Night of Sex

My wife and I will be celebrating our 24th anniversary in June.  I praise God for our relationship and for

Christ being the head of our relationship.  We both met in Bible college and the Lord put us together.  Our sex life has always been strong and continues to be each year.  We never get bored having sex and always find ways to make sex fun.

Recently, I had to take a job that will require us to relocate.  I started my new job on February 3rd.  We are six hours apart from each other.  I am having a tough time being apart from my wife and especially not being able to see my wife’s naked body.  I was searching on the internet (googling) for ideas on how to enhance our relationship while apart.  I came across an article entitled, “Face Time Sex”.  I clicked on the article and it brought me to Marriage Heat.  I read the article of how a husband was on a business trip for a week and was struggling with porn and the sexual feelings he was having.  Long story short, he and his wife were having face time sex.  I forwarded the article to my wife and confessed to her my problem of being alone and viewing porn on my computer.  She read the article and called me to say we can do this.  We started sexting each other and sending pics of ourselves.  We couldn’t face time because the hotel Wi-Fi would not connect.  We really enjoyed sexting and telling each other how we felt sexually and sending pics of ourselves in nude poses.  I now have a slideshow on my computer of my wife modeling lingerie, touching her boobs, pussy and masturbating.  This really helps in not viewing porn on the internet.

I decided to go home to a visit after 4 weeks of being apart.  I have some Marriot Rewards that I used to get a free night’s stay and booked a king room for a night.  I had it set up for my wife to check in while I was traveling and I would meet her at the hotel.  My wife went to Victoria’s Secret and bought a black baby doll lingerie for the occasion. She checked into the room and decorated the room for the great romantic evening. She had candles lit and was playing a Whitney Houston song entitled, “Saving All My Love For You”. When I arrived at the room, she opened the door and hid behind it. It was dark and the candles were burning with a sweet scent in the air. Whitney was singing softly in the background. I gave her a gift I bought at Victoria’s Secret, perfume.  I bought Very Sexy for men for me.  She applied her perfume and I sprayed my cologne on me.

We embraced each other hugging and kissing passionately. I was rubbing my hands up and down her back and grabbed her butt checks and squeezed them gently. My wife then unbuttoned my shirt and took it off and began rubbing her hands over my hairy chest playing with and cresting my nipples. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down. I was wearing my black string bikini. She rubbed her hand over my rock hard cock and reached inside to feel her friend.

I then lay down on my back on the bed and my wife was on top kissing me passionately. I untied her baby doll to expose her beautiful boobs.  I love my wife’s boobs and her hard nipples. I just love sucking on her nipples and licking her tits and making her pussy wet. After a few minutes of playing with her boobs, my wife pulled my cock out and started stroking it. She then put it in her mouth and gave it a good suck. I love when she takes my cock into her mouth.  She does not like giving oral but when she does, it is the most amazing feeling and sensation. But my wife will not let me ejaculate into her mouth. She gave me a tease and said, “You like that, don’t you?”

I said, “Yes, you can keep doing it.”

She said, “Later, I will give you what you like.”  That got me horny and I couldn’t wait until when later would be.

She then pulled my string bikini off and took off her baby doll and G-string. She got on top of me and started grinding her pussy against my cock while we kissed passionately. She slowly worked my cock into her pussy. I love cowgirl style because my wife controls me and will not allow me to explode until she has at least two orgasms. She knows how to control the tempo and make it last. However, after she had two orgasms, she got off me and wanted to do missionary style. She told me to ram my hard cock into her pussy fast and hard. I did and I told her I wouldn’t be able to last long.

She said, “That’s okay. I want to feel you deep inside me and hard.”  After a couple of minutes, I exploded inside her pussy and she had an excitable climax.

We lay next to each other on the bed and rested a while. We decided to go to dinner, and, to make our dinner date erotic, we decided to wear no underwear and she wore no bra. We enjoyed going to dinner wearing no undies. We came back to our hotel room for round two of our night of sex.  Stay tuned for part two.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a touching story! I hope you all will be permanently reunited soon. You must miss your wife and kids terribly.

    I can’t wait for part 2! God bless you and your family. Thank you for writing this . It was not only emotionally touching, it was hot!

    Finally, I’m so glad you both worked together to fight against using porn! May God continue to give you the grace you need!

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