Conception at Last

I’d been on the road for several weeks.  But it would all be worth it.

This was my last route sales trip.  I was being promoted to management, and when I returned home, in just a few days, my wife and I would try to complete our family by having children.

We’d been somewhat jealous of my twin brother Donny and his wife, who’d been married only four years versus our five, and already had three great kids.  I’d seen my wife, Jenny, watching Don play with his kids… rolling around in our living room during family gatherings… and I could see the longing; the desire in her eyes.  She wanted children so badly.

It was late when I called her from my hotel room.  I’d grown hard, lying there thinking about our upcoming reunion.

“H-hello?” She answered breathily, sounding tired, or aroused… or both.

“I’ve been thinking about you”, I said, stroking myself gently.

“Oh baby, I… mmm… was thinking about you, too.”  I could tell she must have been touching herself as well.  Her voice wavered… sounding urgent, and then distracted… then passionate.

“I’ve been imagining our first night back,” I told her.  “Taking you in my arms again.  You in your negligee… the black one-”

“I wore it tonight”, she moaned.  “But it’s off now.”

The thought of it sliding from her shoulders, and fluttering to the floor made me grow more rigid.  I gripped my stiff rod more firmly.

“I imagined my tongue, tickling you… sliding downward,” I teased.

“Yesss…” she hissed.  “I can feel it now.  A hot tongue… y… your hot tongue… between my legs.  Oh yesss… do it.  Ram your tongue deep inside m… mmeeeee…!”  She was playing this up well.  Alone in the house, as I knew she must have been, she was free to make as much noise as she liked.

“I c… can’t take thissss… anym… more!  Climb on top of m… meeee…!”  I heard the bedsprings creaking.  She must have been moving around quite a bit.  Knowing how much she loves having her nipples sucked during lovemaking, I was not surprised to hear wet lips smacking on her breasts.  Her 36-Ds were easily large enough for her to pleasure herself with her mouth, as I imagined she was.

“That’s it, baby” I coaxed her on, “Feel me, crawling over you… getting atop you…”

“Oh yesss!  I do!  I feel it!  The head… so hot… ssoooo big…. oh my…. b… but I’m ov… ovulating!  And… n… not protected…!” She had gotten so lost in the moment that she forgot we didn’t need condoms any more, and besides… we were on the phone!

“It’s okay darling… let it inside you.  Feel the hot skin against yours, for the first time ever!”

“Nghhyaaa!  N… nuhhhghh… y…. yesssss!  I… f… feel it!  Stretching mmmeeee!  Sooo big!  B… bigger th… than I’ve ever…. OOHHHHH!!!!”

This was incredible.  Phone sex with my wife had NEVER been this passionate before.  The bedsprings creaked and groaned over the phone almost as though I were there with her.  I knew her hips must have been bouncing fiercely off the mattress to make such a ruckus.  I pounded my own meat vigorously in time with the squeaks.

“Don… don’t come inside me!”  This had to be force of habit.  She wasn’t thinking clearly in the heat of passion.

“It’s okay darling… we want a baby, remember?  We need to start a family.  Don’t pull away.  Embrace it.  Feel it… deep inside you.”

“Oh yesss… I feel it.  I do.  I love it.  I lo… I love YOU!  Don… don’t pull out.  I want to feel it… shooting inside me.  Filling me up… f… for the first time e… everrrr…”

Her grunts became lower now… gutteral… almost as deep as my own.

“Come inside me!  Deep inside my womb!  Knock me up!  Give it to me!  Give me your baby!  Tonight!  N… now! Ohhhh YESSSSSS!!!  I love yooooou…!  NGYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!”

She came in torrents, and so did I… moaning so loudly I thought I could hear my own passionate grunts echoed back to me in the phone line, as if I were there… emptying into her.  She even thrashed and wailed in an exaggerated tempo as though I were really filling her with my sperm.

She tried whispering something to me, but it was too faint to understand.  Then I heard the sounds of her lips, as though she were kissing the phone, or her own arm and shoulder (to make the sounds realistic for me).

I heard her whisper her love for me before the phone went back onto its cradle, and we both drifted immediately off to sleep.


A few days later, my wife and my brother gave me a hero’s Welcome Home party, and later that night, the fantasy became reality as we conceived our first child, our daughter Donna May.

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