Don’t Ya Love Vegas?

The young lady at the reception desk was brilliant, friendly, and working as fast she could. Still, in my mind, the minutes seemed like hours. As soon as we had booked the trip, I had begun “writing my script.” I had a plan, you see. And by the growing bulge in my jeans, I was sure the whole lobby of the hotel knew what was on my mind.

Finally, I heard the magic words, “…and here is your room key.” Trying my best to mask my impatience, I led my wife around the corner to the bank of elevators.

“I’m picking #2; which one do you have?”

“I’m going with #6,” she replied.

A few seconds later, elevator #2 chimed and began opening its doors. “Oh yeah,” I thought to myself, “I’ve been in Vegas less than an hour, and I’ve already hit a winner.”

As we rode slowly up to our floor, I leaned into my bride of seven years and softly kissed the back of her neck. We had a glorious sex life, but somehow we always managed to kick it up a notch or two when we were in a hotel. But this was Vegas; I knew her expectations were going to be especially high.

My eyes focused on the digital numbers: 14, 15, 16, and then the chime of 17. “Another winner,” I whispered to myself. Making our journey down the long hallway, we scanned the numbers looking for our room until eventually finding our destination.

A soft beep, and then a hard click signaled my wife opening the door. As she immediately veered off into the bathroom, I set the bags down by the dresser before heading over to get a view of the Vegas strip below.

“Okay, so I’m thinking first we grab something to eat…” I heard her begin saying behind me.

“I’m thinking, let’s get naked and grab a quickie.”


“Serious,” I answered as I began to undress.

After a small giggle and a big smile, my wife kicked off her shoes in an obvious agreement.

In the blink of an eye, I stood bare as I gazed upon the beautiful naked body of my wife. Reaching out to take her hands into mine, I closed my eyes and held onto the moment.

“One free one,” she offered seductively. Now 99% of the time, I wouldn’t even consider finishing until she had orgasmed at least once or even twice. However, every once in a while, she would give me the freedom to pound her pussy without the constraints of controlled breathing, mental relaxation, kegel control, or rhythmic pacing.

With the green light, so to say, I spun her around and bent her over the small hotel table. Let me tell you, one of the things I love about my wife is how she becomes so wet with only a word, a glance, or even just a thought. I slid into her with ease and began to drive my hardened cock as deep as I could. I wanted to set a tone for the weekend. This trip was to be about fun, adventure, laughter, connecting, and of course, sex. Lots of sex.

In a few minutes, I was exploding inside her. Raising her, I held her tight as I gently caressed her. “So, where do you want to eat…”

After a quick bite, it was off to the shops. For me, Vegas was the sportsbooks; for her, it was the stores of a thousand desires. Shop after shop, she would enter only to exit with another bag and a bigger smile. Ladies, I’m telling you: your tits are lovely, your ass is nice, your legs are sensually shaped. Your eyes are captivating and your pussy is divine—but seeing you smile is the best of it all to us husbands.

After a full day, we made our way back to the hotel…and more importantly, to the hotel bar. Adding a bottle of wine to the day’s tab, we decided it was time to head up to the room.

Now it was time to put my plan into motion…

As soon as we entered, she disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up. While I waited, I took a few moments to gaze out onto the lights of the Vegas strip and go over in my mind what I was about to do to my wife.

After about ten minutes or so, I finally heard the door click. I had turned the lights down a bit, but I still could see her perfectly as she stepped out into the small hallway.

She had changed into my absolute favorite sexy outfit she owned—a floor-length negligee made entirely of red lace and plunging in a “V” almost down to her naval. Knowing my fascination with seeing her in an elegant evening gown, she had ordered this piece specifically for the thigh-high splits on either side.

She had touched up her make-up, bringing out her “1940s Hollywood eyes,” as I called them. And, of course, the jewel of the crown was the midnight black stiletto heels that she knew would drive me over the edge.

From my spot by the window, I approached slowly and reached out my hands to her. After taking in all of her beauty, I closed in and rested my forehead upon hers.

“Close your eyes.”

“Okay,” she softly whispered.

“Father, thank you for this beautiful and amazing woman you have gifted me. I ask for the ability to please her physically and emotionally. Amen.”

“Amen,” she replied almost under her breath.

“Keep your eyes closed,” I commanded as I led her over to one of the chairs I had positioned earlier. Guiding her to sit down, I then selected one of the silk ties I had brought and wrapped it around her eyes. After securing the blindfold, I dropped to my knees, reached for her hands, and gently pulled them to the back of the chair. With another silk tie, I bound her left wrist and then her right.

I had never done something like this before, but in our discussions, she had brought up a few times that she’d like to add some “light bondage” into our playlist. So I thought, what better time than Las Vegas to try something new.

I first began by reaching around her and opening the ‘V” of her dress to reveal her glorious breasts. No longer covered by the thin fabric, her nipples grew in the cool air. Running my fingers through her long auburn hair, I teasingly kissed the back of her neck. With every touch, she would make a soft, short exhalation. Lightly, I traced her neckline down her chest with the edge of my fingernails until I held her erect nipples in each hand.

