Making Up

My husband and I have grown so far apart since our newborn. It has been five months since I gave birth to our perfect little boy. During that time, we had one made love once. We were constantly arguing and refused to agree on anything.

I felt like we were growing further and further apart... emotionally and physically. I needed my husband back. I had to do something.

One night, I left work a little early. I went and got everything from the waist down waxed, gotten my nails done, and straighten my hair.

When he came home from work, I greeted him at the door with a tight short black dress and his favorite black heels. I gave him a soft kiss on the lips. We ate dinner in silence. I was scared and nervous of how our night would turn out because he didn't have anything to say to me. While cleaning up the dishes after dinner, I felt his soft touch on my waist. I felt his touch throughout my whole body. All I could do was slightly lean back on his chest. He then gave me the most passionate kiss on my collarbone.

I could feel chills running down my body as I let out a little moan. His hands began exploring my body as he continued to kiss my neck. I slowly turned around and started kissing his wet soft lips. My arms were wrapped around his neck while he was rubbing and grabbing my ass. I could feel his hard erect penis rubbing against my dress. I was so wet and we both knew we had to have each other right then. He lifted me up on the counter top and we kept kissing passionately. I never wanted it to end.

After a while, he grabbed my arm and led me to the bedroom. He had on his full suit from work so he removed his jacket the second we got into the room. I then stopped him and slowly began to unbutton his shirt and unbuckle his pants. After I got him down to his underwear and white t-shirt he couldn't take just standing there. He quickly told me he needed me out of that sexy little dress.

He turned me around, unzipped my dress and it fell to the ground. All I had on was a little red thong. He kissed me as he laid me on the bed. He began to take off my heels, kissing my toes. He then began to kiss my legs leading to my thighs. I love the way he embraces every part of my body with every kiss. He then pulled off my red thong and threw it across the room. He began licking my clit slowly making me moan. He went faster and slid his middle finger in my wet pussy. He pounded my pussy with his finger as he licked and sucked my clit. I screamed out his name as I came.

He then began to kiss my bare skin all the way up my stomach and then to my exposed boobs. He grabbed and sucked on my boobs until he couldn't take it anymore. He gave me a passionate kiss and our eyes met. The smile on his face made my heart melt and my pussy want him even more. He spread my legs and admired my naked pussy as he slowly slid in his enormous cock, which made me let out a scream. He then began to pound my pussy... deeper and harder with each thrust. I couldn't take it, I came once more. We were moaning and were in complete ecstasy.

Near the end, he grabbed my boobs and pounded in a speed and depth I've never felt before. It was amazing! He let out a sign as we both came together. We were out of breath. He laid on top of me as we kissed. He then whispered in my ear, "You are the love of my life. Regardless of what we go through, I enjoy nothing more than you. I love you baby." My heart melted.

I love my husband more than words can describe. Please remember that as married couples, we will all have our ups and downs in our marriage.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Oh I certainly remember! I have been married to my husband for 33 years, I know sometimes things get tough, for some more than others. I don't know how you made love only once in 5 months, but that said I'm so glad you two made up, my dear. It's very important in a marriage, to be intimate regularly. This was such a hot story, I really enjoyed reading that. Especially the parts about him enjoying your breasts, and you cumming together, that got me turned on! God bless my dear, and give your little baby a kiss for me

  2. Me says:

    Black dress, red thong, heels, waxed body....oh yeah! Awesome! Once the dress was gone, I would have left the accessories! May we draw near to one another no matter the circumstances as we have been taught to draw near to our God. Our horizontal relationships reflect our vertical one! Let us keep it right with Him and reflect that upon our here-and-now relationships!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this post so much. It is true as a married couple sometimes circumstances happen that can make you disconnect. I know in my 32 years of marriage it has happened to us. It is amazing when you have the right partner how easily those disconnections can be resolved.

    I enjoyed the way you shared your story of passion, ectasy, and renewal. It is very important to remember we are all human but when there is love, anything is possible.

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Try to carve out time for you and your beloved.

  4. Anna Belles says:

    Amazing! So hot. I loved every detail of this story. Congratulations on your baby boy. May god bless you and your family.

  5. PacMan says:

    Babies are wonderful-- and also can be a wet blanket on the flames of marital romance. The newborn months were always the hardest times on our marriage. What I loved about this story is how a husband and wife can be reunited and reconciled... all through sexual touch. No long speeches or airing of grievances was needed. Everything was said through their bodies! THAT is the power of married sex!

  6. Juicy says:

    What a great reminder that marriages can go through dry seasons but that the rain can come back and renew a relationship.

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