Massage Role Play (L) – Ignite Story

He wanted to set up a fun and relaxing night for his wife. It had been a busy week, and they had been rushing around. They hadn’t had much time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. As he was finishing up work on Friday, he started to run through ideas in his mind about what they could do to have some fun this evening. Finally, he settled on giving his beautiful bride a massage. She had always enjoyed his massages. He would spend an ample amount of time on every part of her body before things got more intimate.

He wanted things to be a surprise and a little different this time. So, he spent some time in their bedroom. He picked up and cleaned, making sure the room was inviting and free of any clutter. He had recently bought a massage table on Amazon that she did not know about yet. He set it up in the room with its special sheets, making it look just like a spa would. Then he set out the massage oil that he would use and put candles around the room. He also set up some romantic, relaxing music on his phone for when they headed upstairs later that evening.

He then emailed his wife, telling her that she had a massage appointment for 9 pm that evening at Le Zed Spa. He made the email sound as professional as if it were an actual spa confirmation from a company. It even outlined and showed photos of some of the spa’s offerings along with giving instructions on when to arrive and other details.

When his wife opened the email, she smiled at the time and effort he always put into thinking about her. She was excited at the opportunity to get pampered by her husband. It had been a while since he had given her one of his massages.

They spent the evening sharing a nice dinner and catching up on some of their shows. At 8:45, her husband went upstairs and drew a bath for his wife. While the water ran, he lit candles around the tub and put out some bath salts. He then texted Mrs. Zed that her spa room was ready and that she could head there to bathe before her appointment.

He greeted her at the bedroom door and welcomed her to the Spa. He introduced himself as Clay, her massage therapist, and let her know that the bath awaited her and about the scented salts there for her use if she would like. Clay instructed her to lie on the massage table after her soak and cover herself with the sheet. He would knock before entering to ensure she was ready.

She found it funny that he was acting this way and using a different name but thought it was cute. He was trying something new, so she went along with it and acted like she did not know him.

When she entered the room, she was taken aback by the romantic ambiance. Candles flickered throughout the room, and soft music played. She then noticed the massage table and felt a thrill as she imagined trying it.

In the bathroom, more candles created a soft glow, and the hot bath beckoned her. She slipped out of her work clothes and into the tub, then let all the stress of the workweek slide away as she soaked in the hot water.

Clay was waiting outside the room, listening for the sound of his client exiting the bath and climbing onto the massage table. Once he was sure she was ready, he gave a light knock on the massage room door and slightly opened it.

“Are you ready, Mrs. Zed ?” She let him know she was.

Clay explained to Mrs. Zed the type of massage he would be giving her. He then asked her if she had any problem areas or any areas he should focus on. Mrs. Zed thought for a moment and mentioned that she takes a kickboxing class and that her legs were pretty tight. Clay listened to her comments. He let his client know that he would take his time and work on her legs. If there were any other areas she wanted him to spend extra time on, she should let him know.

Clay started on Mrs. Zed’s arms as she lay on her stomach. He spent time massaging her hands then started up her forearms and worked his way to her shoulders. His strong fingertips and the heels of his palms next moved down his client’s back, kneading warm oil into her soft tan skin.

She felt Clay move away a bit then fold the sheet up until it covered only her ass, exposing her lower extremities to his ministrations. He started to massage his client’s feet, taking his time and working his thumbs into her soles. After some time, Clay moved up to Mrs. Zed’s calves and thighs, rubbing oil up and down her thighs. Clay complimented Mrs. Zed on how strong her legs were. She blushed and thanked him, sharing that it was because of the kickboxing classes. Clay was impressed and told her that her efforts were certainly paying off. Mrs. Zed was a little surprised by that comment but thought he was just being nice. He could also have been trying to get a good tip.

Clay was spending a good amount of time working Mrs. Zed’s hamstrings. He opened her legs a bit so that he could massage her inner thigh muscles.

Mrs. Zed was in heaven, letting out little moans as the tightness in her thighs relaxed. She couldn’t help but notice, with each pass of Clay’s strong hands, that he was getting closer to her pussy. He didn’t do anything inappropriate, but she didn’t remember a masseuse going that high before. Just then, Clay stopped and returned her right leg to the middle of the table then moved to her other side. That put Mrs. Zed’s nerves at ease. He clearly wasn’t trying anything.

