Lust and Hilarity From Smitten’s Wife

Last spring my husband and I chose a warm sunny day to catch-up on some chores around the house and yard. Our house sits on a hill above the street and our yard is mostly secluded by trees except for a few narrow angles that neighbors and people on the street might see through.

We got out of bed that morning feeling exuberant and full of the joy that we shared. I put on a yellow low-cut summer dress, no bra or panties, and he wore sweat pants, a t-shirt, and no underwear.

As we sat at the table eating breakfast our eyes met and we smiled lovingly with a shared anticipation of later events. For some instinctual reason we have found it sexually stimulating to work together on projects that secure our home; like birds building a nest.

So we went to work: He was in the kitchen replacing the sink faucet and I was outside making ready to plant some flowers. I stood still and looked around, enjoying the soothing sunshine on my face, a gentle breeze saturated with lilac scent lifting my hair from my shoulders, and listened to the busy neighborhood. A neighbor across the street was cutting grass; another neighbor on our side of the street was working on his driveway, and I saw a lady walking her golden retriever.

I got down on my knees and bent over, picked up my digging tool, and began making a hole for a yellow tiger lily. The musky earthly scents, my breasts hanging freely, and my butt in the air facing the house caused my mind to wander: thoughts of my husband mounting me from behind, the fullness of his dick inside me, and his explosive hot orgasm filling me overwhelmed my intentions to plant flowers.

 Just then I heard tapping on the glass storm door and looked around toward the house. I saw his bulbous dick-head wedged through the small opening of the door, then his powerful shaft, then his swollen balls. He made his dick bounce a couple times; upward and level again, upward and level again as I imagined it all the way inside me, stretching me upward and then downward, stretching me upward and then downward, and felt my clit tingling as my breathing quickened.

“Ohh, Big Boy!” I said. “Is Big Boy hungry?”

He didn’t reply but his dick bounced rapidly a few times, the head swelling to its full potential, and then withdrew back into the house.

Now I was really excited and feeling mischievous. I raised my dress above my hips, arched my back, and raised my butt, thinking he would whistle or let out a desirous caterwaul, but all was quiet. You missed a great view, I thought, and I went back to digging.

Suddenly I felt his arms around me, his hands working my breasts, rolling my nipples between his thumb and fingers, and his hot . . . hard dick probing my fur, then sliding up my slit.

“Ohhh, Baby, that feels so good,” I whispered. “In! I need to feel it inside me!” I squealed, planting my hands in the dirt and pushing my butt against him. “All the way inside.”

“I feel the heat of your pussy,” he said, softly gasping,” and your contracting labia begging for me.”

“Now!” I said. “Give it to me pl–ease!”

He clamped his hands on my hips and thrust through my slippery tight entrance. “Ohhh,” I groaned. Another thrust and  sharing of pleasurable groans  . . .  and he was inside. Another thrust and I was full of him, full of ecstasy, as a long moment of enjoyable swelling and throbbing from him and clamping and sucking from me went by.

“I need more of you. I neeeed It,” I said.

Then he moved his hands from my hips to the underside of my thighs, held on tightly, and began thrusting, gasping, and groaning as if there was no tomorrow,  as if we were inside the house behind closed doors.

I felt intense waves of excitement building in me . . . but I had to look around and check for our privacy. It was all clear . . . and I gave in to the inevitable urges to bounce my butt in rhythm to his thrusting, to groan and cry out, as we became lost in our own little world.

My orgasm was peaking, my body tight and quivering, his thrusting quickening, his dick seizing inside me . . . and then I heard the mail truck stop at our box. I looked around toward the street, as my husband obliviously kept thrusting and bouncing me, and strained my eyes, held back urges to cry out in orgasmic ecstasy,  and saw the mailman getting out of his truck and holding a box in his hands. He started up the trail toward us!

“Sandy! Sandy! You get back here!”  the lady yelled at her dog.

I saw the dog run past the mailman and toward us, the lady entering our yard, and felt my husbands hot cum pulsing inside me.

“Mailman! Dog! Lady!” I screeched through orgasmic groans.

My husband, still thrusting, looked around. “Oh, no!” he said with an agonizing groan, and dismounted, still uncontrollably thrusting his dick in the air and shooting long pearly streams of semen above and beside me.

I thrashed at my dress, pulling it back down, he pulled his pants back up and fell to his knees beside me, and we began digging furiously, snickering.

The dog arrived first and went straight for my butt, sniffing and licking at my dress. I swatted at him in silence, but my hubby chuckled, and the dog began sniffing all around us as if his sensitive nose had detected something no one else could see. He stopped, stiffened, and then lowered his muzzle to the ground and began lapping up my husband’s semen.

