Filling Her Up Before The War

The 17th of April, 1861:

The vote is in; Virginia has seceded. Lincoln’s hasty call-up of 75,000 volunteers has not ameliorated the crisis, only deepened it. So, in defense of my state, my home, I offered my services to the governor. All I know is that I walked into that office without worrying, without thinking of my love and how I would have to leave her behind. Patriotism overtook me: the invader must be repelled. And so I walked out of that office with a tightly fitted grey uniform, intent to leave everything behind and fight. If I must make the supreme sacrifice, I will, and then shall I rest in the good Lord’s hands.


“Darling, this is a cute little paragraph.” My love shut my little journal and slipped it back into my pocket as we walked along the dirt road on an evening stroll, arm in arm. The glow of the slowly setting sun illuminated her softly flowing locks. My mind was so clouded that I didn’t know what to do: this coming war, the little time I had left with her. All I could do was pull her closer against me and slow our pace to make this walk last as long as possible. I broke the silence with my usual jests.

“Why must you always read what I write.”

“I love every aspect of you,” she replied, “so why should I not read your lovely writing?” She had a good point, but that’s not why I lifted her into the air beneath a curving cherry tree along the way and then brought her down to kiss her lips. Those wonderful lips…

“Darling,” she moaned as she collapsed onto my chest. Her slender body folded onto me, her head resting on my chest.

“Shush. It’s all going to be okay,” I reassured her, helped her stand, and then we watched the sun go down. I laid my coat on the ground for her and sat on the grass. We observed that sunset till it was completely gone and all was dark.

“How do we find our way now?” She gave me her adorable worried face.

“We know the way; we don’t need to see to know where home is.” I laid my hand over her heart. By now, she’d probably come to expect such profundity from me at moments like this one, when things are not going well.

“Now hurry up, my darling. It’s late, and we must be getting back.”

I know we should not unnecessarily break with proper social conduct, but we were young with no one around. So, we ran, skipped, and chased each other up the path to our little cabin. Yes, the small cozy log house was ours; I’d built it before I even asked for her hand.

Now she took my hand and dragged me through the doorway, looking back at me with a charming smile. Then, pressing against me and wrapping me tightly in her arms, she looked into my eyes with those sweet blue ones of hers. “This war will not take you from me, I’ll be right-” She stepped back to cover my heart with her palm.

I interrupted her. “Ah, I knew my profound sayings would teach you something.”

“James! It was my turn to do something specifically captivating.”

And her pout definitely did capture my attention. I hugged her as tightly as I could.

She felt my strong arms around her and my slim, muscular V-shaped torso under my uniform. As I pressed against her thin curving body and kissed slowly down her neck, she moaned my name in my ear.

“My love,” I whispered to her. She had been unfastening her thin dress. When it fell to the ground, I was stunned. Her lovely body with every perfect, gentle curve lay against my wool uniform. Her small, freckled tits pressed against me, her eyes burning with passion. Her heavenly-scented pussy begged me to take her.

“It’s itchy,” she complained as she moved her hand down and tried to wrap it around a growing bulge in my trousers.

“Do you require some assistance?” I politely asked as she knelt in front of me.

“Have I ever needed your help before?” she jested back at me, looking up with such fiery passion. Her firm tits taunted me, tempting me to bust out of my uniform that second. I wanted to take her as hard and fast as I could, to give her my long, hard cock while I sucked on those delicious tits and made her yell my name out of sheer pleasure. I couldn’t bear any longer delay and sighed with relief when her nimble hands managed to remove my pants.

“This is new,” I winked at her.

“You’ve never had a uniform before,” she joked.

It took both of her hands to warm me up. She slid them over my thick shaft, massaging it. Her fingers ran over the engorged, defined veins reaching from its broad base to the throbbing mushroom-shaped head.  I moaned a little, then all of a sudden, I felt her small mouth try to go over all of it. Her tongue traced the veins teasingly for a minute before she swallowed me down her throat so fast and deep and unexpectedly that I let out a loud moan.

Her hands wrapped around my swollen balls, and her mouth frantically struggled to swallow my cock. She kept looking up at me so lovingly. I never curse, never use those words, but…

“Fuck,” I moaned loudly, “Fuck, oh darling,” over and over again. I untied the ribbon in her hair and held her long wavy locks back. She gagged and struggled more and more; I knew she couldn’t keep it up. It was time.

She gasped and stopped sucking, so I picked her up and tucked my hands under her bottom. While she moaned and her legs wrapped around me, I stood holding her from underneath.

“Are you ready?” I asked her quietly.

