Lunch Break

I am awakened by a chill in the air. My breathing is shallow but fast and I can tell that my heart is pounding. I’m wondering what has me all worked up. Then, as I pull my blanket up over me and it slides across my rock hard nipples, I remember…the fabulously erotic dream I was having before I woke up begins to flood back into my mind.

It’s a normal Tuesday morning. I text you to see if you are available for lunch. You say yes – great! I tell you to meet me in the parking lot at 11:30.

Lunchtime comes and you find me waiting for you. You open the car door and immediately start smiling. I’m wearing a very short dress and I have no panties on. My fingers have been busy rubbing my clit and priming my pussy and the car smells like my sex. As soon as you get in I slip my fingers into your mouth. I tell you that we don’t have much time.

I put the car in drive and within a few minutes, we pull up to our destination. You look over at me and I can see that I have your full attention. I hand you the key to our hotel room. I tell you that I need you to take care of something on your lunch break. Then I turn the ignition off and we head in.

As we step inside the door, I reach for your belt and open your pants. I drop to my knees and tell you that I’m hungry for your dick. Taking you into my mouth, my tongue runs along the length of your shaft. That’s all it takes. Within seconds you grab the back of my head and a handful of my hair. You start ramming your cock into my mouth. You tell me what a fabulous surprise this was and how bad you need a release. I am licking, sucking, flicking, and tugging on your balls. Both of us feel a sense of urgency; we needed this.

Finally, I feel your balls tighten up and you start to moan. Your dick grows harder as you give me what I came for. You did not disappoint! You fill my mouth with cum and I let it run down the sides of my lips. I happily swallow the rest. Your eyes roll back into your head. Rope after rope of your warm goodness shoots out. I can feel the tension leaving your body.

You pick me up off the floor and take me into your arms. Then you kiss me passionately and pull me into you, telling me how amazing that was and how you’re sure that you will be useless for the rest of the day. Lunchtime is over baby …can’t wait until 3:30 💋



Nothing is more empowering than to take control, tell him what you want and that you need him now. You can be the woman that your husband daydreams about. I love sending him reminders of that during his workday.

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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Very hot Txblonde! I have sucked off my husband Ben many times during his lunch break ( mine too). I love sucking cock and he goes back to work with a smile on his face.
    God Bless and Stay Horny Always darlin!
    😘 GG

  2. Doppyfor sex says:

    Oh how I wish my wife would do this for me every now and then. Of course I would “have “ to eat out her “honey pot” !!!!! I love the taste of her juices and wish she’d let me have it more often !!!!

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