The Sex you Dream Of

The night we got married was absolutely amazing. It was June, weather was to hot and wasn’t to cold was really nice feeling for it begin June 8th! I bought a real sexy bra and panty set for when we got home to put on to tease myhusband. The set was all white, lace and see through.

We came home, and we both knew we wanted each other, we wanted to fuck. As my husband helps me unzip my dress I whisper in his ear I’ll be back down in a few minutes as I step out of my dress wearing no bra and just a random pair of panties. I walk upstairs almost fully naked as my husband watches with a hard on from me stripping him down to nothing but his white underwear and setting in top of him and just moving my hips back and worth to make his dick hard.

So I walk upstairs to go an throw on the bra an panty set I had bought from adore me and made sure my make up was fixed. I throw on my husbands white button down shirt as well just to be more of a turn on an a tease for my husband to get his dick even more harder. I come back downstairs and shut our front door and pull the curtains shut. As I do this I pull up his shirt to let him see what was underneath.  My panties where white, full butted an see through so that he could see my ass an my pussy.

I climb back on top of my husband riding him a little bit harder and nibbling on his ear. I whisper in my husbands ear to take me upstairs. As we start walking up the stairs I can feel my heart just pounding out of my chest and feel myself let out a moan because at this time I was horny as hell and just wanted to fuck the hell out of my husband.

We get upstairs, and I get pushed down on the bed. My husband taking off his white underwear I look down at his really hard cock just beginning him to stick in between my legs and show me how much he loved me, how much he meant to me. As he climbed into bed and climbed over top of me, he takes off my panties and kisses me lower stomach and works his way down to my freshly shaved smooth pussy that I have saved earlier that morning.

With my husbands lips he starts kissing up on her as he calls my pussy and I let out a really load moan because of his lips feeling so good kissing on my pussy that by that time was starting to get wet. He suddenly stops an puts himself over top of me and opens my legs as far as he can and sticks his hard dick inside me, thrusting me slow until I beg him to thrust me  a little faster. He kisses my neck, thrusting my even faster now, and rubbing his fingertips gently across my nipples making me moan again and screaming his name becuase it felt so fucking good.

I start to ask my husband to start thrusting my even faster and harder.  By this time we had been going at for over an hour. Both of us are covered in sweat. I can’t feel anything from my waist down becuase I am feeling so numb. My back keeps arching and I keep moaning so load I’m sure that the neighbors knew my husbands name. My husband thrusting me hard and deep kissing my neck and kissing my nipples working back an forth between the two places fucking his wife so hard.

I start to feel myself wanting to orgasm and squirt my cum all over his dick. I can feel my husband huge penis keep getting bigger and throbbing inside my very wet pussy. I feel him wanting to cum, him starting to get weaker moaning in my ear and  saying my name. I ask him if he wants me to finish. He says yes baby take me, take me good. As I let him climb off of me and let him lay down an and get comfortable so that I woudont hurt him. I climb on top of him putting my breast in his face and start thrusting him slow. His penis throbbing even more now as I am on top of him. Him laying there moaning, saying my name again and again because it felt so good not only for him but for me as well.

I start to thrust him faster… until… I hear him go “ahhh” feeling him cum and feeling myself squirt on him. I climbing off of him just laying there in his arms checking both of our breathes. Two and a half hours later of the most amazing sex everyone ever dreams of. We lay there an fall asleep, in each other’s arms naked


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  1. Adam Rose
    Adam Rose says:

    "If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married" (Deut. 24:5).
    In light of this text and others (Gen. 2:24; Ecc. 4:6; Eph. 5:21; 1 Peter 3:7), I've found more of this principle of recommended taking a "year off", from various vocational and social responsibilities, in order to pursue the happiness of your spouse very fascinating.

    It seems that back in bible times the Jews gave new couple a whole year to focus on their marriage. This would seem to indicate the "honeymoon phase" is more important than we know. I'm sure that involved a lot of hot newlywed sex. God bless your marriage.

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