Clay asked how she was doing, and she told him she was doing wonderfully. He then started on her left leg, working the oil into her foot and calf before making his way back up to her thigh. Clay shifted this leg also to massage her entire thigh. His fingers circled and stroked up and down the back of her thighs. Then he started working on her inner thigh again. It felt amazing. Mrs. Zed loved massages, and Clay’s strong hands were exactly what she needed after a long week.

Again she noticed his right hand getting ever so close to her pussy. Just the thought of him that close was turning her on a little. She didn’t want to admit it, but he was a cute young man. Lying there naked before him with nothing but the thin fabric covering her ass had quite an effect on her.

Just then, Clay stopped. Mrs. Zed was happy but disappointed at the same time. He then spread the sheet to cover her and had her roll onto her back. She loved how professional he was being.

Once she was comfortable, he started to massage her shoulders and neck. Clay couldn’t help but enjoy the view of this beautiful woman on his table. As he rubbed, he enjoyed the swell of her breasts under the sheet. He could make out her nipples through the flimsy fabric, noticing how large and dark they appeared.

Just then, Mrs. Zed’s eyelids fluttered open. Clay shifted his gaze quickly and asked if everything were okay.

“Yes,” she said with a smile, then closed her eyes again. Could Clay have been checking her out? She couldn’t help but get a little excited at the thought that this strong, good-looking young man was checking her out.

Clay spent a while on Mrs. Zed’s shoulders and upper chest before moving to her feet. He told her he was going to fold the sheet up again so he could begin on her feet and legs.

Immediately, Mrs. Zed was aware of how exposed she might be. The sheet felt like it was folded pretty high. She could feel the cool air of the massage room on her upper thighs and pussy. But there wasn’t much she could do about it, so she just lay back and relaxed as Clay started on her feet.

Once again, he took his time rubbing her feet until they felt wonderful, then poured more oil in his palms for her legs. He started on the right one, massaging her calf and shin before moving higher.

Once again, he lifted her right leg and repositioned it for better access. He took more hot oil and applied it to her muscular thigh. Clay worked up and down, using varied pressures. Clay told Mrs. Zed that her quads felt very strong. They were tight, though, and he would spend a little more time loosening them up.

Mrs. Zed didn’t mind the sound of that at all. She was quite enjoying his handwork on her thighs. Getting more and more turned on, she had a hard time keeping her mind off Clay and his strong hands. Think about something else, she told herself.

Just then, Mrs. Zed felt something hard brush against the outside of her arm. She couldn’t believe it! Clay’s cock had stiffened. So, she didn’t imagine him checking her out earlier. She felt so sexy, knowing this young, good-looking man was checking her body out. Not to mention that he was getting turned on doing it.

Clay then stopped to switch sides but didn’t put her leg back like last time. Mrs. Zed was feeling extremely flushed and turned on. She couldn’t wait to feel his hands and, hopefully, something else against her again. He seemed to be going a little faster this time, not spending as much time on her left foot or calf before getting to her thigh. He lifted her left leg and shifted it; now her legs were spread apart. She was about to move her right leg back to center when she felt Clay’s hands on both of her thighs. He started to rub them at the same time.

Mrs. Zed couldn’t help but let out a little moan. She was enjoying herself immensely, and her pussy was on fire. She wondered whether he could tell—if he could see her moistness with the sheet folded so high and her thighs open.

Clay continued his massage and started to work Mrs. Zed’s inner thigh muscles. Then she felt it again, his hard cock on her leg. This time it didn’t brush her. It was barely touching her, resting on her thigh. She let her left leg open a little further and pushed against Clay’s cock. Now she could feel how stiff it was, how hot it was. She was incredibly turned on and knew her pussy had to be dripping on the table.

Clay, somehow able to compose himself, asked if any other areas needed attention. Without missing a beat, Mrs. Zed opened her eyes and looked into Clay’s. She grabbed his right hand and put it on her dripping wet pussy. She let out a loud moan and told him that this needed some extra attention.

Clay couldn’t believe how wet and hot Mrs. Zed’s pussy was. He knew he could get fired for this, but he couldn’t help it. He had wanted this beautiful woman since he laid eyes on her. He slid his finger inside her and felt how hot she was. After teasing her clit for a moment, he leaned down and licked it.

Mrs. Zed moaned in excitement. She reached for his cock and stroked him through his thin scrubs.

