Sunny, salty surf.
Singles retreat meeting new
fun-loving people.

Games. Play as couples.
Start new game with new partner
‘til reaching line’s end.

Game of volleyball.
Laughing, shouting, take a fall
face down in cleavage.

Mumble awkward hi.
Skinned knee resting ‘tween smooth thighs.
Let me help you up.

Exchange of names.
It’s ok. Pounding heart, cotton mouth.
Shower before supper.

Campfire, hot dogs, s’mores.
Looking my way, turn away.
Second glance – come hither?

Barefoot walk invite.
Promise no head between boobs.
Sure, I would like that.

Setting sun in west.
Rising moon, breezes stir up
Hopeful attraction.

Sand dunes hide small tent.
Privacy where a married
couple copulate

Casual guarded
Conversation about pasts
And the futures sought.

Campfire’s embers glow.
One’s shoulder on the other’s.
Rest. Birthed is desire.

And it was good.

Dates and random phone
calls, spirits bonding, hearts and
desire wondering.

Relaxing dinners.
Personal space closing, still the
desire is controlled.

Leaves falling. Now it’s
hidden stiff desire rising
when warm hands are held.

Icy snowflakes, gloved hands.
Hot breaths becoming steamy clouds.
Two snuggle together

Endearing embrace.
Knowing looks, faces crimson
when hard desire felt.

Travel. Anxious moments
meeting each other’s family,
divining verdicts.

I feel your desire.
My legs? My breasts? Something else?
I am wet also.

Love declared. Will you?
Love accepted, returned, now
longing anticipation.

Intimate love note.
Wanting your head on my boobs
giving me hickeys.

When the time is right,
I want it all. Do I ride?
Take me from behind?

Now here we go. Bride
bedecked with fragrant flowers.
Horny groom’s first kiss.

And it was good.

Locked lodging
Lowered lights
Subdued music
Scented candles


Tender tracing
Earnest eyes
Face focused
Commitment communicated

Breasts bared
Tongues teasing
Languid licking
Satisfied sighs

Fumbling fingers
Panties parted
Trembling thighs
Soft sighs

Horny humping
Groins grinding
Eager exploring
Garden gained

Scented oils
Flower fondled
Sensuous stroking
On knees

Precum drips
Penis enters
Pain passes
Pleasure savored


Warmth spreading
Screams escaping
Body shaking
Finally release

United in body
Uniting in life
At peace

And it was very good.



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  1. LovingMan says:

    Carmelsk, I reread your lovely sexy poem. I decided that I would make another comment:
    The poem is truly amazing! It feels like a multi-haiku poem. I actually have a request/suggestion… Please consider writing this as a story so we can learn more details.

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