“This is new,” she joked and kissed me. It tasted so good. She started to say something else, but I began to put it in: my swollen cockhead. She could do nothing but moan and gasp as I pressed into her, all the while kissing and sucking on her small breasts until I couldn’t reach them anymore. Then, as I lowered her down my shaft, my mouth found her luscious lips again.

“My love,” she gasped.

I pulled her against me and finished shoving my long, thick shaft into her. As my balls met her soft yet firm ass, I started thrusting gently, passionately. Sweat drenched us as we exchanged kisses. Her arms and legs anchored her to me. My muscles began to shake from the excruciating pleasure of the grip around my throbbing cock. Her tight pussy sucked my member inside of her, stretching to its limit.

“Fuck me as hard as you can,” she begged me.

And so I sped up, the whole shaft going in and out, faster and faster, harder, and with pure passion. Her hot pussy gripped me so tightly that I could hardly bear it. So tight. Did I think the words or say them?

I pounded her so fast and deep that I felt as if I were in her stomach. She whimpered, and her whole body shook as her little pussy gripped me repeatedly, making my veiny dick slick. Now I could go even faster.

She laughed in amazement and bliss. “Oh, fuck. Fuck yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… Don’t you dare stop.”

I moaned at her urgent words and kissed her, my fingers digging into her soft ass as I supported her. I squeezed so hard as I pounded her that she squealed and begged me to cum.

A padded stool stood in front of the settee; still supporting her weight in my hands, I went to it and laid her on her back. Her tight pussy still gripped my cock and throbbed around it. Taking a handful of those cute tits, I made long, aggressively hard strokes deep up into her. She trembled as I unloaded a massive stream of hot cum that felt like it would never end. Finally, I pulled my long shaft out and let the last of it land on her small tits.

“Oh my God, James.”

I kissed her so slowly over and over again: her sweet lips, her delicious breasts. Then I helped her up, and we sat there, wrapped in each other’s arms. But I remained hard, and she saw my cock still standing proud, throbbing and coated in OUR juices and begging for more of her tight, gorgeous pussy.

“I want to please you fully,” she sternly declared.

“You already do.” I smiled at her.

She sat down as slowly as she could. Her beautiful, slender legs arched over my throbbing member, and her tight pussy made me gasp as she planted herself. “Oh, James,” she managed to squeak out as she shook and came all over me, soaking me more.

I taunted her and slapped her soft asscheek. It jiggled playfully. “So you want more of my sticky, warm cum?”

She said nothing but moaned and started bouncing up and down on me as hard as she could. Eventually, she slowed. “I love you, dear.”

It was all music to my ears: our moans, our lovemaking was the ultimate symphony, Our union represented the ideal of young love and affection. At that moment, I knew I would carry our love with me through this cruel war. Even if I were not to survive, I would not die alone. But she took it even farther.

“I’m coming with you.” she moaned.

“It’s too dangerous,” I objected. “I can’t lose you.”

“No, you need me, and I need you. I can stay by your side, even in battle.” She moaned again.

I thought to myself, “Oh God, the war approaches in the morning.” That was the end of that; there was no stopping her.

My balls tightened, and I unloaded another massive load deep into her tight pussy.

She collapsed into my arms. “I’ll cut my hair tomorrow,” she whispered.

Oh no. “Well, at least I won’t get cold out there on campaign.”

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13 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! It is very well written. The passion the couple has for each other and the very erotic experiences they share are so vividly described! I think that kind of love life is typical for newlyweds AND for a lot of us long-time married couples! Sex with my wife is euphoric , erotic, and bonding!

    About women joining the army in the US Civil War: I looked it up. More than 400 women disguised themselves to serve in both armies in the US Civil War. I don’t know if any served with their husband.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I need to make time to enjoy the story but have to give MH credit for a great picture. So sexy, such a turn on. I am happy that the previous decision to not show nudes was changed.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    Massive loads, swallowed me down her throat, thick long cock. Does exaggerating make the story hotter? It must because guys seem to always write that way. Not criticizing, just curious. To me, it just flashes fake and keeps me from getting too involved.

  4. MonsterCock23 says:

    My S/O and I are in our early 20’s and do a lot of war-reenactment events where we camp. Needless to say that things get HOT, and it’s what inspired this story. She loves role-play; our passion grows with our love, amazing and neverending. Enjoy the story!

    • LovingMan says:

      That’s cool that you do reenactment events together! We’ve done a couple but never camped at the event. Sounds like fun!!!

    • MonsterCock23 says:

      Thanks! We bring horses so we have to camp LOL, always more fun together 😉 like going back in a time machine, a hot…. tight… steamy… cum-filled time machine

    • Been blessed says:

      You call her your S/O. It sounds like all this hot, steamy, cum-filled action is between you and your girlfriend, not your wife. Is that correct?

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