Our Friday Night

Here is a fantasy I wrote for my wife when we were apart:

I picture you comfy in bed. You’re in just lace panties and a low cut v-neck tee shirt that falls short of covering your stomach. I imagine your fingers slowly moving up and down your thighs as you await my email. Your hands move up underneath your shirt to your beautiful breasts. As your nipples grow erect with each touch and graze of your fingertips, your eyes close. You picture a moment, a fantasy, a dream…

You find yourself at the front of our apartment. Your hand almost trembles as you unlock the door and drop your purse in its usual spot. You’ve come home early to surprise me.

Entering our room, you cast a longing glance at the soft, inviting bed but move instead to my side of the closet. Luckily, you miss a new lingerie outfit I bought for you and hid in the back. It is of black lace, meant to tease.

You pick your way through my business shirts. Some are colored, some white. Finally, you settle on one of my slim-fit white shirts.
You’ve noticed that it fits me perfectly. And you have wanted to wear it for me. Now will be your chance.

You unbutton your blouse, letting it fall to the floor. Your shoes land haphazardly around the room when you kick them off, but you let them lie. Then there is an almost inaudible pop followed by the scrape of the metal zipper as you peel yourself out of your jeans. I usually get to do that, but not tonight. Tonight you are the one to uncover your lacy underwear.

You reach behind and unclip your red bra, letting the straps slide off your shoulders as it falls to the ground. You look at yourself in the mirror, standing there waiting for me in your red lace panties. One hand moves to your perky breasts while the other tentatively traces the outside of your pussy lips. Every part of you is aching for me, and you shiver in excitement. Slipping into the dress shirt, you fasten only a few of the buttons so that it accentuates your shapely curves.

You smile. Perfect.

Heading to the kitchen, you find a chilled bottle of wine and pull out only one glass. Tonight we will share. You also notice freshly washed and prepared strawberries and raspberries. It makes you wonder what I was planning. You fill the glass and sip as you wait.

The couch feels so cool and soothing on the skin of your perfect, soft ass. Your hands lazily move up and down your thighs, though you feel a bit nervous. Why? It’s not like this is our first time. But it is the first time you’ve tried this kind of surprise.

Work was rough today, so I left an hour early. Had I come straight home, it would have ruined your surprise. But I need to burn off some steam, so I go to the gym instead. After my workout, I head to the shower.

I stand under the falling water, thinking about the rest of the evening. Were we going to dinner? What were we going to do? Is today something special? I can’t remember. You just told me to be ready after work. Thank goodness I left the office early. I take my time cleaning up and getting dressed before heading for the apartment.

I finally arrive and fumble to unlock the door. Leaving it standing wide open, I drop my work bag to the floor and toss the keys in the tray on the table in the foyer.

Then I see you. You recline seductively on the couch, a glass of wine in hand. I remember to close the door, though in my eagerness I push it a little too hard. The slam reverberates through the entry as I step into the living room.

But we stay silent. Words unspoken, a sudden stillness fills the space around us. I look deep into your eyes; they invite me closer. I walk to you and perch on the edge of the couch. Slowly, we kiss. I feel your tongue teasing mine, wanting more.

We break for a moment, and you take a sip of wine. When I lean in for another kiss, you slip a little wine into my mouth. After I drink from your lips, you pull away with a soft bite.

I settle back into the couch cushions. I’m surprised. What will happen next? Where is this going?

You take the lead and unbutton my shirt. Running your lips down my neck, over my chest and abs, you leave a trail of kisses. Then you halt. My pants and my belt are blocking your progress, hiding what needs to be released.

You stare up at me. Then with a sly smile, you unbuckle my belt and pull my pants off.

I take the opportunity to feel your dampness through your panties. You are moist. Wet. Ready.

You’ve undone my shirt, and I am pantless, ready for more. I continue to caress your softness, your womanhood’s soft lips. Your groan speaks of your deep need.

I tease you a little more through the fabric, then sneak a finger under the elastic band. There I find perfect wetness. I enter the warmth of your pussy and hear you moan.

You’ve been waiting all day — all week — for this, waiting for my touch.

