Late Night Snooze Interrupted for hot married sex.

A Late Night Snooze (L)

This story contains strong language (L) and mentions anal play (A). 
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One night, about a month ago, I walked into the bedroom to find James lying naked, as usual, in bed on his back. His left arm curved above his head, and his right lay across his chest. I heard a soft moan followed by another, then a few random words. An erection, not a full-blown one but a cute chubby, poked its head out of James’ pubes. I marveled at the thought of having his cock in me that evening. Quickly shedding my clothes, I eased into our bed and snuggled with James, pressing my naked body against his. With my arm draped over his body, I took his erection in my hand and wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft, feeling his arousal.

My heart pumped hard with excitement as I thought, “This is it; something I have dreamed about for ages is about to happen.” I started rubbing his chest, slowly moving my hand lower to his thighs. After caressing the inside of his legs for a couple of minutes, I cupped his smooth balls with my hand.

James’ cock was rock hard at this point. I moved my hand up to his cock and slowly started playing with it. I maneuvered myself into a position that let me play with his cock with one hand and with my bare pussy using the other. The sounds of my fingers probing my wetness were quite noticeable in the still room; I could hear my fingers in my pussy. I got so excited and horny that I just wanted James to roll me over and fuck me hard and fast, cumming all over me. But I waited.

I played gently with his throbbing cock for what seemed to be forever. Then slowly, slowly removed the covers. The cold air hitting my tits and firm nipples turned me on even more. As I eased myself down the bed, James remained oblivious to my actions. In case he was awake, I tried not to lift my head. Instead, I settled against his abdomen and lay motionless for a few moments, listening to my husband’s low moans and groans.

I was sure that James could feel the warmth and wetness of my mouth around his cock as I began to suck him. I moved extremely slowly, probably more careful than ever. Taking my time, I managed to get James’ cock farther down than I ever had. It felt like James was ready to burst as his cock strained deep in my throat!

I sucked James’ cock for a while and simultaneously fingered my tight, tingling pussy that ached to feel him inside. James was awake now, and the noise of my fingers in my wet hole was tipping him over the edge of orgasm. As I sucked him deep, I could taste and feel him start to cum. His balls tightened, and his cum shot straight into my throat as I took his cock deeper, my lips touching his balls. It had been a while since I had swallowed all his cum—what a turn on! I thought we were done for the night, but how wrong I was!

I kept on sucking, not coming up for a breath. My husband’s cock remained hard, and I was still horny. James thought now he should “wake up.” He moved his hands, placing them on my head while I continued bobbing up and down on his cock. Grabbing handfuls of my hair, he let out a loud groan, thrusting into my mouth.

James asked softly, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I pulled off and smiled up at him in the dim light. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” I said and kissed him.

James could taste his cum on my lips. He flipped me onto my back, kissing me deep and hard. Then he turned on bedside light; he wanted to see how wet I’d gotten. Frantically, James spread my legs, and my bare, glistening pussy waited for him. He positioned himself between my legs, pushing them back as far as they would go. Then he moved his tongue over my asshole, circling, tasting my pussy juices that had run down into my ass. I groaned loudly and grabbed my ample breasts now on display, my pink nipples rock hard.

James shoved his tongue deep into my pussy, tasting my exquisite juices before making his way up to my clit. There he licked like he never licked before, making me cum within minutes. His lips and chin dripped with my cum. James sat up and kissed me, making me taste myself as he shoved his cock into my soaked, pulsating pussy. Then he fucked me hard as he could. He played with my tits, pinching and sucking my nipples as I sexily explained how I had sucked his cock while he slept and swallowed a load of his hot cum. James looked at me lustily, asking if I liked his cum. I didn’t answer, just gave my lover a cheeky grin.

It wasn’t going to take long for James to cum again. He sat upright, holding my legs open, fucking me hard and watching his cock gliding in and out of my cum soaked pussy. My tits bounced up and down in tandem with James’ thrusting. Finally, he felt his orgasm upon him. He pulled his cock out of my pussy, so he leapt up and sat over my face. Grabbing my hair and pulling my face into his crotch, he stuffed his cock into my mouth. As I sucked our juices off James’ cock, he shot more loads of warm cum into my throat. Now James was finished.

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