Relieving My Wife’s Work Stress

Recently, my wife began having a rough time at work.  She was not really enjoying her job, and things had gotten pretty busy for her, which only amplified the stress.  To help her set her stress aside and relax a bit, I thought she would appreciate a romantic evening of intimacy initiated by me.  So one day I chose to work from home while she had to go into the office.  My wife loves a good massage, so when she came home, I had set up a massage table in our bedroom.


I left her a note to join me upstairs and asked her to put on a bathing suit while I gave her a full-body massage.  I know I would get anxious to make love before too long, so I had to a conscientious effort to lengthen the time of the massage to make sure she was fully relaxed before we had sex.  I began by massaging her back and arms, then went down to her feet and calves.

Slowly, I worked my way up her legs to her thighs, and when I began rubbing her inner thighs she started breathing harder, and began to get turned on.  I asked her to turn over for me, then moved back down to her feet and worked my way back up her legs.  Then I slowly slid off her swim suit, and rubbed all her sensual areas along the way until she became really turned on.  I rubbed her between her legs until she had an orgasm, then I took her over to her bed (while she removed the little clothing I had on), and we made love.  It was one of the sweeter intimate experiences we have shared, and was a great reminder that marital intimacy should primarily be about our spouse, not ourselves.

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