Easter Treat

It was Easter and my wife and children went to my wife’s parents for our annual Easter dinner following church as we did every year. This year however my wife’s parents arranged a sleepover for all of the grandkids that night.  Even though we love our kids dearly a little quiet time alone together was met with anticipation. We didn’t make any “special” plans but we were planning on just going home and working outside together.

My wife looked gorgeous as usual, but was wearing a nice dress that was very modest yet accentuated her nice bodily curves. As we were all sitting at the table enjoying the Easter meal and enjoying some good conversation I slipped my shoe off under the table and rubbed the front of my wife’s ankle and then around the sides and the back of her lower leg while I was sharing a story with the family.  She reciprocated and slipped her shoe off and responded by running her toes up my leg and so we ended up playing footsies during the rest of the dinner.

I was only hoping my wife was getting as excited as I was.   At the end of the meal I leaned and rested my hand on the seat of her chair and stroked her outer thigh with my fingers as the conversations continued.  I could tell she was getting aroused and she proceeded to place her hand on my thigh and stroke me above the knee.  My wife is very conservative as are her parents so this was stepping outside the box for my wife.  I was getting fully aroused and wasn’t sure how I was going to hide my excitement when we got up from the table but we knew the grandparents wanted to spend time with the kids so we excused ourselves.   As we were leaving we thought since it was early in the afternoon and we had extra time on our hands that we should stop by church and pick up the lessons for next weeks Sunday School class.

We went to the art room to pick up the lessons and once inside the door she turned the lights on and neither of us could hold back our desire.   We both looked at each other and the passion that had been building up was soon to be released. Our lips met and she pressed her body against me and kissed me hard and our tongues met driving the passion deeper.

I place my hand on her nice butt to pull her in close to my hard and throbbing man part.

I lifted up her dress and moved my hands over her nice ass and pulled her in tight.  She parted her legs for me and I moved my hand to the front of her wet mound.  She responded by taking her hand and unzipping my pants and started nibbling at my neck.  In synchronized movements her hands were pulling my pants down as I was removing her panties.  I was so excited at my wife who had for 23 years been very conservative in her approach to making love that I was seeing a side of her never before seen.  She was directing my hands to the zipper at the back of her dress.  She was breathing heavily and whispering how much she wanted me in my ear as her dress now dropped to the floor.

I cupped her breasts in my hands and slid my fingers underneath her bra and fondled and caressed her hard nipples.  She was now like putty and I lifted her up on the counter.  She removed her bra before I had the chance.  It hadn’t been what it seemed 2-3 minutes and we were both stark naked in the art room at church in broad daylight.  If someone had walked in their would be NO explanation now! I stepped back and gazed at the beauty God provided for me.  I gazed in her eyes and lifted her off of the counter, took her by the hand and we walked to the youth classroom where there was a couch.  The whole side of the youth room had large picture windows that looked directly into the parking lot which in hind site probably made our love making session more exciting but at this time neither of us seemed to care.  I led her to the edge of the couch and she sat at the edge with her buttocks on the very outer edge of the couch and her legs were spread waiting for me.  The sun was shining through the window and her pussy was so wet it was glistening in the sun I couldn’t peel my eyes from the sight.

She slid her hand down to her pussy and parted her lips so I could get a better look.  She then leaned back with her eyes closed and started massaging her nipple to my satisfaction.  Her moans started and her hips were rotating so I took this as my hint to taste her sweet juices.  I placed my one hand on her other breast and my other hand under her upper thigh and licked to hers and my delight.

She climaxed 4 times and we’ve only beat this record one other time (7 times) which I hope to write in the near future. We have delighted ourselves one other time in the church with has been enjoyable for both of us.

I thank God for a Godly woman and appreciate her stepping outside her comfort zone for one Easter we’ll never forget.


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