Clay stopped licking her and moved towards the top of the table. He untied the waistband of his pants and slid them down. Mrs. Zed stared at his hard, dripping cock then took it between her lips to lick and suck, tasting his precum. She looked into his eyes as her mouth received him over and over again.

Mrs. Zed pulled Clay’s cock from her mouth and told him to fuck her and to fuck her hard. Clay lifted her off the massage table, spun her around, and positioned her on all fours on the table. Then he took a moment to stand and admire this beautiful curvy goddess. He loved how muscular her thighs were. He admired her gorgeous thick ass and her soft tits hanging down towards the table.

He grabbed her ass, and she moaned. He told her how sexy she was and that her husband was a lucky man. Since she walked into the room, he said, he’d wanted to fuck her. He bent down and licked her pussy a couple of times from behind. Then he let his tongue wander up to her tight ass, teasing it over and over again.

Mrs. Zed couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed to be fucked hard. Never before had she felt this turned on. She looked over her shoulder and told Clay to fuck her, to give it to her good.

Clay didn’t disappoint. He climbed up behind her and slid his big cock slowly into her pussy. With a moan, she dropped her shoulders and put her ass even higher in the air and Clay started to fuck her hard. His six-pack pounded into her ass; his balls hit her clit with every thrust. He grabbed her thick ass and began to fuck her as she had never been fucked before. As her tits swung back and forth, Clay reached forward and pinched one of her nipples.

That sent her over the edge, and her pussy clenched him over and over. As she was coming down from her leg-shaking orgasm, Clay told her he was going to cum.

“Not in my pussy,” she said, sliding off of him. She spun around and started sucking his pussy-juice-covered cock. He grabbed her hair and started fucking her face with his hard cock. He knew he was going to cum at any time.

Clay pulled away and stroked his cock as Mrs. Zed watched his hand slide back and forth. She then begged for his hot cum. She told him to cover her face with it. Clay let out a loud moan and erupted onto Mrs. Zed’s face. Shot after shot covered her face. She couldn’t believe how much he had cum and how hot it felt on her skin. She took him back in her mouth to make sure she got every drop out of him.

He leaned down and lifted his wife’s lips to his and kissed them, her face still covered in cum.

“ Thank you,” she said. “That was amazing! I never knew role-playing could be so much fun, my hubby—I mean Clay.” She laughed. “That was so hot; I think I’m going to need to cum again.”

She told her husband to grab her toy box and get his phone. This way, he could record her masturbating with his cum still on her beautiful face. With one hand, she started playing with her tits and teasing her nipples. The other worked its way down to her dripping wet pussy. She slid two fingers in and out while her husband stood at the edge of the bed, recording her every movement.

Looking at the camera, she withdrew her fingers from her wetness. She brought them to her mouth and sucked them clean, then scooped up some of the cum from her cheek and ate that, too. After that, she went back to work, fucking her pussy with her fingers. She asked her husband to hand her the wand vibrator. It was her favorite. She turned it on and started to tease her clit gently.

As her movements and moans intensified, he knew she was getting close. She asked him to talk dirty to her, her eyes boring into his through the lens.

He starting telling her how sexy she looked with her pussy dripping wet. He said that she looked like a slut with Clay’s cum on her face. That’s when she lost it.

She shoved her two fingers in one last time as the vibrator buzzed on her clit. Her back arched, and her legs stiffened as she jerked, moaned, and screamed.

He kept recording her as she came down from her high, watching her body convulse with small involuntary spams. Then he went and got a warm washcloth and cleaned her face for her. They kissed and drifted off to sleep together.

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3 replies
  1. HappyHubby says:

    Wow! Her wanting a facial then asking you to film her while she got herself off still covered in cum. Hot Hot Hot. I've been meaning to act out a very similar spa scenario with my wife, even have the brochure ready to go. Time to make it happen.

  2. New Wife says:

    Awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing! My husband often gives me incredible massages but your roleplay idea inspired us to add even more adventure to an already great time.


    • LovingMan says:

      We did a massage with extras yesterday morning. It was wonderful! I hope to do a role play like yours (with my sexy wife) soon. Thanks for the great ideas! To other readers: a good Massage Table is a great investment. Ours folds up so we can store it out of the way. Get a good quality one that can handle the weight of you and your spouse simultaneously.

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