I continued to kiss and occasionally bite her neck while giving her tits the attention they needed and desired. Once her breathing had intensified and her moans had become more audible, I quietly pulled two ice cubes from the bucket on the dresser. She gasped and squealed. I traversed her breasts with the ice until I was satisfied she had become comfortable. That’s when I took her nipple into my mouth and began dancing my tongue across it.

My hands took hold of the stiletto heels and began to lift them. I fully admit that I have a high-heel fetish…but what man doesn’t? I removed one of the heels and hung its closed toe on the end of my fully erect cock. In the other shoe, I guided her foot against my balls. After a few massaging strokes, I removed the second shoe so that she could feel the softness of my smoothly shaved bits against her skin.

Lovingly, I slid her feet back into her heels and lowered them to the floor. Once more, I enjoyed the leather’s look and feel with my hands before finally moving them slowly up her legs towards her inner thigh. Pushing the front of her dress to the side, I took a second to admire the view. The beautiful woman whom I loved sat just inches away from me, blindfolded and bound to a chair in a sexy lace negligee with her breasts exposed and now her pussy glistening in with the Vegas lights.

I smiled. Then I devoured her.

After her second orgasm, I removed the ties from her hands, helped her to her feet, and led her around the chair. Pressing up behind her, I whispered in her ear, “You are in front of a floor-to-ceiling window. Seventeen floors beneath you, the Las Vegas strip is alive and buzzing on a Friday night. Do you want to show off your glorious tits?”

“Yes,” she answered.

As before, I reached around her, and with a hand on each side of the “V,” I pulled the fabric aside.

“Tell them to look,” I commanded.

“Vegas, look at my tits,” she said softly. I raised her hands until she held a breast in each one.

“Tell them again,” I ordered.

“Vegas! Look at my tits!” she exclaimed, louder and more forcibly than before.

Rewarding her obedience, I removed her blindfold. With both of our hands, we displayed her together.

I had pressed my dick into the crack of her ass, tucked firmly between her cheeks. Now, I grabbed the end and traced it down until I found her wet pussy begging for it. Deeply I plunged into her, forcing her forward until her tits pressed up against the glass.

“Damn, I love hotel window sex,” she let out in between breaths.

“I’ve got another surprise for you.”

“Oh really?”

Pulling out of her, I left her standing in the window as I walked over and climbed onto the bed. There, I sat with my back against the headboard and spread my legs wide. I reached under one of the pillows and pulled out the leather-tipped riding crop I had secretly purchased before the trip.

“I believe it’s time for you to bounce your tonsils on my dick,” I commanded as I struck the mattress with the riding crop.

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

Making her way from the window to the foot of the bed, she seductively crawled towards my erect cock, which was still wet from being inside her.

Lightly I swatted her ass. “Go slow,” I ordered.

‘Yes, sir,” she mumbled with her mouth full.

Another swat on her ass. “Lick my balls.”

Obeying my directive, she removed my cock from her mouth and began to dance her tongue across me.

“Shaft,” I would command with a swat, followed by “balls” and another swat. Each time she would respond accordingly.

“That’s enough,” I told her as I gave her one more swat on her ass. “Climb up here; I want to watch those beautiful breasts bounce.”

Wiping my pre-cum from her lips, she did as I commanded. Quickly, she positioned herself above me before lowering her dripping pussy down to swallow my cock. Once she had me within her, she opened the top of her dress to display her glorious tits with her hands. Taking a breast in each hand, she lifted them for my approval.

“That’s it, babe,” I complimented her, “show them off to me, be proud of them.”

Toying with me, she would take turns raising one to her lips and sucking its nipple, then the other one.

Again I swatted her ass with the riding crop. “Make those tits bounce,” I ordered. Aggressively she began to ride my cock, grinding her hips into me as I lifted into her. I leaned her back, and her breasts rocked up and down as she began to let out screams of passion.

“Cum for me,” I ordered with a swat to her ass and a powerful thrust that lifted her off the bed.

“Cum for me.” Another swat and another.

I felt her pussy contract around me as her body convulsed. She let out a long squeal of delight that sent me over the edge, and I emptied everything I had deep within her.

Exhausted, she collapsed onto me, trying to catch her breath as her body still twitched. Finally, she raised her head enough to kiss me and softly whisper, “Thank you. I love you.”

I held her against my chest for a few moments before pushing her to sit up. She looked down at me with a puzzled look, wondering what I had planned next.

“Here,” I said as I passed the riding crop and the power of command to her. “Your turn tomorrow night.”

“My turn?” she repeated, more as a confirmation to herself as the wheels of her imagination began to turn. “My turn,” she said again, this time with confidence and authority as she gave a practice swat against the mattress.

“Yes, ma’am,” I obediently answered.

…don’t ya love Vegas?!

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