I chuckled and looked at my husband, checking his response. His face was flushed, his eyes wide, as he watched the dog. He looked at me with a sheepish grin. “Oh my . . . ” He pointed at the dog. “He . . .” he started just as the lady arrived and didn’t finish it.

The lady approached with a exasperated expression and a growl in her voice and took hold of the dog’s collar. “Come here!” she said, tugging the dog, but the dog dug his claws into the grass, closed his eyes as if he was in a trance, and licked the ground, making snuffling slobbering sounds. “Come here!” she screeched and tugged harder, breaking the dog’s seemingly air tight vacuum on the ground.

We were shocked into silence.

The lady briefly looked at us, as we stared at her, and the dog kept lunging for his prize on  the ground. “Sorry,” she said, sighing, and then headed for the street, dragging the dog behind her.

The mailman stopped beside us and lowered the box to the ground, smirking knowingly.

We were still speechless and simply looked upward at him, straining to stay composed.

“Nice day  to dig in mother earth and water a flower,” he said. Then he headed for his truck, chuckling.

I lowered my gaze to my husband and we bursts into hilarious laughter. We stood up and bolted toward the house, giggling like kids, pushing and shoving each other through the door, then the kitchen, and finally collapsing on the living room carpet, laughing to tears, holding our stomachs, and rolling toward the other, away from the other, and finally stopping on our backs, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, and our gasping breaths sharing the same air.

A long moment of intermittent snickering followed, and then we closed our eyes and relaxed, enjoying the comfort and safety a long marriage brings to a couple.

He sighed. “I didn’t get to water your flower.”

I chuckled. “Yep, that dog stole my reward,” I said.

We shared a subdued laugh, and then relaxed again.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too.”


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17 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Smitten’s wife – that was unbelievably erotic. You got me so excited! I love what you two were doing to each other (you showing you butt with boobs hanging down and him at the door)! I love how you were both thinking hot thoughts about each other at the same time. You need to go finish your business in that same spot this spring! Wait till the mail has come…then you cum! Then, please write us all about the conclusion. Your writing is hot and very motivating. thank you. God bless you both!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Bravo Lady Smitten! Great story,,
    funny and wonderfully erotic. I must say I am more than just a little horny now! Thank you so much. God bless you and Mr. Smitten and please stay horny!

  3. smitten says:

    We collaborate on our stories and we’ll let you in on a little secret. The hilarity at the end was the most fun . . . and writing and reliving it was most enjoyable. To glimpse, if only for a few minutes, what we were like as mischievous, naive, carefree, and giggling teenagers was exhilarating.

  4. Bethanny says:

    Its always the mailman I swear. About four months after my husband and I were married, the mailman had a specialty package that needed to be signed for and I had on nothing but my silk bathrobe and my husband had on nothing but boxers and he was like “You guys must be newlyweds.” so naturally we agreed and asked what made him think that. His response? “because you are never fully dressed when I come too the door.”

  5. Per Hovdal says:

    I just loved this story!
    We have experienced a similar situation and even things did not happen as planned it really made our day.
    I felt the build up passion in your story and loved the funny ending. 🙂

  6. Smitten says:

    Lady Smitten. Thanks for your gracious comment, Per Hovdal. We had a lot of fun writing and reliving this episode in our marriage. We are not so eager anymore to do it in the yard but it felt good to be naive and stupid young again.

  7. Smitten says:

    Lady Smitten. From your comment, Emmy Sue, sounds like you might like to live dangerously too. It gets the juices flowing, being naughty, but we got more than what we bargained for.
    May God continue to enrich your marriage.

  8. Lance says:

    I really enjoyed this story.. I have been married going on 43 yrs… And sure would like for something like that to take place or taken place.. Great writing

  9. Lovinghusband says:

    Okay Lady Smitten – the spring is over…did you finish your business on the same spot? If so, give us a follow up story. God bless you two!

    • smitten says:

      Lady Smitten to Lovinghusband: We didn’t go any further that day and haven’t done it in the yard again. We had not planned on the yard but our playfulness go the best of us. I believe we will again when the time is right. Although nothing can compare to what happened to us that day. Smitten just finished and submitted a story about a very very wonderful feeling that came over us one day a long time ago. God’s blessings on you and your wife too.

  10. Smitten says:

    Thanks, Lance. You have to live a little bit on the edge, be mischievous, think young and stupid, and don’t get into the middle age rut, the husband sleeping on the couch while the ball game is on and the wife knitting or outside sweeping the driveway. The best part of that whole event was coming back into the house and feeling young again.

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