." I want to read a real life situation between a husband and a wife in Christ. I like the story aspect of it. To see their lives, to see their heart for God and each other! To see a window into a possible future, or a current present or a beautiful past! 🙂

    • Savingallmylove says:

      Thanks GG! Your stories have always been very inspirational to me! Lots of love to you and Ben!

  2. Deane says:

    Thank you for sharing this hot — but also tender — story, SavingAllMyLove. A wonderful man sent to you by the Lord is going to be so blessed to take you in his arms, lead you down the aisle, lay you on the marriage bed, and fuse his body with yours.

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