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Our days seem so busy, so hectic. My husband and I are in jobs that require a great deal of time and mental energy. And we are both very competitive and goal-oriented which makes it difficult to shut off work. But we remain dedicated and committed to spending at least an hour each day where we block out the pressures of our secular lives – no phones, no computers, no television – to be attentive to just each other, to share and to listen. But in spite of our best efforts, the chaos and busyness of the day still influence our special marriage hour. It’s kind of in the air all around us, affecting our ability to relax and just be present for each other. It creates an urgency that shouldn’t happen during this special time, an unnecessary veil to the openness and vulnerability essential to our marriage intimacy.

This past week was a great example, maybe even a little more intense than most. Brian, my husband, had taken on some additional work, and I had some very important customer deadlines. Thank God it was finally Friday! During the past week, our intimate time together was great as always but, without the pall of our work lives, might have been better. I’m not complaining, mind you. Brian is always very attentive, as patient as I want, and consistently makes sure that my needs are met before his. But by Friday, I needed a serious break from the daily grind, free of pressure, deadlines, urgency, or focus. Some time to be vulnerable, to let natural, loving things just happen.

I sent Brian a text asking him if he would be okay with pizza for dinner. I would open a nice bottle of Chianti to go with it. He said that sounded great, so I ordered our favorite from a local pizza place. Brian could pick it up on his way home from the office; he should be home about 5:30.

At five o’clock sharp, I signed off of my business applications and email, shut down my computer, and put my phone on silent. I had been in my home office all day so I had on leggings and a comfortable top, my usual work-at-home attire. But it felt even more relaxing to slip into a pair of loose running shorts and a T-shirt. Shoes weren’t necessary. To help create the relaxing atmosphere I wanted, I spread a light blanket on the living room floor and adorned it with several pillows, our Liberator wedge, ramp, Jaz pillow and a few other accouterments we might want. [The above are affiliate links.  While you pay nothing more than you usually would, MH receives a small commission for each purchase using the above links.]

Right on time, Brian walked in the door with pizza in hand. He set it on the counter so we were free to embrace each other in our usual greeting. Then Brian headed to the bedroom closet to get out of his work clothes and into some shorts and a T-shirt too.

When he returned to the living room, I had the pizza on a coffee table along with plates, napkins, wine, and glasses. We both got comfortable on the blanket with lots of pillows. Facing each other, we gave a toast to the work week now behind and to a wonderful night and weekend ahead.

Our conversation started out more like a debriefing of the week, but I guess we both needed to just get that out of the way before we could move on. Gradually, we started to talk more about some happenings with our friends and eventually to more fun topics like a vacation we were planning – places to stay and others to visit, transportation arrangements, and things to pack. Brian’s suggestions for things I might want to take are always accompanied by compliments. “Dez, that dress really shows your curves.” Or “Those tights make your ass look so hot!” Even after all these years together, I find Brian’s compliments are always a little embarrassing but do add a lot to my confidence. They are always much appreciated!

We had both had enough pizza, so I got up to take the box and our dishes to the kitchen. Brian refilled our glasses. When I returned, I sat down between his legs, nestling my back into Brian’s chest as he leaned against several pillows backed by the sofa. Our talking continued as we enjoyed our second glass of Chianti and the closeness of each other. With my free hand, I could caress Brian’s leg while he caressed my arm and shoulder.

Soon, our conversation was interrupted with lingering kisses. I have to admit that I’m transported to a wonderful place when Brian kisses my neck and his warm lips touch the sensitive skin just below and behind my ear. And I so love to turn my head so our lips meet and our tongues touch as we both experience the delightful ways our bodies respond to each other.

As we continued to cuddle, kiss, and trace our fingers over each other, I felt my nipples poking against the thin material of the T-shirt. I looked down to see the fabric clinging to my protruding nipples, my darkened areola slightly visible through the white cloth.

Brian must have noticed them too. His hand slowly moved from my arm to cup my breast and softly knead each one, increasing my body’s response even more. The combination of his warm lips and the gentle twists and tugs of his fingertips on the peak of each breast was raising the temperature for both of us.

We set our glasses on the table, and I leaned forward to allow Brian to help me lift my shirt up and over my head. Then he pulled his shirt off too before I again nestled against him. The skin-to-skin contact felt so good.

Now with both hands-free, we could explore each other all the more. My hands caressed his arms and legs while his fingers lingered on my neck and breasts, kneading, lightly tracing circles around the darker flesh. He strummed across the tight tissue of my peaks and gave those wonderful little tugs that send electricity through my breasts and engorge my nipples even more.

“Touch me lower,” I managed to whisper. His left hand continued to fondle my breasts but his right one slid down my abdomen to the top of my shorts. Tracing along the waistband a few times, he finally slid his fingers under the elastic to cup my pussy. I welcomed his warm touch by pushing my mound up to meet his palm. We paused to let ourselves receive this new level of connection, to know this feeling of intimacy.

His whole hand stroked my mound, pressing perfectly, engorging my smooth pussy even more. The heel of his hand rested on my clit, his fingers along my lips. I spread my legs a bit wider, freeing his fingertips to discover the crevices between the soft ridges. One found my deepest cleft and began tracing a path up and down, each time stopping just shy of my entrance and my clit. I heard myself moan as his it continued to repeat this journey.

“Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm!” the heat continued to build.

“Ohhh!” I softly squealed as just the very tip of his finger penetrated my opening only to withdraw and make its way upward to my clit.

