🔊 V-Day Massage

I’ll get straight to it! I love my beautiful wife! She is such a sweetheart. I can’t get enough of her. She drives me wild. I get so turned on thinking of the things she has done to me. And I always want more!!!

This past Valentine’s Day, I had an evening planned for us. I was gonna drive my wife crazy in bed, and get nasty. We started with some sweet kissing and tongue action. That really gets me turned on. Then my hands started to wander all over her body. I softly caressed her breast and rolled her nipples while we kissed passionately. That really gets her going too!

I started my journey and moved my mouth down to her neck and shoulders. Then my hand headed on down to caress her ass. I rubbed it and squeezed it, softly spreading each cheek. I then moved my mouth on down to her amazing breast. I love kissing all over and licking under each of them. I took turns switching from one to the other, licking her nipples till they were hard and erect. I nibbled and bit each nipple very softly.

She got very hot, as I made light passes with my hands between her thighs. I brushed as close as I could to her sweet pussy, teasing her as much as possible before giving her what she wants. I love having her soaking wet and ready.

I eased on down, lightly kissing her stomach and sides, which sometimes get very ticklish. When I do that, it makes her body roll. Next, I stick my tongue in her belly button, which is just a little tease to get her ready for what’s to cum!

As I moved down kissing all over her body, my hands went back to her breast. It drives her wild when they get plenty of attention! By now her pussy is dripping wet, and I start to smell her sweet aroma. I want her so bad, I love to taste her. I climbed on down between those sweet legs of hers and slowly kissed her thighs, licking right up to her pussy. Then I moved down to her sweet little ass hole and lightly licked it, before running my tongue up to her pussy again.

I started to really kiss and make out with that beautiful sweet pussy. Sucking lightly, I ran my tongue up each side of her pussy lips. Then I spread her wide open and licked the inside, which always drives her wild. She arched up her back and started moaning and running her fingers through my hair. I knew by now I’ve got her relaxed and really enjoying herself!

I kept licking and sucking all around her pussy and ass. Finally, I brought a hand up and spread her open and started tonguing her pussy as deep as I could. I love the sweet taste of my wife’s pussy! My cock was throbbing as I licked her juices.

Now I moved to the real fun part. I started off by sliding a finger in her pussy and slowly moving it around in a “come here” action. That really got her moaning. She told me, “Ohh Baby, that feels so good!!!” Next I went a little deeper and found her g-spot and slowly started rubbing it. That drove her wild! I brought my lips up to her clitors and started sucking it lightly as I licked all around it. That did it! Her sweet love juices flooded all over me and I swallowed every drop I could. It drives me wild giveing her so much pleasure!

Then I pushed her over the edge of no return. I slowly pushed one finger into her ass and pull it in and out. That’s where she lost it. Her body shook, she moaned loudly and collapsed on the bed, panting for air. I slowly eased back and spread her pussy open and ate up all her love juices. I left no drop behind!

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4 replies
  1. NewBride says:

    Wow! I’m reading at work (it’s a slow day and I’m alone) and this has gotten my panties all wet!! Looks like I’m just going to have to rub my pussy right here and now. It’s so hot the way you described how you enjoyed your wife’s lady bits. Hubby will get a good fucking tonight!

  2. Southernheat says:

    Love this! Love it so much when my man does this! Your story definitely got me in the mood. Great descriptive writing. Hope you share more stories with us.

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