My Wife, My Lover!

After a long day of work there is nothing more exciting than coming home to my wife.
She can be such a turn on!   After eating supper we will spend some time relaxing with our kids. As it gets close to their bedtime I’ll announce “okay kids, time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed!” I’ll hug each one and send them off.

Then I will go and take a careful shower insuring all parts of my body are clean.
I will towel dry and usually shave so there will be no “pricklies”.  This is usually followed by brushing my teeth.   After toiletries I will put on some expensive cologne and sexy silk boxers.

Usually when I am done my wife will come into our room from making sure the kiddies are in bed. While I wait in our bedroom I can hear her taking a shower and getting herself ready for me.

In the meantime I usually light a couple of scented candles.  My expectation is steadily building. And she does not disappoint!  She emerges from the bathroom wearing some super sexy lingerie.

As I lay on our bed my member starts to grow with anticipation.  She can see the effect she has on me and it turns her on. She starts to model her lingerie in a very provocative fashion.  I decide to reciprocate by allowing my penis to be see out of one of the legs of my boxers.

This excites her even more.  She starts to tease me with glimpses of her luscious breasts and nipples.  After a while she sits down on my office chair and leans back a little. She spreads her legs and pulls her underwear to one side.  I can clearly see her pubic hair and pussy now.

I waste no time in allowing my balls and cock to be fully exposed.  She is visibly turned on by my action. She seductively starts to lightly rub her fingers over her pussy.  I start to do the same with my cock.

I can tell she really likes what I am doing.  Her pace picks up and I know she is really stimulated. Just by watching her I am ready to explode!  We tell each other how turned on we are.

She strips off her lingerie and I my boxers.  We meet each other on the bed.  The passion builds as I enter her wet pussy. Her breathing heightens with the pace of my thrusting.  She tells me how much she wants it.

I tell her ” Go baby, You can do it!”.  In a short while we start to orgasm in unison.  She gasps in pleasure while at the some time I find myself moaning in delight.
The two melt into one happy puddle of True Love.

My Wife, yes.  My children’s Mother, yes.  But above all, My one and only Lover!

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