“OHHH!” I squealed a little louder as he slid over my clit and stroked the hardness there.

I pushed my mound upward even more as he continued, his finger lingering in my entrance, making ever-expanding circles, then returning to my clit to stroke it the way he knows I love.

“That’s it! Right there!!! Don’t stop!!!” I begged as he stroked my clit a little harder, a little faster.

“OHHH! OHHH! Finish me, Brian!!!” I pleaded.

My mound was thrusting to meet his fingers. “I’m cumming! I’m Cumming!!! I’mmmm CUUUUMMMMING” I screamed as my world centered on the focus of Brian’s fingers!

As the rolling thunder of my orgasm slowly subsided into distant rumbles, Brian held one arm across my chest while his other hand cupped my mound, guarding it from the external world and extending my ecstasy. It feels so safe, so comforting, to delight in orgasmic afterglow in my husband’s protection.

I turned to Brian, we kissed, and then I spoke softly but in a tone that stated a simple fact.

“Brian, I need you inside me. Now!”

I released myself from the comfort of his grip to get to my knees and slide my shorts over my hips and wiggle out of them. Brian also got on his knees so I could lift the waistband of his shorts and boxer-briefs up and over the tip of his rigid member. I just loved the feel of his thick, hard cock in my hands while he maneuvered out of his clothes. Facing each other, we kissed some more, our tongues dancing together while I stroked his magnificent rod. I bent down to lick a little pre-cum off the tip before rearranging the pillows, wedge, and ramp. I lay down on my left side on the ramp and adjusted the wedge behind my shoulders so I could roll back slightly against it. With my legs stretched out straight, I raised my right leg as high as I could. I was sure that my delicate folds would spread, providing an inviting entrance for Brian’s cock.

Brian straddled my left leg and scooted forward until he just touched my wet lips. I rested my right leg on his shoulder and he gently rubbed his cockhead up and down my slit, mixing our moisture. When he positioned it against my opening, we both gazed deeply into each other’s eyes and then moved in unison to join together in the most beautiful act of love two people can enjoy. Feeling him penetrate me is heavenly!

With my hands on his hips, I pulled Brian deeper and deeper inside me. As each inch drove into me, I could feel my vagina stretching to accept his thickness. We lay together, joined so deeply, so intimately. I caressed his legs and hips while he caressed my neck and breasts. Our expression didn’t need words. Our gazes, our touch, our connection communicated our love for each other in ways words could never capture.

I reached for a vibrator next to me, looked into Brian’s eyes and said,

“I want to cum on your cock!”

His look back at me said that he understood my need, as he placed one hand on my heart and the other on my tummy just above my mound. Our eyes were locked as I started the vibrator and guided it to my clit. The rumbles of the vibrating knob had the expected results. My pending orgasm began to emerge as my clit got more and more aroused. I rolled my hips a little to get more pressure. That’s it! That’s the spot!

“Brian, I’m gonna cum!” as if he didn’t know that already.

He must have felt the tightening of my pussy too. “That’s it, Dez! Cum on me! Cum on my cock!” he encouraged.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming! I’mmmm Cummmming!  OHHHHH!” I screamed as my pussy squeezed Brian’s thick shaft. Over and over and over, my vagina clutched his magnificent cock from the base to his cockhead so deep inside.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” as my eyes rolled back and my legs quivered.

Finally, our eyes met again. “You’re beautiful when you cum, Dez! I love you so!” Brian’s words greeted my return from orgasmic ecstasy.

“Cum in me, Brian! I want you to fill me with your cum!”

He started rocking forwards and back. I met his movements with mine so that his thrusts used every inch of his length. I exclaimed “Right there! Oh! Right there!!!” as his cock stroked in and out, in and out. “Oh my god! Oh my god!!!”

“Fuck!!!” “FUUUUCK!!!” I screamed!

He leaned forward, pushing my leg back as he drove deeper and deeper. My contractions clenched his cock again and again. I heard his grunts and then felt hot spurt after spurt after spurt shoot into me, his cock jerking with each load surging through his shaft.

“Oh my god!!!”  he bellowed as his balls emptied into me.  “Oh, Dez, that’s amazing!”

When he finally withdrew, I quickly reached for a towel. Sex, at least good sex, is always a bit messy for Brian and me.

We held each other, delightfully enjoying our warm afterglow, the comfort of each other’s embrace, and the satisfaction that accompanies the wonderful climaxes we give each other, the orgasms we experience together. This Friday night, we created our own world with no one else in it but Brian and me!

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5 replies
  1. HappyHubby says:

    Great story New wife.

    "This Friday night, we created our own world with no one else in it but Brian and me!"
    It might not be the sexiest part but it's the most satisfying/important part of the story. So important to take time like this. Good for you guys!!

  2. New Wife says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments and thanks to MH for a place to share some of our wonderful marriage experiences.

    And FIVE STARS for the audio. The reader truly brings the words to life with emotion and passion, reflecting the experiences we had, the sensations we felt. Hope everyone takes the time to listen and appreciate the realism with which it is told!!!

    Kudos Marriage Heat!!!

  3. Horny_boy says:

    Such a fucking hot story and audio too. I read it 3 times and listened like 5 times; the audio gives me shivers to my cock. The way your pussy squeezes your husband's cock! ❤️❤️💦 I came so hard with a massive amount of semen, ty girl🙏

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