My fingers continue to explore, gently massaging your sweetness. I enjoy knowing you’re wet because of me.

I move down on you, panties still blocking, and kiss your soft, wet mound. Peeling the bit of lacy red off of you and down your legs, I get back to my preferred view.

I place my lips on your hot lower ones, licking the slit between them and tasting the wetness. With long, soft, graceful licks my tongue probes your sweetness. I am loving each part of your rose’s perfection.

You are in a trance in this reverie of pleasure. But suddenly you remember this evening was for me! You take over, placing your naked body over me. When you lean down, I kiss you. Your wetness remains on my lips. You lick your fluids of passion from them and then every last drop off of yours.

Reaching to me, you take my stiffness in hand. The dripping precum lubricates your strokes. It is a steel shaft encased in warm velvet.

Then you place your mouth over it. Your tongue moves, teasing the underside. Sucking the very tip, you taste my precum. My body reacts and reaches a higher level of ecstasy and pleasure.

You haven’t forgotten my balls. Your hands massage my high spot by my thighs, teasing the space I love your hands to be. But you stop before I peak. We both catch our breaths and stare at each other.

I wonder at this Aphrodite over me. You are a body of perfection.

You lean down, your breasts on my chest, and whisper in my ear, “Necesito sentirte dentro de mi!” [I need to feel you inside me!]

Looking deep into your brown eyes full of open passion, I lean in to kiss you. Your hair acts as a curtain blocking the outside world. It is just you and me in that moment.

You take me in your soft hands again. Holding my manhood, you guide me inside of you as you lower yourself onto me. You take me in deep. And pause.

I look at you. And you look at me. We are ready to experience this tonight.

I start to move, and you respond to my rhythm and pace. My hands hold you at your hips. Stroke your legs. Tease your ass as you move up and down, and as I move in and out. I start to feel a pulsating wave building, the powerful beginning of a flowing orgasm.

You grip me deep inside. Your perfect flower coaxes my own wave of pleasure with each thrust. You moan in ecstasy and let out – “me elevas, me elevas, me elevas mas alto!” [You lift me, you lift me, you lift me higher.]

I can imagine the neighbors all around us could hear that, but I don’t care. I cum at that moment, an explosion inside of you as you are hitting your peak. My warm cum is released, and I feel our deep waves of passion collide.

“Dejate caer,” I whisper gently. [Let yourself fall.] With one hand I stroke your thigh while the other cups a perfect breast.

You fall on my chest, my stiffness still inside of you. We let ourselves relax, and I naturally leave your warm womanhood. We cuddle, not saying a word, experiencing the warmth and perfection of the moment.

It was a long day for both of us. We drift off to sleep naked on the couch until I feel you shiver and snuggle closer. I whisper in your ear, “Let’s clean up and go to bed.”

We head to the shower. Lathering each other’s bodies, we share long deep kisses under the cascading water.

My treat is to towel you off.

Two perfect lovers slide underneath the covers. Bodies close together. Hands that love to explore. We drift into dreams of sensual passion.

The next morning the sun pours in through the window, warming us and waking us up. Your perfection lies next to mine. I reach for you. Between your legs, I feel a little wetness as you start to stir.

You turn to me, feeling my growing stiffness. We partake of a long, carefree kiss. The day is ours.

And it’s time for breakfast…

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8 replies
  1. BradMona13 says:

    I love to read these fantasy stories. Since my travel keeps us apart for long periods of time, we both love jumping on to MarriageHeat and reading the stories. It's hot knowing that we are both masturbating to the same stories. Sometimes we get a Skype session going so we can read them to each other and watch each other masturbate.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      copen1: Prayers. Love. Healing. I was codependent without the partner's addiction side of it, unless it was addiction to power. The addictive behavior I supported by my responses (silence, acceptance, blaming myself or making excuses) was my own abuse. I learned that loving someone God's way is doing my part to help him become the best version of himself he could be. My forgiveness was a good thing but my enabling behaviors were not. Stepping out in faith to address the issues is scary. Things will change and maybe not for what you think is the better. You can only change you. But Roman's 8:28. ALL things. Be strong and courageous, for He is with you.

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