How to Make you Husband Sizzle for You

OK, here are some fun things to do for your husband.  Don’t you want to bless him?  Don’t you want to make him happy?  Be creative and bless him sexually.  Sure he likes a good meal, sure he likes his television with remote, sure he likes to tinker in the garage, but you have something that he loves.  Why not use your creative talents to please him in a most dramatic way.  Here are just a few hints:

Put spontaneity and daring together.  The next time you get out of the car, walk to the other side and grab his hand.  After a minute, whisper in his ear:  “I want to suck you tonight!”  After a few more minutes, say, “I do, I want to suck you tonight.”  Regardless of how verbally descriptive you feel, just be as direct as you can.  Replace the word “suck” with “make love” or “come for you” or “feel your penis inside me.”  Just say something daring and spontaneous.  He will love it.

Call your husband at work and tell him you have been thinking about him all day.  Tell him you cannot wait for him to get home.  Tell him to come home as soon as possible or you are likely to start something without him.  Then close by telling him, “Good grief, I can’t stand it. I’m going to get undressed right now.”  Call him back after ten minutes and say that you tried to take care of the problem, but it won’t go away.

Get your sexiest pair of underwear.  Put on one of his t-shirts.  Jump in the shower with him and give him a wet t-shirt show.  This can be done with any piece of lingerie you own.  Believe me, if it is old, has gotten boring, if he’s seen it too many times, it will look totally, completely different when it is wet.

Next time you are grocery shopping with him, pick up an item that is long and slender like a medium size cucumber.  Say to him, “Do you think this would fit?”  Then, as you proceed through the store, pick up other items of the same nature, and with your eyes, or just a little comment, ask him, “Would this?”  Items like bananas, small shampoo bottles, candy bars, candles, hot dogs, etc., will take on a whole new meaning.  He will be completely uncontrollable by the end of the spree.

Give him a show.  Ask him what kind of show he would like.  You could give him a panty show, and model every pair you have (assuming you have assorted kinds; if you don’t, get some).  Or, you could give him a lingerie show.  Or put on every sexy outfit you have.  Change in another room so the anticipation builds with each new outfit you will be modeling.  Model different angles and poses and positions in each outfit or article of clothing.  He will feel like a king at the end of the show.  Be prepared!

Tell him that you have the biggest dilemma and need his help to solve it.  He will not know what to do with himself when you tell him your dilemma is that you cannot figure out which you prefer: getting oral sex or giving it.  Ask him how he can help you with this dilemma.  Tell him if he has the same dilemma, you would love to help him find the answer to his and your problem.  Take him to the bedroom and tell him, “We have to figure this out!”

Tell him you are tired of doing the same old thing in bed.  Ask him if he would like to try something new, or somewhere new.  Ask him if he would like to try a new position tonight, or would he like to try it in a different area of the house.  While he is pondering this issue, slyly say, “Or, we could do both.”  Believe me, if he has not heard you say such things, he will think he just might be dreaming.  He may ask who you are and what you have done with his wife.  Regardless of his reaction, tell him you have been thinking of doing it in the garage or the basement.  Finally, tell him you are going to get a blanket and to meet you there.

Wake him up in the middle of the night and tell him that you cannot get to sleep because you are so horny.  When he asks if you want to make love, tell him “No, I was just over here feeling myself, and I want you to finish me off.”  If he looks or acts surprised, tell him not to worry. You will do the same for him when he’s done if he wants.

Ask him if he thinks a man his age is capable of coming five times in one day.  Then ask him if he wants to be a guinea pig for an experiment to test the hypothesis.  As an bonus, tell him that you want to view his penis during each climax so you can see the difference of sperm he sends out during each orgasm.  He should like being the center of your experiment.  Wear a white lab coat if you are into role-playing.

Do something naked that one would not usually do in such a state.  You could cook a meal, clean the house, wash the car (in the garage), play scrabble or cards, watch a television show, pay the bills, or just dance around the house.  Another variation of this is to do any of these same tasks in high heels only.  Or, you could accomplish some of the same tasks in lingerie, or garter and hose, or just in your simple bra and panties.  He will like it.  And it should get your juices flowing too.

Use any of these ideas to get him going.  Just use your imagination to invent more.  Why can’t sex be fun?  Let it be spontaneous.  Let it be daring.  Do something erotic or sensual for him.  Change it up.  Rev it up.  Get your relationship moving on the physical side.  Please his eyes.  Please his senses.  He will be a happy – a blessed! – man.

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